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Transcript of HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY - Omaha 2013.pdf · PDF file Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Thank you...

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    May 12, 2013

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    Dear Mom,

    Happy Mother's Day Mom! I want you to know that I care about you and love you.

    Thanks for your unceasingly attentive care you give to Dad each day. I really appreciate

    your endless hours of hard work taking such good care of him. I know it is not easy and

    that your days revolve around making sure that he takes his many medicines, takes his

    blood pressure, eats properly, drinks enough liquids, exercises, gets to his doctor

    appointments, etc.

    I have watched you

    throughout my life

    and I have seen you

    care for the elderly

    and down-trodden

    and that has always

    been a great


    to me. I


    that life

    has been

    filled with sore trials and challenges for you but you continue to press forward

    and endure. I hope that you can find comfort and peace in knowing that your

    children and grandchildren love you. I know you worry a lot about our family

    but it is because you care. Thanks for caring. Thank you for being so good to Megan.

    She feels special and has fond memories of the times she has spent with you and Dad.

    This past week when I was at Megan's graduation she commented how much she loves

    you and is excited to see you and Dad this summer.

    Thank you for talking to me on the phone when I call. It means a great deal to me. No

    matter our similarities of differences in how we see things or do things, we are family

    and you are my mother and I am your daughter. Thank you for raising me and taking

    care of me when I was growing up. Thank you for your love, sacrifices and efforts as a

    mother. Happy Mother’s day! I love you, Jenny.

    P.S I came across this Jewish proverb that made me laugh and happily think of you.

    "No joy without wine." Jewish Proverb

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    Happy Mother’s Day

    Dear Mom, I hope you know how much I love you. I am so thankful for all you’ve done

    for me my whole life. I know you sacrificed a lot for me. Thank you for driving me

    everywhere I needed to go especially in college when I couldn’t drive for a while. Thank

    you for proof reading and typing all my college papers for me too. I was always so

    impressed with how much faster you could type than me. I know that I wasn’t always

    the easiest child, and I’m sorry about that. But I hope that you know that I always loved

    you and I always enjoyed our time together. I could always count on a good time with

    you. I loved our time together when we went shopping and eating morning glory

    muffins, and sipping coffee, and laughing and talking for hours. Didn’t you like it that I

    was always willing to skip school to join you for lunch


    Thank you for always

    caring for me too. I

    remember how you

    drove out to Lincoln and

    brought me food and

    helped to clean our

    apartment when I was

    sick and pregnant with

    Jake. Thank you for

    caring for me whenever I

    was sick too. I can see why children need a mother because no one else quite feels your

    pain like a mother. I remember growing up how sometimes you would surprise us with

    something special on holidays, like one year for Valentine’s you decorated the breakfast

    table and then carefully placed a pretty wrapped little package on the table for each one

    of us with our name on it. You even decorated the name tags. I really loved it when you

    did things like that for us. You are so talented and creative too, and you always make

    things look so pretty. You are very good at making a nice presentation, whether it’s

    with food, a gift or decorating our home. I remember when you came to Utah to visit us

    and how we took you to the fabric store in Salt Lake City and you loved it. You let Jake

    and Savannah pick out any fabric they wanted and you sewed curtains for their

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    bedrooms. Savannah chose a kitty print and Jake chose a Pokemon print and you even

    made them their own little pillows. Boy, did they love those pillows. Jake and Savannah

    slept with them every night. And not only did you sew curtains for Jake and Savannah’s

    bedrooms, but you also made curtains for our living room and our downstairs family

    room too. They were so beautiful and I always got a lot of compliments on them.

    Thank you. You are so talented. I wish I could sew like you.

    Mom, you are a very compassionate

    person. You care not only for us, but

    you do a lot of nice things for other

    people too. I remember how you

    would sew curtains, decorate homes

    and bring food to others too. This was

    a good example for me and taught me

    the importance of serving others. I’m

    so impressed with how you care for

    Dad, preparing his food and making

    sure he is taken care of in every way.

    You have been very crucial to his

    recovery. You worked so hard to take

    care of us growing up too, and I

    appreciate all the time you spent

    cooking, doing our laundry and

    cleaning the house for us.

    Often times, motherhood is a

    very thankless job because it’s

    easy to take for granted all the

    little things mothers do every

    day to care for their families.

    So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I remember how you always had a

    meal prepared and waiting for us when we got home from school. That was

    nice because I was always so hungry. Didn’t I have a good appetite? I always

    tell everyone what a great cook my mother is. I love eating your food. I

    especially liked it that you were always home after school to feed me too. Your

    parmesan fish with broccoli, chicken noodle casserole, and spare ribs with

    sauerkraut were some of my favorites. And I remember your fabulous carrot

    cake, pecan pie and chocolate chip cookies. I’m always disappointed when I order

    carrot cake anywhere because it’s never as good as yours. Your carrot cake is the best

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    I’ve ever tasted. I could never understand why other people’s chocolate chip cookies

    never tasted like yours. I loved the way you loaded them with nuts and raisins galore.

    Your chocolate cookies were the best and that’s how I like to make mine now too. A

    mother is truly the heart of the home. When you were happy, we were all happy. Thank

    you for all our happy moments growing up.

    You were always very good about giving praise and expressing your love to

    us too. I always felt

    loved as a child, and

    I think that it one of

    the greatest gifts you

    can give to a child.

    You always helped

    me to feel good

    about myself by the

    way you always told

    me I was






    you for

    building me up. I think I've learned much about passion and enthusiasm

    from you too. Whatever you liked, you liked a lot. When you are happy, you

    are very good about getting silly and really enjoying herself. Remember the

    time you came to Utah and you brought your hair wigs to play dress up with

    Savannah. You and I and Savannah put them on and danced around the

    living room acting goofy and laughing hysterically. Oh, what fun! We’ve

    always had fun together, getting silly and acting crazy despite Dad telling us

    to calm down. I’ve enjoyed all our time together. How many daughters can

    say that? I’ve always thought I have such a pretty mother, and I want you to know that I

    think you are very lovely Mom in every way. I love you Mom, and I hope you have a

    wonderful Mother’s Day because you deserve it. Love, Tina

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    Happy Mother’ Day Mom!

    We love you !

    Tony, Brady and Davis

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    Dear Mom,

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    We want to wish you a

    Happy Mother's Day!

    You are a strong,

    caring, and creative

    person. Your will to

    help others is inspiring.

    The way you have

    taken such good care

    of dad is just

    admirable. We thank

    you so much for all the

    help you have given us

    when we have called

    on you to help out with

    Emma and Eric. You've

    really been a lifesaver for us many times. We are so appreciative and blessed to have

    you so close to us. We want you to know how much we love you! You are so very

    special to us!

    Love, Jason & Becca

    Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

    Thank you for all that you do for me and for

    my family, Love, Jason

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    Mother’s Day

    Grandma Judi

    I have so many