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Happy birthday mommy

I love you so much & here are just 33 reasons why.

I love youI believe in love at first sight, because Ive loved my mother since I opened my eyes.

Your contagious laughYour beauty and loving personalityHow you would always read my mind and know things about me before I doHow you are my best friend and always will be and the bond we have together; youre my best friend who I have so much fun withThe kindness you show everyone even if they dont deserve itThe sacrifices youve made so you could give me everythingOur shared love of music, jokes, and televisionBecause you taught me to be a better personOur girls nights and how we can talk about anythingHow I know youll always be there for me no matter whatHow you lead by example and inspire me to be so much11 Reasons whyHow you go out of your way to help othersYour passion for life; even if you have a rough day you keep goingWhenever I need a hand, youre always will to lend me yoursYour delicious cooking & teaching me Whenever you set your mind to something you give it your allThe wonderful memories youve given me to share with my family one dayHow you do so very much, but never ask for anything in returnYoure always willing to take care of anyone even if you dont feel wellYour thoughtfulness and how youre so full of life willing to share with anyoneThe sound of your voice and how it can cheer me up on the worst of daysHow you never will give up on me and pushed me to be the best I could be

11 Reasons whyYoure always there to cheer me on and give me encouragement when its needed mostYou wiped my tears away when I was sad and took care of me when I was sickYour warm loving hugsHow you dont worry what others think and you just do your own thingHow you always had patience with me even if I didnt have patience myselfOur shared love of Cookies

Your strong work ethic, can-do attitude, and how youre always optimist no matter whatYour creativity and talent, especially with hair and ideas. Youve taught me to be open minded, like that time with my postersHow youve shown me what it takes to be a good motherYoure always available no matter how busy or tired you areYou taught me that its okay to laugh at yourself and make mistakes11 Reasons why33+3 reasonsI know I said 33 but these three are important:Your loyalty, compassion, and encouragement to be myself and spread my wings and flyThe way you support me no matter how crazy my ideas are and you dont sell me false hopeYou are the reason I am here and words cannot explain how grateful I am to say that you are my mother. There are so many times where I cannot find the time or words to express the way I feel but here I am. Youre the reason I wake up everyday, youre my rock and I thank you, although I can never thank you enough.

Twins or Nah?

The only person that understand my frustrations.

Smile on my face since day one.

My Mommy & I

Proud to Call You My Mother

Hungry ? Fun Times

Have My Back ALWAYSAs I Do You.Happy Birthday Best Friend