Happiness: Driver of Executive Performance

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Transcript of Happiness: Driver of Executive Performance

  • Happiness: Driver of Executive Performance Seminar and Workshop for June 2014 Agape International - www.agapei.com 1
  • Programme outline Introduction Exploring happiness Drivers of happiness Drivers of unhappiness Happiness and sales performance Managing happiness through lifecycle Happiness and executive performance Reflections and Q&A Agape International - www.agapei.com 2
  • What to expect? Interaction Suggestions/recommendations to General Management Happiness Plan to improve rewarding work performance A Certificate Agape International - www.agapei.com 3
  • Lets explore happiness What is happiness? What makes you happy? What is important to you? Have you chosen the life you want to live? Have chosen the work you want to do? What gives you a sense of purpose? Agape International - www.agapei.com 4
  • What are your Drivers of Happiness? Lets identify your drivers of happiness 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Are they dependent on age, socio-economic status, family status etc? Agape International - www.agapei.com 5
  • What are your of Unhappiness Lets identify your drivers of unhappiness 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Are they dependent on age, socio-economic status, family status etc? Agape International - www.agapei.com 6
  • Exercise 1 - Happy Who makes you happy? Can they also make you unhappy? What makes you happy? Can it also make you unhappy? Agape International - www.agapei.com 7
  • Exercise 2 - Unhappy Who makes you unhappy? Can they also make you happy? What makes you unhappy? Can it also make you happy? Agape International - www.agapei.com 8
  • Mohandas Gandhi Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do, are in harmony Do you agree? Agape International - www.agapei.com 9
  • Happiness and Performance Puzzle Does happiness matter for performance? How important is your own happiness? How important is the happiness of others? Why? Does it depend on the person? Are some people more important than others? Agape International - www.agapei.com 10
  • Positive relationships and Happiness What are positive relationships (PRs)? De-coupling negative relationships Capitalising on PRs PRs with staff PRs with customers Agape International - www.agapei.com 11
  • Managing Happiness through lifecycle Happiness balance sheet Happiness cash flow Have you done your happiness balance sheet and happiness cashflow? Drivers of happiness change with the lifecycle Drivers are dependent on the stages of the lifecycle Agape International - www.agapei.com 12
  • Happiness Juggling Act Agape International - www.agapei.com 13
  • Happiness of Selling Happy people sell better Selling should not involve manipulation and convincing should be a happy experience Dont become someone other than yourself Happy people build DEEP RELATIONSHIPS that build TRUST Agape International - www.agapei.com 14
  • Suggestions your views For you to be happy within your corporate environment: Your purpose should be aligned with companys purpose What are the strengths of the company? What are the weaknesses? Can you align your purpose with those of the company? What are your suggestions for your employer so that you can even be happier?Agape International - www.agapei.com 15
  • Aligning your happiness with employers happiness Understanding the companys vision, mission and strategy what is expected? what have you delivered? Defining your purpose within company Aligning your purpose with companys purpose how much have you delivered? Reaching satisfying achievement - outcome Agape International - www.agapei.com 16
  • Way forward What are your plans? Where to from here? Revisiting KPIs Have we aligned companys purpose with ours? Are we delivering satisfying results? Are we happy? Agape International - www.agapei.com 17
  • Your initiatives Learn 3 things Unlearn 3 things Relearn 3 things Agape International - www.agapei.com 18
  • Reflections and Q&A Feedback Your new performance plan aligning your purpose with the companys purpose Your commitment to stay on the course results are in implementation Agape International - www.agapei.com 19