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  • 1. Hannah StarkeyShort Biography
    • b. 1971, Belfast, Norther Ireland
  • Studied Photography and Film at the Napier University, Edinburgh and Photography at the Royal College of Art, London
  • Lives and works in London, UK
  • B riefly a fashion photographer, she has been actively exhibiting in group and solo shows since 1997, mainly in Europe

2. Hannah Starkey P rocess that may be specific to the work

  • Tableau photography
  • Highly preconceived work
  • Artist recreates a mental image of the scene
  • Locations are carefully selected
  • Uses actors
  • Moved from film to digital - meticulously staging to digital manipulation

3. Hannah Starkey Themes and concepts common in her work

  • Does not work in series each photograph stands on it's own
  • Takes fascinatingly ambiguous photographs that demand to be understood but resist easy explanation
  • Viewer is compelled to figure out each image
  • Names works Untitled followed by themonth and year
  • Banal moments of the everyday life

4. Hannah Starkey Process that may be specific to the work (contd)

  • Passing of time, waiting
  • Memory, contemplation, existential alienation
  • Post-modern approach to reality: critic Val Williams has written 'It is as if she has taken the notion of the "real"... and made it much more precise'
  • explorations of everyday experiences and observations of inner city life from a female perspective'

5. Hannah Starkey Untitled, May 1997 6. Hannah Starkey Untitled, October 1998 7. Hannah Starkey Untitled, August 1999 8. Hannah Starkey Butterfly Catchers, 1999 9. Hannah Starkey Untitled, January 2000 10. Hannah Starkey Untitled, January 2001 11. Hannah Starkey Untitled, March 2002 12. Hannah Starkey The Dentist 2004 13. Hannah Starkey Untiteled, August 2006 14. Hannah Starkey Untiteled, June 2007 15. Hannah Starkey Untitled, June 2007 16. Hannah Starkey Untitled, November 2007 17. Hannah Starkey Untitled, September 2008 18. Hannah Starkey Untitled, Feburary 2009 19. Hannah Starkey Untitled, March 2009 20. Hannah Starkey Untitled, March 2010 21. Hannah Starkey draws from:Diane Arbus

  • Lady Bartender at Home with a Souvenir Dog

22. Hannah Starkey draws from:Helen Levitt

  • New York, ca. 1971

23. Hannah Starkey draws from:Jeff Wall

  • Picture for Women, 1979

24. Hannah Starkey draws from:Andreas Gursky

  • Times Square, N.Y., 1997

25. Hannah Starkeydraws from:Candida Hoffer

  • Palais Garnier, Paris

26. Question

  • How does personal experience informs her work?