Handbag buying guide - critial tips for buying wholesale handbags

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Handbags are commonly used as daily essentials for women to store belongings including wallets, umbrella, makeup, keys, etc. Occasionally, it is of vital importance for women to know how to measure the size of a handbag, to see how many of their stuffs can be filled inside or to compare how the size of a new handbag with the old one.

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  • 1.Handbag Measurement Guide How to Measure the Size of aHandbagHandbags are commonly used as daily essentials for women to store belongingsincluding wallets, umbrella, makeup, keys, etc. Occasionally, it is of vital importancefor women to know how to measure the size of a handbag, to see how many of theirstuffs can be filled inside or to compare how the size of a new handbag with the oldone. When measuring the size of a fashion designer handbag, you should start fromthe inside rather than the outside because the outside of a handbag would be muchlarger than the actual space to fit daily essentials.How to measure different sizes of a handbagPicture 1: Up to 6This kind of handbag can only hold some small daily necessities such as cell phone,lips, keys and some cards.Picture 2: 6 to 12It can fit a small wallet, cell phone and some makeup.Picture 3: 12 to 14It makes a good everyday bag with neither too big nor too small interior. It houses allthe daily items with enough room for your back-up flats.Picture 4: 14 to 16This kind of fashion handbag makes a perfect commuter for work as it can carryessentials covering documents, folders, laptop, a bottle of water and even back-upshoes.

2. Picture 5: Larger than 16 A perfect carry-on with enough space for everything you need for a holiday.How to Measure the Length, Width and Height of a HandbagTips about how to measure the length, height and width of a hand bagLengthMeasuring the length of a hand bag 3. Usually, the length of a handbag is determined upon the base at its widest pointsregardless of its uneven shape such as slouchy bag.However, for wholesale bags with inconsistent shape from top to bottom there arethree measurements related with the length: top, middle and bottom.Top, middle and bottom length of a hand bagA TopB MiddleC BottomWidth 4. Calculating the width of a womans handbagThe longest distance between the two sides at the base of a handbag is used tocalculate its width regardless of any tapering in shape.HeightMeasuring the height of a handbagThe distance between the base of the bag to the lowest resting point in its top center isused to calculate its height regardless of any variations in height elsewhere. 5. StrapsTips on how to measure the strap drop length of a hand bagThe length of the shoulder straps is calculated by the distance between the top centerof the bag to the top center of the strap.Straps with a length of less than 6 3/4 fit well for on the arm or being carried in thehands.Straps with a length of 7 20 are perfect for carrying on the shoulder.Straps with a length of more than 20 offer versatility for carrying since these bagscan be worn as cross-body bags or messenger bag.Shop cheap China handbags now. 6. Do You Know Your Bag Styles? Top Seven Styles of FashionHandbagsThere are many different styles of fashion handbags available to you in todaysfashion market. Handbags are womens favorite friends and most women own morethan one bag in their closet. Although even every little girl already knows what ahandbag is and what it is used for, not everybody is familiar with the terminologyused in the designers world. Do you know what a clutch, or hobo bag looks like? Canyou name the different styles of the leather handbags you use every day? Keep onreading to get acquaintance with the different styles of bags available to you.Youll find there are too many bag styles for you to remember and to distinguish eachother, such as tote, hobo bag, satchel, shoulder bag, clutch, backpack, messenger,school bag, safari, pouch, muff, duffel, drawstring, carpet bag, camera bag, bucketbag, baguette, and field bag and so on. However, only several of those styles are topfashion today, which include:Tote BagsThe tote bags are usually a large bag made of treated canvas, nylon or leather,characterized by open top with two handles or straps attached. They are very popularfor beach or casual wear. It is a very functional bag since it carries more items thanother smaller handbags. The tote bags are available in numerous designs and colorsnowadays, which make these bags more attractive. And the classic leather style alsocan be used for business purpose or everyday use. 7. FENDI Tote Bags at Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion ShowHobo BagsHobo bags are large or medium sized shoulder bags shaped like crescent moon withslouchy posture. They usually have large comfortable strap with which you can carrythe hobo bags on the shoulder. Generally they are made of soft material such as suede.The hobo bags are various in sizes and patterns to fit different occasions. The smallerhobo bags with small straps can be used at events and parties; while the larger bagscan be used for daily purpose.Fashion Hobo Handbags with Chic Snake Pattern from SlotannaSatchelsSatchels are distinguished by their large size and small handles, and usually instructured shape. They usually handheld, but some also have large adjustable strapswith which you can carry the bags on the shoulder or across the body. Satchelhandbags are usually made of leather or cloth. They can be used for various occasionssuch as work, shopping, or even certain parties. They have been in fashion since 17thcentury and they are still in fashion now. 8. Slotanna Satchel Bags in Knitted Pattern with Brilliant Candy ColorsShoulder BagsThe shoulder bag is a generic term for any bag that is carried over ones shoulder.They come in a variety of styles include the totes, hobo bags, satchels and evenclutches. The shoulder bags are usually large, and have several compartments to carryyour daily staff. The different materials, designs, patterns and colors are available inmarket, which make the shoulder bag fashionable. 9. Slotanna Quilted Pattern Shoulder Bags at Affordable PriceClutchesClutch is small, long rectangular bag comes without handles. It is carried under thearm or in the hand. Clutch is the most commonly used evening bag style and isdesigned to carry just your essentials for the night out, such as keys, credit cards,money, cell-phone and cosmetics. Clutch is a must-have for every woman planning totake part in parties and it comes in variety of elegant designs to highlight yourevening outfit. 10. FENDI Studded Clutch at Spring/Summer Fashion ShowBackpacksBackpack is also known as knapsack, rucksack, packsack or climbing bags. Theyhave two straps that can go over the shoulders so that they can be carried on the back.Backpacks are usually made of cloth, nylon or leather. They are originally popularamong students, but now they are worn by every generation due to its lovely colorsand novel designs. They provide freedom to our hands so that it is very convenient tocarry backpack esp. when we are attending activities such as climbing mountains. 11. Jennifer Lopez in New York Street with A Grey FENDI Peekaboo BackpackMessenger BagsThe messenger bag or cross body bag is featured by rectangular shape and a large flapwith a long strap that is usually worn on one shoulder or across the body. The baghangs down the opposite hip or on the back. They were originally designed formessenger boys to carry large documents. They are now made from various materials 12. and come in different styles. They are popular for both men and women of all agegroups, especially for students.Versace Messenger Bags at Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Show 13. Now you know the top fashion handbag styles and know what they look like. Do youhave the same bag styles? Its no need to have every style in hand, but every bagistashould own at least one or two of these top fashion styles, esp. when these styles meettrendy patterns. Now its time to get your hands on one or more crocodile handbags,ostrich handbags or quilted handbags, in these top fashion styles.Slotanna Wholesale Hobo Bag in Ostrich Pattern 14. How To Choose A Perfect Hobo BagThe hobo bag is one style that will always be trendy. Hobo bags tend to be large andslouchy. Its popularity is partly due to its spacious room that can store all the itemsthat a lady may want to carry. These designer inspired handbags are made of softmaterial, due to which they are very flexible and are available in various styles, sizesand colors; thus they can be used both in office and for casual occasions.If you are looking for one perfect hobo bag, keeping in mind the following factors:OccasionGenerally speaking, the hobo bags are suitable for both formal and casual occasions.But obviously, you dont want to take a huge and bohemian look hobo bag if you aregoing to a formal event, a small leather hobo purse designed with a more structuredstyle and in a neutral color will be better choice. But if you want to sport a causal look,fabric hobo bags with fun and bright print are perfect.Size of the bagYou should always keep your body type in mind when selecting a handbag.Remember, small bags for small girls, baggy bags for the taller. If you are slim andtall, everything big and baggy would look good on you; if you are short and petite,you should opt for small wholesale purses as oversized handbag will make you looksmaller.Length of the strapAttention is automatically drawn to the area where the bottom of your handbag falls.Therefore, if you are top-heavy, choose one that is fairly big and has a long strap; ifyou are large-hipped; avoid buying a bag that rests around that area, a short-strappedhobo bag can be perfect.Match with your wardrobeThis is the old tip to match the color of your dress and shoes with your handbag.Hobo handbags have made fashion easy and comfortable. They are in fashion thesedays, you will see a lot of celebrities carrying these handbags, and they always lookstylish with these celebrity style handbags. If choose a suitable hobo bag, you canboth look trendy without too much of effort and can stay comfortable with carryingnice handbags at the same time. 15. Want to get a hobo bag now? Please visithttp://www.slotanna.com/hobo-bags-2-1747.html to have a browse of the differentstyles of hobo bags.Wholesale