Haiti. Intro Video Geography In the Caribbean Sea Shares the island of Hispaniola with the...

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Transcript of Haiti. Intro Video Geography In the Caribbean Sea Shares the island of Hispaniola with the...

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Intro Videohttp://bit.ly/164gon4

GeographyIn the Caribbean SeaShares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic

Size10,714 square miles

Idaho is 83,557 square miles

Land FeaturesCovered in mountains

Most people live in the valleys in between the mountain ranges

Weather and ClimateClimate is warm and a little bit humidAverage annual temperature:Mountains 66FValleys 81F

Spring and Autumn are rainyWinter and summer are dry

Hurricane season is from June to OctoberHurricane/earthquake history September 10, 2004:Hurricane IvanSeptember 18, 2004:Hurricane JeanneKilled 1,8702,620 injured846 disappearedJuly 7, 2005:Hurricane DennisLeft 500 homelessAugust 26, 2008:Hurricane Gustav77 deaths and 8 disappearances Destroyed 3,000 houses and damaged 11,458

Hurricane/earthquake history September 1, 2008:Hurricane HannaSeptember 6, 2008:Hurricane IkeJanuary 12, 2010: 7.0 magnitude earthquakeKilled between 46,000 and 316,000 peopleNovember 5, 2010:Hurricane TomasKilled 10

A little bit of history1492: Columbus arrivedSpanish came to colonize and enslaved the Native Americans that lived thereMany natives died from starvation and foreign diseases1517: Spanish began importing African slaves1791: the salves began to revolt against their owners1804: Haiti (slaves who took over) declared independence from FrancePolitical chaos and leadership challenges followedA little bit of history1957: Francois Duvalier won election (killed his opponent)Nicknamed Papa Doc (he was a doctor)Papa Doc stole money from the country and was a cruel leaderHis son Baby Doc took over when he died and continued his terrible leadership1990: Jean-Bertrand Aristide was the 1st democratically elected president and brought new hope to Haiti8 months later, he was driven out of Haiti by the military and they took overA little bit of history1994: Aristide was able to return and finish his termHaiti still struggles with groups trying to overthrow the government

They also continue to get hit with debilitating natural disasters and that doesnt help with these challengesGovernmentPresident is the head of stateCurrent president is Michel Joseph MartellyPrime Minister is the head of governmentCurrent prime minister is Yvon Neptune

Bicameral Parliament

How the government worksThe government is comprised of two main political belief systems

Divided into 9 provinces but the central government has most control of political affairs.

27 seat senate83 seat chamber of deputiesEconomy2/3 of the workforce is in agriculture80% of Haitians live in poverty

Economy is not experiencing any growth or improvement due to corruption in the government

Currency is the gourde1 USD = 39.40 gourde

EducationStudents attend kindergartenThen primary school for 6 yearsThen secondary school for 7 years

CulturePopulation7 million

Most of the population are descendants of Africans

Idaho population is 1.6 million

LanguageCreole (daily language)Mixture of French and African languages)French (government and business)

Learn some Creole(pronounced phonetically) Hello = BonjouGoodbye = Adye / Orevwa / BabayHow are you? = Koman ou ye?I miss you = Mwen sonje wWould you like to dance with me? = Eske ou vle danse?Religion 80% Catholic16% Protestant

Many also practice voodoo


Life in Haiti is very challenging but they still celebrate life with joyAppearanceHaitians pay great attention to their public appearance

Urban Haitians like to wear American style clothing

Traditional clothing includes jewelry and brightly colored clothesCustomsPersonal greetings are important and show respect

Many enjoy impromptu gatherings

Visitors are welcome during the day but not after 8pm

FoodRice and beans are eaten almost every dayOther staples include meat, a salad, and a vegetable dish

Spicy foods are most popular and pork is a favorite meat

3 meals a dayFamilies wait for mom to start eating before they eatSunday dinner is always a family meal

RecreationSoccer is the most popular sportOther fun games are dominoes and card games

Popular styles of music:DiscoReggaeKonpaMeringue

Music SamplesDiscohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIUErv98QcAStop at 0:35Konpahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3lqWwOrndStop at 0:30Meringuehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJLdngKn23sStart at 0:20 Stop at 1:00FamilyBasic unit includes the extended family

Urban families usually have 3-4 childrenRural families have 10 or more childrenHolidaysNational Heroes Day is January 2nd

Easter and Christmas are widely celebrated

Carnaval before Lent

Color the Flag

JacksThrow 10 rocks on the groundWith one hand toss one rock into the air and catch it with the same handWhile it is in the air, grab one rock off the ground with the same hand.If you succeed, do it again until you drop the rock or pick up all the rocksThe game is over when all of the rocks have been picked up from the center.The winner is the person with the most rocks