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1. HAIRSPRAYBY :MARIANA BEDOYA, MATEOZULUAGA,ANDRES CORREA, JOHNATHAN LEONHOW CAN WE LETTHEHAIRSPRAY IN OUR HAIRAND KNOW WICH IS MOREPOWERFUL 2. Do all hairsprays hold equally well?Equally long? We want to prove that not all the hairsprays havethe same materials so all the Hair dont keep thehair looking good like you want to so we want tohelp everybody now what is the best hairspray . 3. MATERIALSMATERIALS REACTIVESSport clothesAthletic ShoesHairbrushCombHAIRSPRAY 1HAIRSPRAY 2 4. HAIRSPRAYS HAIRSPRAY 1 : FUDGE MEMBRANE GAS Strong hold but is also moveable. HAIRSPRAY 2: GARNIER FRUCTIS SURF HAIRSPRAY Slightly messier, texturised styles in place and leaves hair witha matte rather than a shiny finish. 5. PROCEDURE PROCEDURE SCIENCE FAIR Buy two hairsprays On the morning comb someone (preferely a guy) Make him exercise at least 2 hours Make him have a restless day 6. Then at night see how resistant is his hairstyle Take pictures Make a video Make the same with hairspray 2 Take pictures and make a video Make a picture chart and compare the hairstyleresistance 7. CONCLUSION Hairspray 1 is the better one because it kept thehairstyle during a whole day of exercise not ashairspray 2 that only maintained the hairstyle during2 hours 8. OBSERVATIONSDuring the testing of hairspray 2 thehairstyle was ruined after 2 hours ofexercisingDuring the testing of hairspray 1 thehairstyle was perfect after hours ofexercise 9. PICTURES