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This info brochure about a hair transplant in Turkey provides you with all information that you need in order to plan your treatment in Turkey. More and more people from all over the world choose Turkey for a professional hair transplant. Just take a look.

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  • 1.Information Brochure Hair Transplant Turkey

2. 2 Health Travels Your partner for a hair transplant in Turkey We are a German/Turkish familyrun business that specializes in the organization of health trips to Turkey. Our core competence lies in the areas of refractive and plastic surgery, mainly laser eye surgery and hair transplants. Together with experienced doctors and clinics which are our recognized partners, we want to offer our customers the highest level of quality, professionalism and service. We see ourselves as the link between the patient and the doctor and clinic. Headquartered in Istanbul, with a representative office in Germany, we are not only working as an agent, but also as a contact person on site. We place particular value on sustained facetoface contact and longterm customer satisfaction. We maintain an array of quality control measures, and are work to improve our service to you constantly. Clemens Weber Mathias Weber 3. 3 Why Turkey? Why choose a hair transplant in Turkey? Attractive prices for excellent quality and excellent results Experienced surgeons who focus exclusively on hair transplants Treatment with the modern FUE hairtransplant method Turkey is one of the most advanced countries in the field of hair restoration surgery Personal support through Health Travel's staff in Istanbul Detailed consultation before your trip and upon arrival Transportation services in Istanbul: airporthotelclinic Easy entry requirements (for most countries passport is sufficient) Istanbul is one of the most impressive and most interesting cities in the world Extensive quality control measures, such as patient feedback 4. 4 Hair Loss What kind of hair loss can be treated? A hair transplant can be performed in cases of socalled hereditary hair loss. The medical term for this is androgenic alopecia. This systemrelated hair loss in men and women is by far the most commonly encountered form of alopecia. The cause is a congenital hypersensitivity of the hair follicles to male sex hormones. This fact is the reason for the reduced growth phase of the hair, which gradually withers and ultimately not more prominently visible. The genetic hair loss characterized by a typical profile is summarized and described in a schema. The alopecia often starts in the forehead and temple area. With age, it progresses, the hair thins out increasingly, and the hairline is clearly in decline. Often only a fringe of hair remains, commonly referred to as a bald patch. But the hairs at the back of the head show no such sensitivity to male sex hormones they do not fall out and can therefore be used in a hair transplant as donor hair. By contrast, Circle Round and diffuse hair loss cannot be treated with a hair transplant. 5. 5 Hair Transplant Turkey What is the process? Here is the process at a glance: First, the hair specialist assesses the remaining hair situation and determines whether there are enough donor hairs available. The hair is cut short. The back of the head is anesthetized, so that the hair removal can follow. The hair surgeon removes the hair individually, in their natural units. Subsequently, the assistant plant the hair grafts in receiving openings set by the doctor. Depending on the scope a hair transplant takes about 12 days. Technique: The hair transplant specialist focuses exclusively on the modern FUE method (single hair transplant). Instead of an elongated strip of skin that is cut out of the back of the head, the hair is removed individually. Advantages are that no scar remains, risks are minimized and the scalp is protected. Healing process: Within the first 10 days the little red scabs fall off. After a few weeks, the transplanted hair fall out at first and grow again after a short time, however. This is a completely natural process. From month to month the hair becomes stronger, longer and thicker. After about a year, the end result is achieved. 6. 6 FUE hair transplant The modern form of hair transplantation The FUE hair transplant "Follicular Unit Extraction" or "The Woods Technique," was first practiced in the late 90s by the Australian physician Dr. Ray Woods. In this innovative method, the hairs are individually removed in naturally growing hair units / grafts (15 hairs) with a fine hollow needle. Previously, it was always necessary in the course of hair removal for an area of skin to be cut from the donor area. Therefore, a hair transplant always left an elongated scar on the back of the head. For the past 10 years or more, the singlehair transplantation method has been used worldwide and, as shown by the increasing demand, is winning more and more popularity. Our partners have been working with the FUE technique since 2004, which creates significant benefits for the patient. No elongated scar Virtually no risks Minimally invasive Body hair can be transplanted Short hair possible High flexibility Only slight postoperative pain 7. 7 FUE Specialist Dr. Erkan Demirsoy More than 10 years experience in the field of hair transplantation Our partner, Dr. Erkan Demirsoy, performs hair transplants for 12 years. After he made the intervention in the early years using the FUT (strip technique), he specialized in 2004 to modern single FUE hair transplant. In the same year he founded his private hair clinic in Istanbul and since then operates successfully together with his team in the field of hair restoration surgery. After more than 1,000 hair transplants, his experience is reflecting in his competence, precision and patience with which he performs each single hair transplant surgery today. Memberships: International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Turkish Medical Association (TTB) Seminars and Congresses: ISHRS in New York, 2003 Attestato di partecipazione Carbossiterapia in stanbul, 2005 Associazione Medica Italiana di Omotossicologia Homotoxicology and aesthetic medicine in stanbul, 2005 ISHRS in Amsterdam Holland, 2009 8. 8 The Hair Clinic The Hair Clinic in Istanbul is a modern clinic in the district Kadiky in Istanbul 9. 9 FUE Specialists Dr. Apaydin & Dr. Ergn Experts in FUE hair transplant The certified hair transplant physicians Dr. Ilker Apaydin and Dr. zge Ergn have been performing hair transplantation operations since 2004 they have been sharing their experiences in this area at international congresses and symposiums, and giving FUE hair transplantation trainings to their colleagues in cooperation with International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). Modern hair treatments, particularly FUE hair transplants, are being performed with great care and caution. Hair transplantation surgeries are executed not under the supervision or control of a physician but by a Hair Restoration Surgeon himself. Following hair restoration procedures are performed by Dr. Apaydin and Dr. zge: FUE, FUTStrip, beard and eyebrow transplantations. Patients are treated in a 5 star, private clinic in the heart of Istanbul. Memberships: ISHRS (International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery) ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) EPCD (Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Society) TPCD (Turkish Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Society) 10. 10 The Hair Clinic of Dr. Apaydin & Dr. Ergn Award winning design 11. 11 Quality measures For patient satisfaction Patient Feedback: After treatment, we again contact our patients and get their feedback concerning both the organizational and the medical aspects of their experience. Important features include the service, the organization and, of course, the treatment and the operation procedure. Presence during the surgery: We are not only a mediating role, but also as a personal mentor in Istanbul. During the treatment, we are present and verify that quality standards are maintained and that every wish of the patient is taken into account Constant communication with the doctor and his team: We have our headquarters in Istanbul, and we are constantly in contact personally with the doctors. Regular meetings with the staff ensure a smooth communication flow. Medical Training: Our employees continually update their familiarity with the latest medical conditions in their respective fields. We get the experience and knowledge straight from the source, from the doctors and hospitals. 12. 12 Your stay in Istanbul As a local partner, we are always at your side Day 1: Arrival in Istanbul When you land at the airport in Istanbul, we welcome you there and bring you to your hotel. Day 2: Hair analysis and hair transplantation The second day, your hair transplant will take place. This takes about 69 hours. If the hair removal is done manually, a further day is usually required. In between, of course, regular breaks are taken, and you have time to rest a little. During the treatment, you can listen to music or watch TV. Day 3: Shampooing and followup On the day after your hair transplant, you will have your first hair wash and a followup with the Doctor. Following that, you will receive medication and information regarding aftersurgery care. The rest of the day is yours to enjoy. You may also be able to fly back on that day. Day 4: Return flight You will be transferred by us to the airport for your flight home. 13. 13 Photo Gallery 14. 14 15. 15 16. 16 WEB EMAIL [email protected] TELEFON +90 534 577 88 39 Contact Get in touch with us!