Hair Transplant Procedure

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HAIR TRANSPLANT PROCEDURE By: Hair & Senses Leading Hair Restoration Clinic in India

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  • HAIR TRANSPLANT PROCEDUREBy: Hair & SensesLeading Hair Restoration Clinic in India

  • Hair Transplant is a minimal invasive surgical procedure of transplanting the hairs from donor area to the bald area.

    The donor area is generally back and sides of scalp, this area is generally resistant to the effect of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

    What is Hair Transplant?

  • Natural Looking result. Hair transplant is a permanent solution to baldness.Hair Transplant is a cost-effective solution for treating hair loss.

    Why Hair Transplant?

  • Check if you are a candidate for Hair TransplantIf medicines for hair loss are not giving any positive results.Person suffering from male pattern baldness.Both male and female who lost their hair due to trauma or burns or any surgical procedures.The patient should have healthy scalp & adequate donor grafts.

    Not everyone is a candidate for hair transplant.Hair Transplant Candidacy

  • Hair Transplant can be done using 2 methods:

    FUE Hair TransplantFollicular Unit Extraction involves extraction of individual hair follicles from donor area and transplanting the same to bald area.

    FUHT Hair TransplantFollicular Unit Transplant involves extraction of the strip from donor area and transplanting them after dissecting into individual hair follicles to bald area.

    Hair Transplant Techniques

  • Get the natural look with FUE Hair Transplant because FUE does not leave any scar except tiny holes in donor area that will get heal within few days after surgery. Yes, you can keep short hairs !Also, patient will have comparatively less post-op discomfort.The surgeon can takes hairs from other parts of body like beard, back, upper chest in addition to scalp hair.

    Benefits with FUE Hair Transplant

  • In FUT Hair TransplantFUT involves extraction of strip having hair follicles from donor area and hence one may see a linear scar on the head from where strip is removed.

    In FUT, the strip containing hair follicles can be extracted only from the back or sides of the head.

    Patient generally have feeling of tightness and discomfort for longer periodLimitations of FUT Hair Transplant

  • When patient visits the clinic after deciding for hair transplant (Prior to the surgery):

    Clinical History of the patient is checked.Scalp examination is done.Assessment & planning of the surgery is done.Initial counselling is done regarding all aspects of the surgery.Hairline drawing on the scalp and marking of area where hairs need to be transplanted is done.

    Hair Transplant Procedure

  • On the day of surgery:Final counselling is done with hairline designing.

    Hair Transplant Procedure

  • On the day of surgery, after counselling:The consent of the patient is taken and the surgeon may take few snaps.Patient is tested for allergy to drugs.

    Before the procedure starts:Some medicines are given to the patient so as to ensure comfortable experience.Patient changes the clothes and usually hairs got trimmed short.

    Hair Transplant Procedure

  • In the procedure room:Monitoring of vitals like blood pressure, pulse rate and oxygen saturation is done before starting the procedure.Patient can enjoy watching television, listen to music during the procedure. This is just to make the whole procedure more comfortable and smooth.

    Hair Transplant Procedure

  • In the procedure room:To minimize the pain during the surgery, local anaesthesia is given on the scalp to make it numb.Slits are made in recipient area keeping in mind the natural angulation and direction of the existing hair.This step requires a good experience and knowledge.

    Hair Transplant Procedure

  • After making the slits, Graft Extraction Process starts:The extraction of the grafts is done using micro punches.

    Hair Transplant Procedure

  • Graft Placement Process:

    The placement of the graft is same in both FUE and FUTHair Transplant Procedure

  • When procedure is completed:After final checking, the surgeon place antiseptic bandage to avoid any infection.The surgeon will provide post-operative instructions to the patient in print and also explain them verbally.

    Hair Transplant Procedure

  • Day 1: After the surgeryNext day after the surgery, the surgeon will remove all bandages and the patient will get first head wash at clinic.

    Read about Significance of washing scalp after hair transplant

    Hair Transplant Procedure

  • After 10 days of the surgery:The scabs will be removed at the clinic.

    Hair Transplant Procedure

  • Shedding phase after the surgery:Temporary hair shedding after hair transplant starts from 3rd to 4th week and lasts up to 3 months.

    Hair Transplant Procedure

  • Growth of transplanted hairs starts from 4th month onwards and complete growth is expected within 8 to 12 months time.

    Hair Transplant Results

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