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    2013 2014


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    Section 1


    Welcome to Boston College Hairdressing and Beauty Section We would like to welcome you to the College and hope your time with us will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. This handbook is designed to help you access your course. Please read carefully all sections. Feel free to ask your tutor, or any of the Hairdressing and Beauty staff if you need any help or further information.


    This is your College address: South Lincs College, Red Lion Quarter, Red Lion Street, SPALDING, Lincolnshire, PE11 1SX Telephone: 01775 715882


    Ext. 3480 Richard Chambers Head of Curriculum for vocational areas

    Ext. 3262 Tammy Ogden Programme Area Manager Hairdressing, Beauty & Holistic Therapies

    Hair and Beauty Tutors - Boston Alison Bahadir Ext. 3261/3263 Jo Baker Ext. 3259 Ros Blowers Ext. 3259 Lynne Brocklesby Ext. 3261/3263 Sam Cropley Ext. 3261/3263 Emma Garth Ext. 3261/3263 Hazel Harris Ext. 3259 Becky Loader Ext. 3259 Jayne Rush Ext. 3259 Jo Sloan Ext. 3261/3263

    Employer Responsive Co-ordinator Clare Richards - Boston Ext. 3261/3263

    Hair and Beauty Technicians Emma Dawson - Boston Ext. 3246 Sam Armitage - Boston Ext. 3246

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    YOUR PERSONAL TUTOR: All full-time and some part-time learners have a Personal Tutor. Your tutor will welcome you to the College, help you to settle in and be there to give you help and information. Your tutor is usually your first point of contact with the College and your main source of help. You will meet your tutor every week, as part of a group session or for a one-to-one discussion and review of your progress. It is important that you attend your tutorials as they will support you and make sure you get the most out of College. You will meet your tutor at Induction. The Induction programme introduces you to staff, other learners, your course and the College.

    Section 2


    During your time at Boston College you will be studying for an NVQ Level III in Hairdressing. To gain the full Level III Certificate you are required to pass a total of 10 units. On completion of your Ladies NVQ III there will be a variety of options open to you including the following:

    Senior Stylist/Manageress/Supervisor



    Salon Owner

    Work on a cruise liner

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    Mandatory Units G22 Monitor procedures to safety control work operations G18 Promote additional services or products to clients G21 Provide hairdressing consultation services GH16 Creatively cut hair using a combination of techniques Optional Units GH17 Colour hair using a variety of techniques GH19 Creatively style and dress hair GH20 Creatively dress long hair GH21 Develop and enhance your creative hairdressing skills GH18 Provide colour correction services

    Work Experience You will be required to undertake work experience in a local hairdressing salon for a block period compulsory aspect of the course.


    Learner progress at their own rate, taking assessments as and when they are ready, however, there is a one year completion deadline. (Try not to make a competition of completed assessments with your peers, this will only lead to unnecessary worry). Your practical will be on going and you will follow your negotiated personal assessment plan. You will be observed carrying out practical skills (Direct observation). These must be completed within City & Guilds time constraints. You will need to complete a number of oral question papers, mandatory test papers and assignments. Oral question papers and mandatory test papers are completed on-line.

    Verification Is carried out to ensure that each learner is marked to the same standard. Internal Verifiers: a selected number of subject specific staff will periodically join your class to check that all practical assessments are equally met across the board. A selection of your project work will also be cross marked to help maintain continuity. External Verifiers: each college is issued an external verifier, their responsibility is to cross check a selection of learner assessments, both practical and projects. This is done to ensure that all assessment centres are assessing to the same standards and is carried out twice a year.

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    Attendance Monitoring We want you to be successful on your course and to achieve your qualifications. It is therefore important that you attend all classes as good attendance is the key to being successful. The Attendance Monitor will work with you and your Tutors to promote good attendance. What will they do?

    offer support if you are having problems which affect your attendance

    refer you to Learner Services who can help with a range of personal problems and barriers to learning and attendance

    refer you to your Tutor who will discuss your attendance and take action where appropriate

    What can you do?

    Avoid unnecessary absences, for example, by making appointments outside College hours

    Inform the Attendance Monitor if you are going to be absent for any reason

    Telephone (01205) 365701, option 2, or e-mail, or text BCABSENT to 88020. Texts are charged at standard network rate. This information is also on the back of your ID badge

    Please remember to give your name, ID number and reason for absence

    The Attendance Monitor is: Gail Bevan

    Portfolios A lever arch file will be needed for the collation of all evidence generated. All evidence must be referenced and filed in the appropriate section of the portfolio. Guidance sessions to assist with this will be given during tutorials.

    PLAGIARISM The use of other peoples work and the submission of it as though it was your own is known as plagiarism (plagiarism means theft of other peoples ideas). Any work forming part of an assignment, project, test or other assessment must be your own and must not contain any plagiarised material. Evidence of plagiarism will result in failure of the assessment. Any new assessment arrangement will be given with a strict completion date. You will also be subject to the Colleges disciplinary proceedings. If you wish to quote material from a textbook or other source then this should be referenced in your assignment. Your subject lecturer or Personal Tutor will show you how to do this.

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    Parents Evenings Parents are invited to visit the College regularly to find out more about your course, how you are progressing, options after your course has finished routes and any other details. There will be an opportunity to speak to key staff as well as your Personal Tutor.

    Progress Parents are encouraged to visit the College with or without their son/daughter to discuss progress with your Personal Tutor and teaching staff.

    Reports All College learners are assessed by the course team at the end of November to confirm continuation onto the full programme. If there is any doubt as to suitability to continue, learners and parents will be consulted in December.

    Section 3

    COLLEGE CALENDAR 2013/2014

    2013 September 2nd Autumn term starts. Learner Services Induction week September 3rd Spalding Enrolment September 26th Higher Education Fair at BCUC October 3rd HE Parents Briefing Going to University BCUC October 8th Spalding College in Action October 10th Boston College in Action October 16th Volunteer Fair at BCUC October 21st 25th Half term October 29th HE Open Event October 30th & 31st Parents evenings November 5th School Taster day November 7th Boston College in Action November 14th Spalding College in Action November 15th Closing date for UCAS applications (internal) December 19th End of Autumn term

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    2014 January 6th Spring term starts January 23rd HE Open Event February 6th Boston College in Action February 11th Spalding College in Action February 17th - 21st Half term for learners March 3rd - 7th Careers week March 4th & 5th Parents evenings April 4th End of Spring term April 22nd Summer term starts May 5th Bank Holiday May 26th Bank Holiday June 10th Spalding Open Event (Information) June 12th Boston Open Evening (Information) June 26th Summer term ends

    Note Any learner taking holidays outside of holiday periods will be considered absent from the course. Learners receiving support from the College Bursary Fund need to be aware that they will not be paid for holiday periods taken outside the academic breaks.


    Hairdressing Exhibitions:- Salon International, London October UK Hair and Beauty, Birmingham May


    Colour competition

    Photo shoot

    Hair show The above are compulsory activities for Level 3 learners to organise and take part in.

    All learners required to attend a full week work experience, date to be arranged.

    Section 4

    CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS Uniform for Level 3 is a black tunic with full length tailored black trousers, full fitting black shoes with black socks. A black cardigan may b