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Why you can trust

At HABA, we‘ve known for more than 70 years what you expect, as a discerning provider of childcare centers and schools - Furniture that can withstand the rigors of everyday life and that provides the perfect solutions for a variety of rooms - in crèches, nurseries, schools and after-school clubs.

This brochure represents five furniture ranges and products that have been tried and tested in Germany and in many other countries all over the world.

HABA places particularly high demands on quality and safety, however demands alone aren’t enough for us. We also put these standards into practice - The materials and workmanship in our furniture corresponds to the highest European standards. When we want to add a little color, we only use solvent-free stains and water-based varnishes. So we’re already protecting the environ-ment during manufacture at our site in Bad Rodach (Germany).

You can see for yourself on the next few pages!

Inventors for children

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move·upp is a furniture range for all places where children and young people are cared for. Here you can find everything - from cupboards and shelves to tables and chairs - to equip a room functionally and to suit needs of every age group.

Timmy is a range of cupboards that provide plenty of storage space and help to organize any center.

Gemino brings a second play area to your rooms. The play houses are lots of fun - with ramps, slides, peepholes and quiet corners.

Using the wall elements you can give younger children lots of opportunities to train their motor and sensory skills and to satisfy enquiring minds.

A toy kitchen is a must for any crèche or nursery because children love trying out different roles and imitating what they have seen.

Wall Elements

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Anyone can talk about quality, but at HABA we can prove that we maintain the highest quality standards, because we’re certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. This certificate confirms that we have implemented a functioning quality assurance system both for our products and for our production processes and that we use this process continually. That means that we can guarantee a consistently high quality standard.

What should furniture for children and young people be like? Robust and long lasting! Furniture, manufactured by more than 500 trained craftsmen in Bad Rodach (Germany), is well equipped for withstanding the day-to-day demands of childcare centers and schools. Our furniture is guaranteed for 5 years. We guarantee that we carefully select, check and process all materials. We primarily use wood from sustainable forestry.

Safety is very important at HABA. The materials and workmanship in our furniture meet the highest European safety standards. They pass through our company’s internal quality assurance as well as external test procedures. That’s why educators, teachers and daycare providers and, of course, children and their parents, can rely on HABA.

The new HABA-building, the Brauhof

We want you to enjoy our furniture for a very long time in your facility. This is why we select our raw materials very carefully and only use the highest quality beech and birch veneers.Veneer is a natural product. The sur-face has a pleasant, warm feel, giving your room a welcome atmosphere. Every piece of furniture made with veneer has a distinctive character. Just like every tree, every veneer is a unique piece of nature.

What is veneer?Veneer is a layer of wood cut or peeled off a tree trunk. In the process, the trunks are boiled for 48 hours to make the wood, and the bark is removed. A log is then spun around its own axis against a cutter bar that sheers a thin continuous sheet of veneer off the log layer by layer. The roll of veneer is then separated into thin individual sheets. Veneer can be manufactured from more than 200 types of wood. Veneer allows for the most economical use of wood, a valuable resource. Enough veneer for

the furniture for 16 bedrooms can be created from one cubic meter of wood! The shavings and other waste products from the manufacturing pro-cess are made into particle board or used in the production of energy. Veneer made from wood grown by sustainable forestry is a raw material that is renewable and saves resources.Did you know: Plywood is also made of veneer. A wooden board made from a number of layers of veneer glued together is called plywood.

Plastic veneers / wood veneersA lot of furniture is labeled “beech finish”. This type of finish is not real wood, but a wood imitation that often cannot be distinguished from real wood. Using photochemical or other technical processes, a simulated wood grain is transferred to a plastic surface.You can only be sure you are getting real wood if you see the veneer label!

HABA takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. That’s why environmental protection has been a major part of our company policy for years. We were the first toy and furniture manufacturer in Germany to undergo an environmental audit and have been committed to continuous environmental




management in accordance with DIN ISO 14001. We actively protect the environment in all phases of production - We use environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and we are constantly working on improving our techniques, to protect people and the environment.

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Mia explores her surroundings with a lively gaze. Her little friend, Teddy Tobby, is always with her as she makes her way through the exciting world of the crèche!

The Gemino room system for crèches is perfectly suited to energetic toddlers in terms of appeal and safety - There’s a peep hole under-neath, stairs that go up on one side and a slide that goes down on the other. The play houses can be ordered as a complete set or put together individually - in all sizes and for any room.

Babies or toddlers - with Timmy you can equip any rooms where children are cared for - Classic partitioning cupboards, large equipment cup-boards, shelves and cupboards with a difference. With Timmy, you’re sure to find the cupboard you’re looking for. The beech wood, with its warm tones, creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

Low cupboards are ideal for dividing the group room into different play areas. The casters mean you can remain flexible and easily change the size of the areas. The cupboards offer lots of storage room for all kinds of materials … readily accessible for little ones. The birch wood creates a light and airy atmosphere. You can also find matching chairs and tables in the move·upp range.

Play, eat, sleep - Children under three years have their own particular needs. These needs influence how the rooms are designed, how the day is planned and the choice of toys and equipment. More than anything else, children at a crèche need enough space for crawling, running and letting off steam. Exciting play landscapes, made from low cupboards and landings at various heights, where little ones can develop their motor skills, are ideal. Children also need chairs and tables in their crèche that are suitable for their height. Special crèche chairs / tables or chairs with easily adjustable footrests are also available. As children under three need more sleep, there should be a quiet room next to the group room.

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The Gemino play landings are ideal for anyone who wants to make high rise constructions - Build on top and store the building blocks underneath. When the stacking fun is done, put some cushions and covers on the landing to make it into a cozy cuddly corner. Nursery children love role playing games, so a play house is just the thing - Mountaineering adventures on the top and cooking in the dolls’ kitchen underneath - no problem with Gemino!

Are you looking for classic nursery /childcare equipment? For many gen-erations of children? Furniture that stands up to a lot? Then you’ve come to the right place with Timmy. Timmy furniture has proved itself in Germany and the world over in many nurseries, because it offers everything you need for education, at a fair price - and in high quality that speaks for itself!

Everything in the move·upp range is fully coordinated - cupboards, chairs and tables - each in many different heights and colors. This means that you can design the group room to suit your wishes, requirements and imagination. move·upp furniture can be flexible if required - the adjustable casters are ideal for any-one that works in open groups or with different concepts and wants to adjust their areas to the range.

Full of interest, torn between giggling and amazement, Anna and Maria listen to a story ... but will there be a happy ending?

Nursery children are one thing more than anything else - curious! Their thirst for knowledge is virtually limitless and their favorite question is “why?”, so it’s good if the furniture in the group room allows for that. Furniture that can be adapted to children’s changing needs, giving you optimum flexibility, and that you can test out in many different areas - searching and experimenting, building and playing, gymnastics and climbing, learning and laughing, painting and dreaming ... HABA furniture concepts provide the right solution for all of your children’s needs.

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Get new ideas during break times or spend the lunch hour in a pleasant atmosphere. Gemino for schools goes a long way to creating a healthy and balanced school atmosphere, because it gives children and adoles-cents the opportunity to spend time alone or work off some energy, depending on the Gemino structure and equipment. The choice is yours!

Timmy cupboards bring color and order to the classroom. With Timmy you can find the right cupboard for every school room - from cupboards with material and property boxes to large, spacious cupboards that are ideal for storing art materials, musical instruments and games. Makes tidying and organizing child’s play.

You want to equip your classrooms so that they’re functional, attractive and timeless - move·upp from HABA is the right equipment concept for all school rooms. You can find lots of clever solutions for recreation rooms and practical rooms, craft and art rooms, music rooms and laboratories. The wide selection of different cupboard, shelf and table shapes suit all age groups.

It’s fun to dive into the world of letters! Lisa and Tim are full of enthusiasm and investigate the letters in their own unique way.

In schools, the quality requirements that need to be met by all of the equipment in class-rooms and practical rooms are high. Primary and secondary schools often have different needs, but there are some points where their paths cross - The furniture should look good for many generations of children and serve all its purposes well. They have to suit the teaching concept of the establish-ment and meet the needs of all age groups. You’re on the safe side with HABA, because we can provide the perfect solution for every room.

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move·upp cupboards can be used flexibly - in all age groups and in all rooms. Choose between different base structures and various cupboard heights. The cupboard walls are splashes of color and organizers, all in one. Overall, you have the choice between 8 different colors for doors and drawers. The cupboard walls can be constructed to meet your needs. This creates both storage room and room for play.

move·upp offers the right cupboard for every age and for any room, because move·upp is a flexible furniture range for all social centers that look after children, adolescents, adults, seniors or people with handicaps. Here you can find clever solutions that meet the vari-ous needs. All rooms can be equipped with move·upp - crèche rooms with crawling cor-ners, group rooms with research and creativity areas, classrooms and leisure rooms.

move·upp offers wall units and shelved cupboards with lots of storage room - makes organization child’s play. They have lots of persuasive, ingenious functions and can be put together individually. Choose the cupboard that meets your needs with almost 100 options available. With the move·upp cupboard program, you have the choice between three drawer widths and two types of doors - double doors or sliding doors.

Quadrant and curved cabinets from move·upp are something special. They make perfect room dividers, provide lots of shelf space and bring flexibility to your rooms. To go with the cupboards you will find a variety of chairs and table tops in the move·upp range, in classic or special shapes such as waves or trapeziums. If required, all table tops can be supplied with a sound-proof linoleum surface. They are the perfect complement to the move·upp cup-boards because they are well matched in terms of material and function. move·upp partition walls are available for structuring rooms - for the very little ones and for school children.


for doors and material boxes



light green






light blueBirch

VeneerReal wood

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Tables that match the cupboards - that’s no problem with move·upp. We have the right height for every age group. And then you’ll need chairs to match. They’re also available in the wide range from HABA.

The curved cupboards can be used to create storage room and to divide your rooms into different areas. Stay flexible by choosing equip-ment with robust, lockable casters. This means you can keep dividing the rooms in new ways.

Partition walls with motor skills elements are great for the little ones. They can pull themselves up on the grab bars, practice standing and walking and, of course, explore the many firmly attached elements - for example, children can fuel up a toy car or do their first experiments.

Perforated partition walls are a perfect solution for school pupils - Small areas can be created for focused work. They can be used for hanging hooks, material baskets and shelves, which can be moved at any time.

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Timmy is the perfect cupboard and shelf range for everyone looking for quality and stability at a fair price. Furniture that can with-stand the rough and tumble of everyday life - for many generations of children!Timmy furniture has proved itself in Germany and the world over in many nurseries and schools, because it offers everything you need for education - enough storage room for books and games, learning and craft materials.

You’ll find the right cupboard for every room in the Timmy range - From cupboards with equipment and property boxes for group rooms and classrooms to large, spacious cupboards for practical rooms, where special attachments or more space is required. Spacious cupboards are perfect for storing art materials, musical instruments and games.

Plenty of choices are available when it comes to shelves - choose each element yourself and design your shelves to suit your wishes, needs and available space. You can choose the num-ber of shelves and fittings such as bases, shelf backs and equipment boxes.

If required, Timmy can bring a splash of color to your rooms. There is a choice of 9 colors for individual parts such as doors, beading and roofs or you can stick with the warm beech wood tones without adding any extra color.

Colorful and versatile - that’s Timmy! The shelf combinations can be put together to meet your needs and they can be extended at any time, if the group gets new games or new creative equipment.


VeneerReal wood

for colored fronts and material bins



light green






light blue

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Classrooms, art and craft rooms and staff rooms - storage is essential everywhere. You can find the right cupboard or the perfect shelf for every room, in the Timmy range - functional, decorative or just spacious.

The group room can be divided into little islands, using the low room divider cupboards. That makes young children feel secure, especially if they have their own pillows and cushions to cuddle.

Nursery-age children like clearly divided areas for building, looking at picture books or playing games. Depending on how they are positioned, shelved cupboards can be accessed from inside or out.

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GEMINO, the room building system from HABA, creates more play space for even more fun. Here you can find various play houses for crèche and nursery - With or without slides, play landings at various heights, with climbing walls or integrated playhouses, motor skills elements or wooden appliqué - make your dreams come true.

With the GEMINO movement center, lots of climbing and exercise landscapes can be con-structed for school children. The ideal place to let off steam after a tough lesson, to keep active during breaks and, most importantly - To have lots of fun.

Welcome to our fabulous playhouse - Downstairs we have a playhouse and on the top there’s a cozy cuddle corner with lots of picture books.

First climb the stairs, then slip speedily down the slide and quickly crawl into the cave - this Gemino has everything that young children love.

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Children are curious and use all of their senses to discover their environment. Give your children sensible equipment - with growing challenges for growing needs. HABA wall elements and learning walls offer simple tasks for little ones, such as a sliding game with cars and a petrol station or different colored prisms to look through. Older children need more “brain food” and find a glitter tube or different fastenings interesting. The learning walls encourage perception and fine motor skills, because they provide different motor, optical, acoustic and tactile stimuli. And because children love repetition, the options available will still be interesting after a long time and continue to encourage discovery and exploration.

Here’s another benefit of HABA wall ele-ments and learning walls - they don’t take up much space and they can be used flexibly - in group rooms, next to the cloakroom or in entrance and waiting areas. Nothing can get lost thanks to the secure assembly of all the individual parts, so there’s nothing to get in the way of hours of fun games.

The learning walls and wall panels offer a wide variety of attractions - Different brushes for feeling, sliding games, magnet spirals and discs, mirrors and flappers for optical and acoustic stimulation - just right for little explorers.

Wall appliqué such as the fruit tree or the wind-mill (see left) create highlights in the group room.

Children who enjoy exploring different shapes will love the wall peg board and the different fabric parts (see below).

Wall ElementsWall Elements

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Habermaass GmbHInventive Playthings for Inquisitive Minds

P. O. Box 1107 96473 Bad Rodach · Germany

Ph: +49 9564 929-115 · Fax: +49 9564 929 67400E-Mail: [email protected]


More attractive for life and for play Birch furniture with colorful details - That’s LARA, the children’s apart-ment from HABA - modern, friendly and naturally nice and sturdy. With the versatile elements you can create kitchen, living or seating areas where children feel at home. It can be equipped with everything

that children know from home - pots and pans, dishes, utensils, cooking and baking equipment. What makes the furniture special? Light birch real wood veneer, cupboards with aluminum handles, padded furniture with a foam core and robust fabric and legs made from solid beech.



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