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  • 1. Marketing at Work!

2. Contents

  • Introduction
  • Our Expertise
    • Consultancy
    • Technology
  • Proof Points
  • Partners

3. Introduction 2009, All rights reserved Gype bv, Company Confidential. Increased Complexity State of Overwhelm Fractured Operation Todays CMO faces a landscape of consumer touch points, agencies and systems in a constant state of flux.The breadth of the operation spreads over multiple geographies, products and target groups. Increased Demands The marketing organization faces budget scrutiny, shorter product introduction cycles and requiring tailored messages. The normal response is to do more for less. 60% of CMOs claim to have little grip on their resources and processes.Marketing turns out to be one of the last corporate disciplines that is not strategically and structurally supported by process or IT infrastructure. The different areas of the marketing operation tend to exist in silos with low awareness of their upstream and downstream impact. Systems and tools only make these silos deeper. We create transparency and clarity for the CMO. We enable the marketing organization to drive accountability. We bring orchestration, creating a collaborative environment. We deliver efficient and effective managerial control. Today's CMO faces numerous challenges 4. Gype is

  • a small and agile group of Marketing Resource Management- and technology experts.We are dedicated to marketing consulting and information solutions that improve marketing decision making in order to achieve control over your marketing ecosystem and in turn create brand value.

We work with marketing at heart and technology in mind to tackle the unanswered challenges of todays marketing community.The scalability of our expertise is ensured by solid global technology partners. 5. Our expertise Know Marketing Become a Bridge Realize the Vision Our background remains first and foremost a Marketing one. We have deep expertise of the end-to-end value chain, from strategic goal-setting to measuring the effectiveness of activities. Think Big The partners and clients we work with are a testament to the scale and potential of our ideas. Todays Marketing Operation seems at odds with its Finance,Procurement and Technology counterparts. Our strength lies in our ability to re-connect and align them and in doing so, unlock a world of possibilities.We can enrich, shape and implement the vision that you have for your marketing operation. 6. Our Expertise Services and Tools

  • Business process consultancy for Marketing
    • Value Chain Quick Scan
    • Analysis of As-is Landscape
    • Financial Assessment and Business Case
    • Marketing Operations Design
    • Deployment and Training
    • Project Management
  • IT Solutions
    • Software architecture
    • Software customization
    • Software development

2009, All rights reserved Gype bv, Company Confidential. Managing time, money and assets in an integrated way holds the core of a successful and synergetic marketing operation. 7. Based on our experience with multi nationals we have developed Value Chain Quick Scan Analysis of As-is Landscape Financial Assessment and Business Case A short and highly focused analysis that overlooks the entire end-to-end value chain including strategy and governance.Identifies the main gaps in the operation and provides an overview of where focus is required to optimize it. An in-depth mapping of ways-of-working and tools that prepares for designing a new operation. The key gaps are validated and their root cause understood, all leading to enhanced managerial control. A thorough assessment of the financial state of the marketing value chain. Quantifies the operations potential for change and finds the expected ROI for improvement initiatives based on benchmarks and the organizations unique input. 8. Business process consultancy and marketing value chain modeling (II) Marketing Operations Design Deployment and Training Project Management The design blueprint for the to-be marketing operation. A comprehensive view on ways of working, technology and suppliers to provide transparency, orchestration and control to boost the value of the brand. Making the new marketing blueprint operational via implementation, training and execution. Ensures the initiatives are realized as planned, in a controlled manner and with the entire organization on board. A strong methodology backbone and seasoned professionals to manage ambitious engagements. It allows the organization to focus on its core processes and ensures the best possible return on investment on marketing projects. 9. Technology Offering Software Architecture Software Customization Software Development A blueprint for the optimal IT tool landscape and a roadmap of how to get there.Achieve a one-to-one mapping between the ways of working and the technology elements required to support them. Adapt the current tools or customize new off-the-shelf software to suit the needs. Assist the operation by implementing the basic building blocks of infrastructure at a low investment cost.Develop bespoke and uncompromising software fully tailored to the marketing operation. Leapfrog the competition and achieve a sweet spot between People, Processes and Tools. 10. Proof Points Briefing Management MediaManagement A unique control and orchestration tool built to manage the entire process from brand owner briefing, through communication architecture development, 360 concept proposals, creative development and execution A methodology to orchestrate the way the value chain communicates information about timings, finances and marketing content

  • Makes information handovers explicit and measurable in terms of content, quality and timeliness
  • Formalizes briefing into a KPI that drives discipline into the operation
  • Elevates process maturity allowing business as usual to run smoothly
  • Enforces accountability and traceability into the process
  • provides full financial transparency at every stage fromregional deployment, to local execution of media planning, buying down to post-buying analysis
  • Orchestrates tasks including approval cycles and sharing of documents and concepts
  • Brings together brand owner, brand agency, media agency, PR and BTL agencies
  • Provides full transparency over performance of all parties involved and identifies bottlenecks

11. Digital Asset Management A control tool to manage marketing and marcom content from icons and logos to ambience and product photography and full artwork files for packaging,ATL and BTL production.Proof Points (II) A transparency and control tool to manage the process from briefing to design and print-proof material ready for packaging production.

  • Unlocks full reuse of creative material, therefore reducing creative costs
  • Promotes brand consistency by facilitating dissemination of guideline-abiding content
  • Brings process efficiencies in the storage, retrieval and sharing of marketing assets
  • Creates transparency of the usage of content across the ecosystem
  • Provides a formal production environment to manage the creation of packaging artwork on a project basis
  • Brings financial grip by creating activity-based costing (ABC) and cost-driver control
  • Increases accountability on the end deliverable in an area where responsibility is fragmented
  • Promotes consistency in version control around upgrades, updates and range extensions

PackagingManagement 12. Partners

  • arvato systemsis part of the global media companyBertelsmann . With 1,700 employees, it offers its customers a complete spectrum of IT services, which range from consulting and concept design to development, implementation, and operation. The venture between arvato and Gype has resulted in a solid partnership with a hands-on mentality and expertise combined with state-of-the-art technologies.
    • BIC Platform is the worlds most advanced process framework infrastructure. It is used corporate-wide to map and publish the processes of some of the most successful brands in the world. Gype works in partnership with GBTec to support mapping marketing processes.
    • Metastorm provides the award-winning Business Process Management technology that powers the workflow engine of Gypes marketing solutions. Founded in 1996, and with more than 300 employees, the firm is a leader in the BPM software sector. The collaboration between the two firms earned Metastorms Most Critical Use of Workflow award in 2009 for the use of Metastorm to facilitate the Media Planning and buying process between Philips and their media agency Carat (Aegis Media).
    • Apple, Gype is a fully-licensed Apple and iPhone application developer

13. Contact us E-mail: Postal address (finance & accounting): Hyacintenlaan 53A 1215 BB Hilversum the Netherlands Visiting address: Atoomweg 50 3542 AB Utrecht the Netherlands KVK: 32127682 VAT: NL 8186.56.426.B01