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  • 7/29/2019 Gur Ps 4 e Advantages


    GURPS AdvantagesA Compendium of Pregenerated Abilities

    Compiled by Atreyu Hibiki; submitted by the good people of the SJGames forums, athttp://forums .sjgames .com/

    Illustrations by Atreyu Hibiki.

  • 7/29/2019 Gur Ps 4 e Advantages


    The material presented here is the original creation of the referenced submitters, intended for use with the

    GURPSsystem from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson

    Games.The fonts used were Times New Roman and Arial, from Microsoft, and Beyond Wonderland, from

    Greetings. What you now hold in your hands (if you printed it, that is. More likely you're reading it on

    a screen) is an unofficial gaming supplement for use with the GURPS roleplaying system by SteveJackson Games. This 'book' was conceptualized after the success of a similar project, GURPSHistorical Folk. The idea was along the lines of If people would download a document filled withgeneric job templates, they probably would be interested in having premade abilities, as well. Afterhelping a number of people put together their ability concepts, I opened a thread on the SJGamesforums with the express purpose of making this collection. I present the contents of that post here:

    Following the apparent interest in theHistorical Folk 4e thread, I am considering creating a collected

    PDF 'book' of easy-grab abilities. The idea here is to make a list that any GM would feel comfortableusing in a Supers or Anything-Goes campaign.

    For ease of use in a generic game I'm placing some rules:-All abilities must follow 'standard' GURPS rules, so no homebrew base advantages allowed.-All abilities should cost as near to 50 points as possible, and must cost between 47 and 53 points. This

    allows for a GM to say 'each player may have one ability from this list'...

    -All abilities should come with a description of what it does, how it functions in game terms, and anyimportant 'special effects'.

    -I'd also like suggested Powers the ability could fall under, but this isn't necessary.

    -If you would like an ability that was previously posted on the board, either in a thread on a subject orin a character post to be included, please re-post it here.

    -If you post your ability here, it is assumed that you would like it included in the eventual collection.

    You will recieve credit by your online name, unless you PM me otherwise.

    Here's a template based on the abilities offered in Powers:

    Ability Name: Blah (+blah%)

    Advantage Blah (Modifiers) [point cost]Notes: Description of Ability, including special effects. Total Point Cost.

    So here's the result: a collection of 192 50-point abilities, ready to be dropped into whatever campaignyou desire. As a bonus, we offer a collection of 21 mini-templates, skill and advantage packages tohelp you kick-start a few types of characters; two sections on genre-specific 50-point abilities; 34 5-point abilities for use by themselves and with Modular Abilities; 37 25-point abilities for those withless points to spend; and 15 75-point abilities for those who have a larger budget. I hope these will aidyou in your play, and please, enjoy!-Atreyu Hibiki.

    This is version 2.8 of this document.

  • 7/29/2019 Gur Ps 4 e Advantages


    Table of Contents50 Point Abilities

    4.6mm OICW

    40mm AGL50-Point AbilityAddictively Yours!Almost Magic MissileAnalyze PowersAnimal PartnersAnnihilation GunAnother Type of WerewolfArm BladesArmor Disintegration BeamAura of VengeanceAwaken InstinctBakusai TenketsuBall LightningBaneful PolymorphBattle RageBig Stone ThrowerBlood SwordBrainstormBullet-TimeCalming InfluenceCast-Iron StomachCelerityChef's DelightClass-20 Shield with

    Capacitor VClass-30 Shield with

    Capacitor IVClass-44 Shield with

    Capacitor V(a)Clone RayClothing Dissolving SlimeThe Clown CannonComplete Sensory

    DeprivationComputer Game Style

    Lighting BoltCookie of StrengthCreate Explosive


    Create PanaceaCurse of Burning AirCyborg CourierCyborg Upgrades -Absorptive Energy MatrixArm-PluginEnhanced Leg ActuatorsFortified EndoskeletonImproved I/O Port

    OverloadboosterDanmaku ("Bullet Storm")DeathtouchDeathwalk"Devils of the Flesh"Digital OverrideDigital ProjectionDisintegration Ray 1 & 2Dismal Gray AuraDisplacer BeamDivine Retribution 1 & 2Dolce & Vuiton Fashion

    BagDon't Cut MeDoolittle Effect, TheDrake's Net of LightningDrawn Together

    Electric StunElven BowEmergency Power BoostErasing the NameEveryone Sees Dead

    PeopleExcrete and Shape Blue

    PlasmaEvil Duplicator RayEvil Twin SummonerExalted WolfExtradimensional Belt


    Fairy FogFamine's CaressFatigue FogFeast of FleshFinal Fantasy FireFinal Fantasy IceFinal Fantasy MeteorFinal Fantasy MP PoolFine Invocation of Dust and

    HungerForbidden Invocation of the

    Thirteenth HourForce Collector-Amplifier-

    Emitter FieldFortean PoltergeistFury of WildfireGDI Orbital CannonGem SwordGhostchip RecorderGhostly PunchGift of TonguesGravity Beamer

    Gun KataHammer Bros. SpecialHansonHealing BloodHealing SleepHeroic LeapHigh-Tech ScannersHokuto Hyakuretsu KenHyperdense SkeletonHyperspeedIllumination of the BuddhaInane FighterInjector ImplantInnate FighterInsidious Curse of DoomInvisibilificationInvisibilificationalization

    Kiss ClairsentienceGoodbye

    K.O.Lay HandsLecher's DelightLet Me Check My NotesLife-Draining BeamLiquefy BodiesLove Potion #9Lucky MascotMake the Right ChoiceMario's BaneMatter-Transmuting


    WristcommMind Blast"Monsieur, you come from

    God in Heaven!"The More You Hit Me, The

    Less I Feel ItMuch Ado About NothingMunchkin's Magic Bullet

    M.U.N.C.H.K.I.N.My Future's So Bright, I've

    Got to Wear Shades

    Nephilim's HammerNeutrino Iaijutsu SlashNeuralyzerNeurolashOmniblaster"Pay your due..."Perpetual EnginePinpoint Static

    Overpressure Blast

    Plasma ClawsPoor Man's ResurrectionPoor Man's TelekinesisThe Popeye EffectPortal JumpPotion of ProtectionPower DrainPsychic-BabblePyro's FlameRepelling AuraRites of Explosive

    Ordnance DisposalRitual of the BanestormRock SolidSalamander's CurseSeal of BindingSeal of Enslavement

    Seal of SummoningSeeds of DoubtSharp Telekinetic Concave

    Construct GenerationShatter WeaponSmart Disassembler

    Nanostat CloudSonic BladeSteal FaceStomp ShockwaveStrange LuckStunning ForeverSuccubus's Embrace

    Suicide BombSuper Desperation Move

    MeterSuper MedicSupersonic StrikeSynaesthetic DetectiveTactile TelekinesisTanglerTechno-WizardTeleport DodgeTemporary Soul GolemThinnerTK Tortillas

    Tool Arm SystemTotally AbusiveAssassination Special

    Trading Card CreaturesTransgender Ray 1 and 2Transmuting SporesUltimate InterrogatorUnlimited AssetsUtter Horror


  • 7/29/2019 Gur Ps 4 e Advantages


    Vampire's Invincibility"Veiled Goddess" EffectWall of FireWall of HateWand of ProtectionWeapon Skill MasterWeb-shootersWell Connected

    Star Wars ForceAbilities

    Absorb EnergyForce SpeedMove Objects


    AikidoBattle BeastsBut It's A Katana!

    CapoeiraCookCyborg Upgrades Accountant ProgrammingBattle ProgrammingBijin-RedesignMusashi Circuits

    FarmerHackerKarate MasterLooterMage's GiftMechanic

    The Old One-TwoPastry Chef Of DeathPistol FuSmall Business OwnerTeacherWinged Monkey

    Psionic Powers

    Novice AntipsiNovice Astral Projector

    Novice EKNovice EsperNovice HealerNovice Psychic VampireNovice PKNovice TelepathNovice Teleporter

    5-point Abilities

    The Art of MemoryAxeBlowpipe With Poisoned

    DartsCreate AirCreate ImageCreate PoisonCreate ZombieCyborg Modules -A/Holdout PistolB/Suppressed Gun

    C/BuzzfistD/Rotating BladesE/Plasma DischargerF/Radio UnitG/Historical DatabaseH/Overload BatteryI/Telescopic ArmJ/Oscillating Acousto-

    DisruptorFoeminderGems -

    Binding StoneFire OpalIce Diamond

    Quartz LightningHand of MidasMy Two FriendsNeuroprocessor Synaptic

    OverlayPsychic AspectPyromaniac's PalmRaging StormSecond BreathSlug Slime

    Soul KatanaSound EffectStone FistsVampiric Chilling Touch

    25-point Abilities

    .80 Matchlock Musket

    Ancestral MemoryAnime-Fu StrikeBertha's BladeBrick's Slower Train

    StopperBull's Strength, Apprentice

    CastingCattle ProdChainsaw ArmCybernetic UplinkEnchant Energy Pistol

    Energy Pistols 1 and 2Flame Strike

    FrogsongGhostly StrikeGuardian Nano InjectorInjection Capsules -

    A: RegrowthB: Regenerate FPC: QuickhealD: Radiation ScrubE: RushF: Power BoosterG: Reflex BoosterH: Health BoosterI: EnergizeJ: Oxygen Injection

    Jinxed, RemixLanguage TeacherLooking Good Today!Mage's ChurroMagic RepairNeedler Remote-Control

    BombOmnipurpose BloodPain SpellPhase

    Power VomitQuadriplegiaRing of DuplicationRing of Mine Mine MineShrike Nano Injection GunSkunk's SpraySniper Munchkin's FriendSting

    Stone Fist Power UpSummon FliesSwearword of Doom!Taking the Weight of the

    WorldWork Darn It!

    75-point Abilities

    Brick's Instant TrainStopper

    Cursed HealingElectrolaser Pistol

    Grow Tentacles