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    This publication is also available as an ebook:

    ConTenTs After reading this guide, should you wish to proceed with a project requiring Building Regulations Approval, please ensure that you use LB Waltham Forest Building Control Services. This is because we provide an independent, impartial and publicly accountable service which is carried out by a team of experienced surveyors with unrivalled local knowledge. The service is non-profit making and the standards will be implemented fairly and professionally.

    Our extending your home handbook is available at

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    Introduction 5 Planning your project 7 Funding your project 12 Consents that you may need 14 Assistance with selling your home 18 Getting your project started 19 Tips for employing builders 23 Conservatories 24 Alterations – partition walls/structural alterations 27 Changing your doors 31 Re-fitting kitchens 34 Re-fitting or adding bathrooms 37 Replacing or adding windows 40 Re-wiring and electrical alterations 44 Replacing boilers and alterations to heating systems 47 Chimneys, flues and wood burners 51 Re–roofing 55 Lighting 57 Re-decoration 59 Insulation 61 Outdoors 64 Conclusion 66 Contacts 68


  • It is not a substitute for professional advice but aims to

    show how your project will be affected by the Planning and Building

    Regulations. The guide is divided into chapters that contain advice

    about popular projects, we will explain whether you’re likely to need

    Planning Permission or Building Regulations consent.

    • If you want confirmation your scheme does not need planning

    permission, contact our Development Enquiry Centre on

    020 8496 3000

    • If you want confirmation your scheme does not need building

    regulations consent contact LB Waltham Forest Council Building

    Control on 020 8496 6759 or email us at or visit our website

    Renovating a residential property can be a hugely rewarding experience. This guidebook takes you through the process of improving your home by making the most of the space you’ve already got.


    LB Waltham Forest guide to renovating your home 5

    Further advice is

    also available from the

    Planning Portal

  • Local Authority Building Control All local authorities in England and Wales are part of LABC, which is the UK’s largest building control network. LABC is the member organisation representing the 320 local authority building control departments comprising over 3,000 professional surveyors and support staff and LABC is, by far, the largest building control provider in the UK.

    You can trust LABC Local authority building control teams are always available and work with householders, architects, builders and trades people to make sure work is reported and completed correctly. We are independent and can reassure you that work complies with the Building Regulations.

    This is usually a straightforward, cooperative and easy process. For householders it is important because it means you get an independent check on the work being carried out. When it is all finished to the right standards, we issue a Completion Certificate which is an important document that will be required should you ever move home.

    Building Control is the householder’s responsibility It is the householder (the property owner) who is legally responsible for obtaining Building Control approval. Very often architects and builders will handle this for you. But you should check that it is being done and ask to use your local authority team who are independent, have local knowledge of sites and buildings and are always available to protect your interests should issues arise.

    What are the Building Regulations? If you are considering undertaking any development you must consider whether the project will need to have planning permission and/or a Building Regulations application. These are two separate applications and must be applied for individually.

    Building Regulations are the national standards in England and in Wales that apply to most types of building work, whether in homes or commercial properties. They ensure that the environment in which we all live is a safe and healthy place and that buildings are sustainable, energy efficient and provide easy access for young, old, sick or disabled people. Building Control inspects and approves plans and building work.

    How to make a Building Control application Remember that Building Control is different to ‘planning’ and requires a separate application.

    There are two types of Building Control applications. For larger projects, where you have plans drawn up, you make a ‘Full Plans’ application. However, for small quick projects, a ‘Building Notice’ may be used by your trades person or builder.

    It is easy; you simply go to your local authority website and search for Building Control. Then look for “applications”. Or you telephone or visit your council. Alternatively, go to the national LABC website and put in your postcode – this will then provide the contact details for your local authority team.

    6 LB Waltham Forest guide to renovating your home

  • But there is a potential downside. Embarking on major works like taking down walls, or re-fitting kitchens and bathrooms can go horribly wrong if they’re not planned properly.

    Planning ahead Whatever type of project you’re considering, the key to success is thinking it through in advance – checking whether the proposed works will require Planning or Building Regulations consent, finding a good builder and, crucially, drawing up a realistic budget. Time spent at this stage can save a huge amount of heartache and expense further down the line. After all, it’s a lot easier to move a wall on a drawing than it is later on site!

    Minimising disturbance Some improvements