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Why this guide is important for you?Hiring Right is a NecessityToday it is a necessity to find & retain high-quality, high-potential employees in a diminishing pool of talent.

Hiring is not the only job that you doHiring is not the only task that you perform, you are not Hiring expert still you are expected to Hire the Best.

You get the BlameFrom discussions to blogs a lot has been talked about the problem with the Hiring Managers, their relationship with recruiters, the communication gap and lack of participation.

You bear the BruntSince you are most commonly hiring your own direct reports, theres a lingering perception that youll be the one who will bear the brunt of the consequences of a bad hire.

Hiring is the most important Management SkillFor most managers its certainly not something that you need to do frequently so why invest time refining a management skill thats seldom utilized? Steve Jobs has a simple answer, I disagree totally. I think its the most important job.

Because,an organization is only as strong as its people & thus your companys future depends on your hiring decisions.


WARM UP TO YOUR NEW ROLEPART ONEUnderstand your roles and responsibilities as a HIRING MANAGER

To be a great Hiring Manager who consistently hires the right candidates at the right time, you need to play multiple roles: a Catalyst, Consultant and a Marketer.

The Primary roles of HIRING MANAGER1. Liaison & CommunicatorYou are the one who is going to communicate with Human Resources to fill the open position through every step of the organizationsHiring Process. You will also set up the timely communication between you, the selection team, recruiters and or HR partners.

2. Marketer -Hiring managers are in a unique position to make their departments, teams, and job opportunities look great. Youre responsible for transmitting information about your organization and its goals to the new member onboarding your team.

3. LeaderYou make the final decisions for new talent to your group or company. As a leader, you are responsible for setting up a healthy team culture with a right mix of compatible people and a fostering environment.

4. Champion -Whether you have identified a new position, or there is a need to fill an open position in your team, as an initiator of the position, you are the champion of the whole process from start till the end.

What is the impact of GREAT HIRING MANAGER? The Corporate Leadership Council surveyed over 8,000 recruiters to determine the key to hiring success. The most common answer was THE HIRING MANAGER

The success of your organization is predicated on your ability to hire great new people, and to get them onboard and working effectively quickly.

Your decisions determine the pace at which your company can move. If you take too long looking for the perfect fit, its going to slow you down.

But if you hire too quickly and brazenly, you can end up filling your ranks with ineffective workers.

DEFINING THE JOB PROFILE!PART TWODefining the problem is the first step to solving a problem

When so many Job Descriptions are already available, why invest my timing in defining a Job Profile?

Why to invest time in defining Job Profile? Your obvious question would be I have so much to do already, why put so much of my time here? Because only well-defined problems lead to breakthrough solutions.

If you leave it to a fast job description which is a cut & paste job most of the times, handover the requirements to the recruiter, you cannot expect a great deal of desired talents in return.So its wise to spend some time in defining theJob Profilewell.

According to a study, in most hiring programs the critical missing piece that can bring the recruiter, the hiring manager and everyone in the hiring team on the same page is a well-defined performance based job profile.

Once you are able to define/visualize your ideal candidate in the joband are able to explain it well to the recruiter, the problem is well defined and half solved.

How to define a Job Profile? To define a job profile try to dig deep into understanding real job needs.

Apart from listing the usual Skills and Objectives of the Job role, try to define the job in terms of key performance goals of the position.

A Well Defined Performance Based Job Profile can be used to attract the best applicants and later this Job profile can be used to assess their motivation to excel, based on evidence.


The Job Description should look like a compelling opportunity that emphasizes what a person will learn, do and become.

How to right an effective JOB DECRIPTION? Now that you havecomposed the Job Profile, now you get armed to write an effective job title and a detailed Job Description that will attract the right pool of applicants for the position.

A Job Description needs to be accurate as well as attractive enough to bring you the right sort of talent pool.

The key to great job descriptions is to be real. Be honest about what the company does, what is the position all about and what the candidate will actually be doing.

Keep the job title and summaries short and simple. The summary should be short and precise, not more than one to three sentences. You are pitching the candidate for the job, so keep it conversational.

Talk about the particular job and what it is like in your organization. Provide a link or a video for the applicants to learn more about the job role.


Hiring Managers and Recruiters must be on the same team playing by the same rules to win in todays competitive hunt for top talent.

The things you should brief Recruiter about.. LinkedIn Profiles:You can sit with the recruiter and perform live searches on LinkedIn. It will give the recruiter a much better understanding for what you are looking for and what you are trying to avoid.

Sample Companies & Employees:Give recruiters names of companies where you are likely to find suitable candidates for that role as well as names of current employees who would fit the bill. This will help the recruiters visualize your ideal candidate.

Selling points of the position:To help your recruiter be in a better position to source candidates effectively, provide him the selling points of the position.

Experience & Skills:Though in some cases experience and skills might be necessary to perform a task, but a Hiring Manager should not always insist on certain years of experience and certain set of skills.

Other Factors:You may discuss other factors that may affect sourcing options like the current labor market, any anticipated obstacles and career paths so as to determine the optimal profile and options.

DEVELOP RECUITMENT PLANPART FIVESet the course of action for your Hiring Team

Great Hiring Managers plan a recruitment strategy that clearly sets the path for the complete recruitment process that is now going to take place.

The things you should brief Recruiter about.. A well-structured recruitment plan maps out the strategy for attracting and hiring the best-qualified candidate. It clearly defines: Placement Goals Posting Plan Recruiting Resources Pre-Hire Screening Procedures Interview Procedures Hiring Procedures

The Recruitment Planning Meetingis the opportunity to not only gather key details for the position and build out a recruitment strategy but also to set the stage for the entire recruiting experience.

Most ImportantTip Keep an eye on the progress of sourcing! Analyze the first few candidates information given by the recruiter; if they dont match with what you expected then meet your recruiter.

Explain to him again about what you are looking for in the candidates and what you did not like about the current candidates.

ASSEMBLE THE SELECTION TEAMPART SIXCarefully decide who should be involved in your Hiring Team

A right Hiring Team is crucial to reap benefits of your hiring efforts.

Who should be involved in the Hiring Process?You are responsible for getting all of the right people looking at a candidate. To inject the right balance and insight into the hiring process, you need to bring a right mix of right people in the hiring team.

Skills:At least one Job function specialist or a technical skill expert, basically one or more people who can assess the required skills in the candidate.

Diversity:You need to have a right mix of people and experience to avoid bias or imbalance in decisions.

Team Members:It helps to involve some members of the team the candidate is joining in the selection process of any new talent.

Customer:In some cases it is wise to include an individual who caninteract closely with the position and/or serves as the main customer.

Other Factors:Some other factors that you may also need to consider are availability, willingness, role-playing abilities, patience & sociability of the members that you wish to bring in the Hiring Team.

COACH YOUR TEAMPART SEVENPrepare Interviewers for Interview

Proper coaching of the selection team is needed to avoid a wrong recommendation.

Engage & Educate the people in your team It is important to properly prepare your team for the interview as this is the opportunity to evaluate the skills and competencies and validate the information the applicant has prov