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UCLA x425:SEO for PR Pros

Tony Adam@tonyadam

1Tony AdamFounder/CEOFormerly of:

Who weve worked with:

Tony Adam - @tonyadamPeriodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

Tony Adam - @tonyadamUnderstand Your Audience

Opportunity Analysis: Keyword ResearchGoogle Keyword Planner: Adam - @tonyadam

Tony Adam - @tonyadamCompanies that blog 15 or more times per month get five times more traffic than companies that dont blog at all

Evergreen & Resourceful ContentTony Adam - @tonyadam

Create a communityTony Adam - @tonyadam

Content Prime for SEOTony Adam - @tonyadam

Content + Community to help SEOTony Adam - @tonyadam

Tony Adam - @tonyadamBlogger Outreach

Tony Adam - @tonyadamGuest Blogging

Links are the most important part of SEOTony Adam - @tonyadam

Google Trends is a GOLDMINETony Adam - @tonyadam

Oh em gee!Case Study: Lindsay Lohan Trend

Tony Adam - @tonyadam

Tony Adam - @tonyadamRelevance & Authority


Tony Adam -