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Transcript of GUEST SPEAKER PROGRAM Date Speaker Subject ?· Larry Greenman 2009 Last Week’s Meeting...

  • Week 37 20th March 2012

    GUEST SPEAKER PROGRAM Date Speaker Subject Speaker Host

    27-3-12 Breaking the WW2 Codes John Harding

    3-4-12 VMS Operation Jacobs Well Ron Thomson

    10-4-12 Steve Ciobo MP Secondment to the UN

    17-4-12 Club Assembly

  • Door Duty Roster

    Date Attendance 1 Attendance 2 Greeter 27-3-12 Neil Jones Peter Tomlinson Denis OBrien

    3-4-12 John Bee John Harding Bill Waller

    10-4-12 John Bee Ian Cowen Kevin Wilkins

    17-4-12 John Bee Bill Rex Neil Jones

    Please note: No.1 Doorkeeper will now hold the position for 4 weeks to simplify the handover proceedings please check how this affects you.

    Please note your inclusion in any of the Duty Rosters implies your duty to attend if you cannot for any reason, the responsibility for finding your replacement lies with you.


    Birthdays Anniversaries Inductions

    Ian Cowen Bob Jordan Harold Busch

    Larry Greenman 2009

    Last Weeks Meeting Attendance Apologies Meeting Income Charity Fund Raising

    Rotarians Hon. Members

    (Lloyd Yelland & Syd Garrett)

    Visiting Rotarians Partners/Family

    Guest speaker(s) Club Guests



    31 2 2 1 1


    Frank Adorjan Nives Ceccato Klaus Axmann Peter Sutton Jim Hawkins Alex Jorden Cec McPaul Phil Moore

    Tina Rambaldini Hermann Rogers Chris Thomsen

    Grahame Werrell

    Raffle $38 Fines $53.05

    Copper Pot $20.60

    Sizzle $275 Corp. Sizzle $1,200

    Y.T.D. $18,096

    SAUSAGE SIZZLE ROSTER 8:00am 11:00pm 11:0am 2:00pm

    30 March 2012 John Harding Kevin Wilkins

    Neil Jones

    Vicky Nicoll Ian Cowen

    Helen Busch

    5 April 2012 Please note this is Thursday

    & shifts will be 4 hours

    Brian Pearson John McAvoy Helen McAvoy

    Bob Jordan Kevin OBrien Noel Hodges

    13 April 2012 Hermann Rogers Nasho 1 & 2

    John Bee Nasho 3 & 4

    20 April 2012 Cec McPaul Peter Tomlinson Brian Pearson

    Larry Greenman Helen Busch John Harding

    Sausage Sizzle Rules no open shoes & remove apron before visit to bathroom

    If non Rotarians are helping us, we provide them with a sizzle & drink free of charge

    Top Priority Please ensure visitors log in, and out, when working on any Rotary event, otherwise they are not covered by Rotary

    Insurance Please remember it is your responsibility to arrange a replacement if you cant make it

  • President Busch welcomed Honorary Members Syd Garrett and Lloyd Yelland, Former

    President Clive Evanden, Aris Imbardelli (friend of Tony Lewis) and Bryan McDonald of RC

    of Regency Park, S.A.

    Presidents weekly report number 36

    Young Achiever in Vocational Excellence Following the club meeting on Tuesday night can I again ask for members support with nominations for this years Young Achiever in Vocational Excellence Award. If you are unable to personally nominate someone a contact you have through a number of services may hold the key to a nomination. Any thoughts or queries can be clarified by Kevin OBrien. Lots of publicity on young achiever through a channel 9 interview with last year Young Achiever Joel Rea, Kevin has a phone interview with 4CRB and the project has received substantial write up in local press.

    Project Laos

    This potential project Is gaining interest and momentum following the board meeting on the 13th

    March. A group of Rotarians from the club are planning a trip to Laos, possibly in October to see firsthand how we can be involved in this worthwhile International project. Graham Sivyer has made an important contact with a fellow Rotarian in Vientiane. Any member interested in joining the group travel to Laos should contact Graham.

    Fund Raising A couple of big fund raisers over the next two weekends with the Gold Coast home show this weekend and Bluefit Foundation swimming marathon next weekend. Thanks to club members rostered to these two activities.

    District Conference The programme attached is certainly an invitation to a great Rotary weekend. On his return from New Zealand next week Jim Hawkins will be finalizing a number of conference activities including seeking assistance for the silent auction. Saturday roll call at Conference is a great opportunity for us to get together and voice our presence.


    Building our family, making waves -----------------------------------------------------------------

    Friday, April 13, 2012


    11.30- 12.00 College of Governors Meeting and Lunch at a Jupiters restaurant

    13.00 Display and Registration areas set up

    14.00 Registration Desk opens

    17.30 Pre-Dinner Drinks

    18.00 Call to Order- PLENARY SESSION 1

    Arrival of Official Party

  • Flag ceremony by YEP Students

    National Anthem

    Official Opening: Cr. Margaret Grummitt, Office of the MAYOR, Gold Coast

    Welcome to the Conference: DG Graham Jones

    PDG Joanne Schilling, RI Presidents Representative (1)

    Lighting of the Memorial Candle

    19.00 Grace

    Dinner: [Main Course]

    YEP Presentation


    Inbound GSE team from Wisconsin/Minnesota

    Entertainment by Magician/Local Performers

    22.00 Close

    Saturday, April 14, 2012

    07.00 Registration & Breakfast: own arrangements

    08.00 Call to Order: PLENARY SESSION 2

    Opening remarks: DG Graham Jones

    Presentation of Key Rotary Club Projects (About 6 selected projects)

    09.00 Roll Call of Clubs in the District

    PDG Joanne Schilling, RI Presidents Representative (2)

    Bill Gates and Rob Byrne: POLIO IN RETREAT (1)


    9.00-10.15 New Generations Program: CURRUMBIN SANCTUARY SHOW


    10.15-10.45 MORNING TEA

    10.45 Call to Order: PLENARY SESSION 3

    Keynote Speaker (2): Professor Mark von Itzstein-A Pathway to End Malaria

    Keynote Speaker (3): Dr Chris Caton, Chief Economist BT-Demystifying Financial


    Entertainment by Local Performer/Magician

    Keynote Speaker (4): Chris Josceleyne- Rotary e-Clubs

    Keynote Speaker (5): Buz Green- Learn Grow

    13.00-14.00 LUNCH

    14.00 Call to Order: PLENARY SESSION 4

    Preview, 2013 District Conference-DGE Sandra Doumany

    Outbound GSE- Arizona

    Lyle Burgoyne: Kenya Health

    Outbound GSE - Wisconsin/Minnesota)

    15.00-15.30 AFTERNOON TEA

    15.30 Call to Order: PLENARY AND BREAKOUT SESSIONS 5

    (1) Business Meeting [Chair PDG Brian Wheatley]

    (2) Rotary Australia World Community Service [RAWCS] {Rock OKeefe}

    (4) Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) {Graham & Lyn Howie}

    16.15 Close

    18.00 Buses leave for OUTBACK SPECTACULAR

    18.45- 1930 Pre-Show Entertainment: OUTBACK SPECTACULAR


    21.30 Buses return

  • Sunday, April 15, 2012

    07.00 Breakfast: own arrangements

    07.45 Reflections {Rev. Dr Geoff Prentice}

    08.15 Call to Order: PLENARY SESSION 6

    Setting the Scene: DG Graham Jones

    Keynote Speaker (5): Tanya Major: Generation 1

    Keynote Speaker (6): Tori Anderson: Peace and Media

    An International RYLA Experience: Andrew Bradley

    Awards { Al Weston}

    10.15-10.45 MORNING TEA

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ 9.00-10.15 New Generations Program on EXPLORING SCIENCE

    10.45 Call to Order: PLENARY SESSION 7

    Keynote Speaker (7): Lars Olsen Forget Me Not

    Sara Don (8): From NYSF to MIT

    Keynote Speaker (9): JOHN EALES, Composure under Pressure

    Conference Summary by PDG Joanne Schilling, RI Presidents Rep (3).

    Introduction of DGE Sandra Doumany, DGN Tony Heading,and new DGND.

    Closing Remarks, Thanks, : DG Graham Jones [10 minutes]

    Close with the singing of the 2013 Conference Theme Song

    13.00 LUNCH

    Sergeant Kevin amongst others pinged, Bill Rex too fashionable socks again

  • Clive Evanden presents raffle winner Bryan McDoland presents Bill Rex

    Aris with a bottle his bottle for winning Heads & Tails

    Guest Speaker

    I have no idea why Uwe should be in this picture,

    but he seems to be enjoying himself. Last meeting night, our guest speaker from "RBS Morgans" was Felicity Cooper---felicity analysed the "Money Market", for us. Felicity comes from a Rotary Family---she was a "Rotary Youth Leadership Awardee" She went to Japan, with Rotary Her subject was, "The Year Ahead 2012". She suggested that the current state of play in the market, will see the market recover to 5,000 again by Xmas.! Alluding to a likely US led recovery. The title--"The Black Swan" is suggested as a good book to read. The US crash--with huge lots of unsold real estate resulting--from which defaulters can simply walk away from loans and assets, under US Law--- In Detroit, there are so many unoccupied homes--these are available at prices lower than Automobile prices!! Her thoughts on the crisis in Greece was, to "let it go" ---it would be bad to bail it out. Australia`s economy is 2 speed, however it is "Goldilocks" being not heated and not too hot. The high Australian Dollar, and its affect on imports and exports, was well explained. Australian farmers s