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  • Please note address all correspondence pertaining to Club business to the Secretary


    Newsletter 350 April 2010

    Over Forties Tramping Club, P O Box 6505, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8442

    Established 1978 Affiliated to the Federated Mountain Clubs of NZ

    Note the deadline to the editors is the 20th of every month for them to prepare the following newsletter Newsletter to Sue Townsend - 942 9196 at and copy to

    And Trip details by the 15th of every month to Trip Planners : Sunday trips to Judy Miles - 327 9010 at

    and Saturday and Wednesday trips to Marj Pollock - 389 4059 at


    APRIL 27th 2010

    at 7 : 30 pm

    Horticultural Hall South Hagley Park

    Guest Speaker : Biddy Pollard

    Borneo's Wild Life - its rich diversity and fragility

    Preceded by a Bring and Buy of your old TRAMPING GEAR

    Another chance to unload the tramping gear you no longer need or to pick up a bargain and buy the very thing youve always wanted!

    Come at 7.00 pm and have 20- 30 minutes either buying, selling or just browsing !


    Where are you ? We know you are out there some where ! You are the absolutely perfect person for this job which will only take someone of your skill and talent a couple of hours a month ! Alison Chambers needs someone to help her with the tramp plan-ning for the Sunday middle group. You may not be a Sunday tramper but that doesnt matter - this is a coordination and planning roleby phone and emailwith a very occasional get together with a few other trip planners. Come on give it a go. Please. Give something for all the good times that you enjoy !!

    Phone Alison on 332 9755

    AGM notices :

    Your committee has remained intact except for the resignations of Liz Campbell, who will still continue her role planning the qualifying over-night trips; Beverely Creighton who has been replaced by Beris Whelan who is now in charge of arranging for speak-ers for club nights and me, as editor, replaced by Sue Townsend with Mavis Airey continuing as co-editor. Wendy Hughes is the new committee member. We are aware that it is a bit of a muddle deciding to whom one sends items for the newsletterplease continue to send your emails to Sue Townsend and copy them to Mavis. Eventually it is planned to have a simpler method. There will be a notice in the newslet-ter when a single generic email address is set up that can be picked up by either editor. Cheers Liz G

    Earina autumnalisEaster OrchidLiz G

  • Chairmans Report I am reminded regularly by what I see taking place within our club activities of the wide range of talents and abilities we have within our membership. At our Club night on 23 February, Valda Hodges, Jennie and Colin Mackie gave us a superbly illustrated talk of their travels during 2009 through Chile and Argentina. Together they gave us a real insight into aspects of the history, geography and the culture of where they travelled.

    It was apparent from the outset that these three are seasoned travellers, with the ability to do their research thoroughly and the nous to get issues sorted out when things dont quite go according to plan. Throughout their travels, we saw photographs of spectacular scenery, a number of which had similarities within our New Zealand landscape. It was a really interesting evening evidence again of the multitude of talent we have among us - thank you Valda, Jennie and Colin. Your committee has endeavoured to have a good balance of outside speakers and club members as speakers at Club nights, because we do have considerable talent in our membership. Our club has been involved for several years in the clearance of wilding pines and again we have been able to assist on Saturday 20th March at Flock Hill station. We had a great response where 15 members spent the day along with other clubs in this Ecan project another 7 offered to help, but we were restricted to the lesser number, because Canterbury 4 wheel drive clubs were providing transport. As well as doing our bit for the environment, $20.00 per person has gone into the coffers to help with training. Thanks again to all those who have supported this effort. As a club, we occasionally receive brochures advertising tramping or touring trips of a commercial nature. While the club has a policy of not promoting such things in Going Places, the committee has decided that this material will be available in future at Club nights for anyone interested. Regards to you all - Warwick Scadden

    Committee ReportsCommittee ReportsCommittee ReportsCommittee Reports

    Club Captains Report Here it is autumn and the really hot tramping days are gone for another year. Its time to think about our gear and the things we must carry in our packs. I have seen some rather small packs at times and I ( along with others ) have wondered if they really do contain a parka let alone some of the other essential kit we must carry in case we need them. Each of us has a responsibility to ourselves and as importantly to those whom we tramp with to be carrying the correct gear. Hearty congratulations and well done to those of you who are always properly outfitted. And thinking about our responsibilities to each other, here is a big thanks to those who always jump in and help our leaders on tramps. Leading can, for some, be a harrowing experience and our leaders deserve all the support and assistance we can give to ensure we have safe, fun trips. Another reminder- this time to leaders: Please always appoint a co leader - when the trip is advertised is good but if not on the day before setting out! Dont forget we have first aid training available so get in touch to make a booking. I am still really enjoying being Club Captain - it is easy with such a receptive, open and fun loving membership. I have accepted nomination for the role again and if I am elected will do the job through till 25 September this year - this will be almost 3 years in the saddle. By that time (at least) the Club will deserve a fresh face as Captain. I will (if elected) remain on the Committee until the time of the next AGM. So to sum up this month - dont forget: Take the right gear - If you dont already! Be responsible group members and help our leaders - If you dont already! Do some training - If you havent done some for a while! How lucky we are to belong to such a great Club - Stu McHugh



    Membership Report Changes of address Rhonda Trounson 342 4995 1 Karnak Cresc, Russley, 8042 Stuart Grant 383 6099 17 De Bloge Place, Burwood, 8061

    Resignation Kate Page 322 9049 41 William Brittan Ave, Halswell, Chch 8025 (member since Jan 2008)

    Rejoining member Christine Bridgman 337 0831 40 Riverlaw Terrace, St Martins, Chch 8022

    New members Howard Anderson 348 8186 36 Corfe Street, Ilam, 8041 Annette Furkert 332 0257 12 Tuscany Place, Beckenham, 8023 Tracey Mitchell 351 4525 42D Hamilton Avenue, Ilam, 8041 (These three people completed their overnighter to Boyle Hut on 13-14 March, and we hope they have many more enjoyable trips with the club)

  • DAY TRIP PROGRAMMEDAY TRIP PROGRAMMEDAY TRIP PROGRAMMEDAY TRIP PROGRAMME The tramps are listed in order of difficulty, with the easiest first, then moderate, then harder. If you are unsure of a tramp please check with the tramp leader.

    NQ means that this tramp is not a qualifying tramp for prospective new members. All other day tramps are qualifying tramps

    Please note : It is club policy that these day tramps and the tramping programmes detailed in the newsletter are for members only.

    Also times given are indicative only and do not include car travel to and from the tramp.


    Listen to

    NewstalkZB 1098

    after 7am.


    Phone Newstalk ZB phone (03) 340 1098for all tripsbefore 6.45am,

    and state the destination. Our club code is 47.

    LOCATOR BEACONS. Collect and carry these. Please note they are collected from the Shell Petrol Stations at Belfast or Yaldhurst, or at Princess Margaret Hospital - at front vestibule desk. And for any private use of these beacons please contact the Club Captain to arrange.

    AT THE END OF THE TRAMP. Please send list of participants and numbers to

    Mary Brinsdon at 366 9119 or to 33 Hewitts Rd, Chch 8014,


    Reminders to Tramp LeadersReminders to Tramp LeadersReminders to Tramp LeadersReminders to Tramp Leaders TRAMP PLANNERSTRAMP PLANNERS

    Note Please forward your draft list to the Club Captain by the 20th of each month

    Saturday Colin Garthwaite 360 3770

    Wednesday Veterans Pat Tapper 348 5553

    Heather Spence 337 1690

    Middle Anne Fullerton 339 2448

    Clive Morriss 358 2753 Cathie Graves 339 0881

    Beverley Ruddick 337 3390

    Hard Diana Kirpensteijn 332 7534

    Sunday Easier Mary Brinsdon 366 9119 Carolina Kol 03 3127970

    Middle Alison Chambers 332 9755

    Hard Ian Fussell 358 3724

    Steve Dakin 329 6695

    Westmorland NQ

    Cost : nil Exploring tracks & byways on the Westmorland Hill.

    Depart : Carpark opp PMH (river west) at 9.30am Time : 3 4 hrs Leaders : Pat Tapper 348 5553 Heather Spence 337 1690

    Rossmore Terrace Sugarloaf

    Cost : nil Up steps and through walkways to Sugarloaf via Victoria Park and Bowenvale tracks. Return