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Dr. Dennis Richling. Guest speaker. Persuasion. The Art and Science of Meaningful Engagement. Healthcare Costs Today. Absent Behaviors. Risky Absent Healthy Behaviors. Chronic Disease. Biometric Risks. Risky Present Problem Behaviors. Problem Behaviors. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Guest speakerDr. Dennis RichlingPersuasionThe Art and Science of Meaningful EngagementHealthcare Costs TodayChronicDiseaseBiometricRisks Risky AbsentHealthyBehaviorsRisky PresentProblemBehaviorsAbsentBehaviorsProblemBehaviorsPersuasion is important to manage health

Be healthierHow do we persuade people?Educate them

How do we persuade people?Incent them

How do we persuade people?Reframe the message

How do we persuade people?Be a cheerleader

The message has beenINCREASEMOTIVATIONGoal: Adopt Healthy Behaviors for the rest of their life

11How much motivation do we need?A new modelDr. BJ FoggStanford Persuasion Technology Laboratory

B=MATCall to ActionMotivationHighMotivationLowMotivationHard to doEasy to do

Fogg Behavior ModelBehaviorAbilityWhen do behaviors change?EpiphaniesChange of contextPsychological processesMake it easierChanging behaviors for lifeEpiphanies are rareChanging the context is complicatedPsychological processes increase motivation in stagesMaking it easier can reach those with little motivationExciting new research?

Yes, but..B=MATMotivationHighMotivationLowMotivationHard to doEasy to doFogg Behavior ModelAbilityNo panacea to change behaviorUse multiple science-based disciplinesTailor it to the personTailor it to the behaviorRide the motivational waveAchieving life long change often takes multiple steps