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Transcript of Guerilla Marketing Tip 1 Bookmarks - Solar Energy lead generating

Solar Marketing 1

Solar Energy Lead Generating #1http://SolarLeads.ClubOver 1,000 Lead Generating ToolsGuerrilla Marketing for Solar Energy LeadsBookmark Money Weekly Solar Energy Guerrilla Marketing Tips

A unique FREE way to reach Hundreds of People in your area that are so Interested in Going Solar they paid up to $20 or more to get Solar Energy information.

What if You werethe EXCLUSIVE SOLAR person in your area reaching thesepeople within minutes afterthey paid to get Solar Energy information?

What if this lead campaign was virtually FREE (about 12cents or less per prospect) and you could do this wheneveryou wanted at any size, 40 Prospects $5 400 prospects $50 your choice.

1. The prospectspaid for Solar Energy Information

2. You are theExclusive SolarAgent to reach them

How HOT is That?Less than 12 cents per prospect!SOLAR ENERGY PROSPECTS CONTACT YOU .

How does this work? Do You Think The People that paid up to $20+ for these Books are Interested in Going Solar?

Bookmark Marketing

We Have over 100 FREE Solar Energy Bookmark images or can Duplicate Your Solar Web Page into a Bookmark

You Place Your FREESolar Quote Bookmarks into the Solar Energy Books in Book Stores in Your Area. Its SIMPLE and You Reach The Hottest Leads in your Area!We provide Weekly FREE Solar Lead Prospecting Tips http://SolarLeads.Club

Are The People that paid for these Solar Books Interested in Going Solar?

The prospectscontact you .

1. The prospect paid for Solar Energy Information

2. You are theExclusive SolarAgent to reach them.

OK I Have Read The Solar Energy Book - I am NOW Ready To GO Forward with Solar Energy.

I will call the Solar Energy company that providedthe FREE Bookmarkin the Solar Energy book I just read and take them up on that Free Solar Quote and get that $1,000 FREE Grocery certificate or Free Vacation.

Are there Book Stores in the towns You Sell Solar Energy?

Book Stores Sell Solar Energy Books to People that Want to Go Solar!

Reach the people that buy these books IN MINUTES - FREE!

Reach People looking to go Off the GridDo you Sell Off Grid Systems?

You place these Bookmarks into Solar Energy books and Living Green type books

Also What Better Time To Think About Solar Energy .. Than during a Roof Replacement or Home Remodel.

Use the

FREE $1,000 Grocery certificate With FREE Solar Quote

bookmark in books like this.

Use the FREE Las Vegas Vacationcertificate With FREE Solar Quote bookmarkin books like this.

*We also have 50 other Travel Destinations

Bookmark MarketingA bookmark is a thin marker,used to keep the reader's place in a book and to enable the reader to return to it with ease.

A PINPOINTED way to REACH a TARGET PROSPECT! Place FREE Bookmarks in Solar Energy Books at all the Book Stores in Your Area!

Bookmark Marketing

Here You are at the right MOMENT in Front Of the RIGHT Prospect that is Going to Go Solar!

Books to Place Bookmarks in.

Dont Forget Wal-Mart

Dont Forget Home Depot Books

Use the Bookmark Dollar for Dollar Solar Adds More Value to a Home than a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Canvassers average 20 Door Hangers on Houses Per Hour! 100 in a5-HOUR Shift.

Time to Place 100 Bookmarks in one store20-MINUTES!

And 100% of the People that buy a Solar Energy Book ARE Interested in Going SOLAR.

Your only cost is printing the 51/2 x 2 Wide Bookmarks should be Less than 20 cents each!


Bookstores only carry books that people buy!

Your bookmark will go home with a HOT Solar Prospect!

Bookstores carry 5 to 10 copies of each title.

Put your solar Energy Bookmark in the FIRST Paragraph of Every Book. So the reader finds it fast.

Do not let the bookmark stick out of book.

Place in the middle of the page.

Stick it in hard so it doesnt fall out too easy.

Should you Ask for Permission from Someone at the store?

I wouldnt. Your leaving a FREE Gift a FREE Bookmark .

Its not a big deal. Dont over think it.

You are giving away a FREE Gift, a useful gift.

DISTRIBUTE THOUSANDS of Bookmarks weekly without visiting a bookstore. E-mail 500 to 1,000 INDEPENDENT Book Stores ask if they sell Solar Energy Books or Green Living type books. When they respond with a YES , Then Offer them a Commission of $250 to $500 per sale. Tell them you will send them Bookmarks to insert as a FREE Gift in all Solar Energy Books.

Sign a SIMPLE Agreement that states the Money you will Pay per Sale and the way sales will be tracked. Also make it an EXCLUSIVE Agreement The Bookstore agrees to not distribute any other Competing Solar Energy companies bookmarks for 1-Year. LOCK out the competitors at least for 12 months.


Visit http://SolarLeads.ClubOver 100 Free Solar Energy Bookmarks for members.Over 1,000 Solar Lead Generating Tools Create Your Own Exclusive Solar : 661-722-2882