Guerilla Marketing and Its Effects on Consumer

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Guerilla Marketing and Its Effects on Consumer Decisions : Fatih ALASEHIRLI Abdullah ZORKIRISCI Semavi OZTURK Ertugrul EKSI
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Transcript of Guerilla Marketing and Its Effects on Consumer

Guerilla Marketing and Its Effects on Consumer Decisions :


What is Guerilla Marketing?Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy in which low-cost unconventional means (graffiti, sticker bombing, flash mobs) are utilized, often in a localized fashion or large network of individual cells, to convey or promote a product or an idea. The term guerrilla marketing is easily traced to guerrilla warfare which utilizes atypical tactics to achieve a goal in a competitive and unforgiving environment.

10 Different Forms of Guerilla MatketingGuerrilla marketing is a term used to describe unexpected, off-the-wall forms of advertising that are designed to grab attention in unusual ways. Typically a tool of small businesses and entrepreneurs with small budgets, guerrilla marketing is designed to catch people off guard with its message and approach, creating buzz that flows from person to person. Viral Marketing Ambient Marketing Product Placement Relationship Building Undercover Marketing Advantage Marketing Niche Marketing Off the Wall Co-relationship Marketing Street Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing Examples in Turkey And The WorldLevinson told the story of a similar application in recent months has launched a clothing store in Trabzon. Mavi Jeans store right on the left, aligned with sign Mavi Jeans, the same dimensions, using the same font character "burgundy," he wrote. When these articles side by side, almost every fanatical fans of Trabzonspor in the colors appeared. Store in a short time attracted great attention. Used only in the imagination of the owner of the store to ensure that this interest.

Guerrilla Marketing Examples in Turkey And The WorldA rather wonderfully executed guerilla campaign by Mini Amsterdam featuring packing boxes in prominent locations around Amsterdam. They are promoting something that you probably wouldn t know about or be interested in but this brings in to the forefront, a 99 a month finance deal which is available on the Mini Cooper. Taking a fairly run of the mill offer, like a finance plan and making it part of something compelling.

Mavi Jeans National and International Marketing StrategiesMavi Jeans does all activities to be a Worldwide Brand, so this, their marketing activities scope in this picture. They use lots of marketing strategies; one of them is Guerilla Marketing. In other way, their first aims to find perfect-fit jeans for creating a group that consume Mavi. For this reason, they use several marketing strategies to reach real consumer potential.

Mavi Jeans National and International Marketing Strategies Target Population The concept ``Perfect Fit indicating the perfect harmony of a pair of jeans with not just the body, but also with the `culture and wallet has play an important role in Mavi`s journey to becoming global fashion brand. Local Preferences/Communication As a communication strategy, Mavi realized the need to address its customers personally in order to increase its market share. Mavi introduced its model with human names such as Molly, Maggie, Kate, Max, Matt, and Kevin, instead of using numbers as their competitors did. Their market position expending through innovation such as Mavi Organic and special collection such as ``Rifat Ozbek for Mavi and their special and their special product group as the Istanbul t-shirt.

Mavi Jeans National and International Marketing Strategies Pricing Strategy Due to its expensive pricing strategy, Mavi grew its customer`s trust in the long run and found its place in well-known department stores in the U. S. such as Macy`s, Bloomingdale`s, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom Advertising Mavi work with famous producers such as Ridley Scott, Emir Kusturica, as well as controversial advertising personality, Olivero Toscani. By being patent and through planned strategies Mavi succeeded in gaining 15 percent market share in the premium denim category in the U.S. market.

Some Campaing Examples A new advertising campaign with the slogan "It's too much" starts. By 1998 the company exports about 1 million pairs of custom tailored jeans all over the world. Even celebrities like Cher, Chelsea Clinton, Geri Halliwell and some of MTV moderators start to wear jeans manufactured by Mavi. In 1999 advertising campaign "We've gone too far" starts and in 2000 denim creations by Mavi appear on the market of Great Britain.

Some Guerrilla Marketing Examples: Integrating Istanbul with t-shirts and Turkish names with jeansThey started a marketing campaign on t-shirts with integrating Istanbul city and related things that addresses Istanbul. In this campaign, they use some famous places aspects, motifs that in Istanbul and factors evoking Istanbul. This campaign s slogan is Buras stanbul .

Some Guerrilla Marketing Examples: Integrating Istanbul with t-shirts and Turkish names with jeansThe other example is K van Tatl tu s speech in one of Mavi s advertisement on TV: Vay vay vay antaya bak. Especially in social network and around teenagers, this speech became so famous because of has a different meanings in Turkish. Actually in that advertisement, Mavi wanted to settle in consumers subconscious by using that speech. Also this advertisement is one of the examples of subliminal advertising.

Some Guerrilla Marketing Examples: Integrating Istanbul with t-shirts and Turkish names with jeansFurthermore, they use Turkish human names on their denims models. Such as Ahmet, Deniz, Hasan also in some models names came from Americans. Such as Matt, Hunter, etc . Also in the World, any consumer wear that i.e. Deniz model without know it is a Turkish name and cause a relationship between Turkey and the world.

Mavi Jeans Social Media Activities Mavi Jeans have 408.970 fans on Facebook and it is growing 146 people by 7 days. They are 6th famous brand, which are using social media perfectly, on the internet. Mavi Jeans is sharing their new products on Facebook group page. Facebook is one of the perfect channels for Mavi. Because, on the web page, they able to only share pictures and informations about new products, however, on Facebook page, consumers can write comments and like their new products pictures. Result of that, Mavi can get reach more consumers. At the same time, second sharings are enabling to reach more over people. Because sharings are publishing on consumers , who is sharing Mavis pictures, personal pages. In this way, they are growing the brand name knowing.

Mavi Jeans Social Media Activities Mavi has a blog page, This blog is the most important enterprise for the social media. This blog is a platform, where is the creative people arguing and commenting others thinks. This platform allocates Mavi from just a company, which is making promotions and announcing them permanently; to original company and it is inspiring followers. In this blog, music, cinema and fashion are affecting each other and this interactions supporting UcukMavi

Mavi Jeans Social Media ActivitiesIn 2004, Mavi implement Istanbul t-shirts. And Mavi held a contest for find new Istanbul t-shirts collections members. They opened web site. Competitors joined there and designed new Istanbul t-shirts with Mavi s design equipment. With referendum, they elected new members of the collection.