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  • 1. Marketing Uses non actions where conventional the advertising places to agency does not promote a want to beproduct with identified as the non initiator of theconventional communication methods phenomenon

2. MoreoverUnexpectedplacesUnexpected andunconventionalcampaigns To create aGuerilla unique, engaging and thought-Marketing provoking conceptTo get maximumresults fromminimal resourcesConcept created byJay Conrad Levinson 3. Guerilla Marketing: advices Patience Imagination Sensibility Strong personality Initiative, aggressiveness Open to change Generosity Energy Curiosity Concentration Action oriented 4. - Cheap - Involves Networking+ - Specifically tailored to meet the needs of small businesses - Guerilla marketing campaigns are just plain fun - It works! you will more than likely end up with a better and more profitable business. - Far from an exact science. The number ofvariables involved in advertising guaranteesthat nothing is 100 %- Obtaining measurable results is difficult- A greater level of dedication and energy thantraditional advertising venues-- An investment of time is required in order toachieve your business sales goals.- To check your local laws before engaging in aguerilla marketing campaign 5. xamples 6. THANK YOUSehit Muhtar Bey Cad. No 9 4th Floor 0212 256 45 80 Filiz