Guardians Subtitle Analysis

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Transcript of Guardians Subtitle Analysis

No.Source TextTarget TextRevisionReason(s)

1. They killed a little frog that ain't done nothing.Mereka membunuh katak tak bersalah.Mereka membunuh katak kecil yang tidak bersalah.We add the word kecil in order to emphasize Peters sympathy towards living creature.

2. You even look like him.Bahkan terlihat sama.Kau bahkan mirip dengannyaThe word kau is added in order to make the message clear.

3. And he was an angel.Bagai malaikat.Dan dia bagai malaikat.Pronoun is needed in order to explicitly state the person that is being talked.

4. You got a present there for Peter, don't you?Bukannya kau punya hadiah utuk Peter?Bukankah kau punya hadiah untuk Peter?The change of suffix from nya into kah is done to make the sentence becomes more natural.

5. gonna take such good care of you.Akan sangat merawatmu....Akan merawatmu dengan baik.The original translation does not convey the message intended by the source text well.

6. At least until your daddy comes back to get you.Hingga Ayahmu datang menjemputmu.

Setidaknya hingga Ayahmu datang menjemputmu.The word setidaknya is added in order to show that the mother believes that the father will come to get the son eventually.

7. How do you know about this?

Bagaimana kau tahu soal Orb ini?

Bagaimana kau tahu mengenai bola ini?The replacement of the word orb into bola is to make the target audience understand the thing that is being referred to. We also change the word soal into mengenai to make it sounds more natural.

8. I don't even know what that is.Aku tak tahu benda apa itu.Aku bahkan tak tahu benda apa itu.In order to emphasize that the speaker is innocence, the word bahkan is translated.

9. I'm just a junker, man.I was just checking stuff out.Aku cuma tukang rongsokan.Aku hanya lihat - lihat.Aku cuma pemulung.Aku hanya melihat-lihatThe term pemulung is more familiar rather than tukang rongsokan.

10. You don't look like a junker. You're wearing Ravager garb.Penampilanmu lain.Kau berseragam Ravager.Kau tak terlihat seperti pemulung. Kau memakai seragam Ravager.The correction given to the translation is to make the message delivered well.

11. This is just an outfit, man.Ini hanya pakaian.Ini hanyalah pakaian, BungWe think that it is necessary to add the word Bung to show the speakers character which is fearless that he calls the enemy by Bung.

12. Ronan may have questions for you.Ronan mungkin ingin bicara denganmu.Ronan mungkin ingin menanyaimu.Menanyai is more specific rather than bicara. Since the speaker is curious why the main character knows about the ball (=the orb).

13. Hey, you know what?Kau tahu?Hei, kau tahu?The word hei is added to make the addressee awares that the speaker is talking to him.

14. Star-Lord, man. Legendary outlaw.Star-Lord, kawan. Penjahat legendaris.Star-Lord, Bung. Penjahat legendaris.We think that the word man is best translated into Bung rather than kawan.

15. Ah, forget this.Sudahlah.Ah, sudahlahThe exclamatory word ah is needed to show that the speaker is tired to ensure the addressee that his name is Star-Lordan outlaw.

16. Look, I'm gonna be totally honest with you. I forgot you're here.Aku akan jujur padamu. Aku lupa kau ada di sini.Dengar, aku akan jujur padamu. Aku lupa kau ada di sini.The word dengar is added since the original translator does not translate the word look which we think is an important part of the sentence.

17. Scattered riots broke outProtes terjadi.Kerusuhan terjadi...Riots are translated into kerusuhan in order to show that it is not just an ordinary protest.

18. protesting the recent peace treaty signed by the Kree EmperorMenolak perjanjian damai yang ditandatangani Kerajaan KreeMenolak perjanjian perdamaian yang ditandatangani oleh Raja Kree...In the source text, the word used is Emperor which means the leader of an empire. But the original translator translated that word into kerajaan and it is not appropriate, so we change it.

19. and Xandar's Nova Prime.dengan Xandar, Nova PrimeDan Nova Prime dari Xandar.The ori ginal translator does not suceed in delivering the source texts message. Therefore we revise it to show that the representative from Xandar is Nova Prime.

20. Peter, you have call.Peter, panggilan untukmu.Peter, ada panggilan masuk.The revision is given since we think that it is more suitable with the context in the movie.

21. I'm here on Morag.Aku ada di Morag.Aku sekarang ada di Morag.The word sekarang is added to show that the speaker is currently on Morag and upset when finding out that either the person or the ball (=the orb) he is looking for are not there.

22. I feel really bad about this, but I'm not gonna tell you that.Maaf. Aku takkan memberitahumu.

Maaf, tapi aku takkan memberitahumu.Tapi is added to show the contrary between what is previously stated (maaf) and the following clause (aku takkan memberitahumu)

23. I slaved putting this deal together. / - Slaved?Aku kerja keras mewujudkan... / - Kerja keras?Aku bersusah payah mewujudkan kesepakatan / - Bersusah payah?The choice of word bersusah payah is to show that the effort is greater than bekerja keras.

24. Making a few calls is "slaved"? I mean, really?Menelepon "kerja keras"? Sungguh? Kau bilang menelepon itu bersusah payah? Sungguh?The revision is done to make the dialogue flows naturally and to deliver the source texts message.

25. And now you're gonna rip me off!Sekarang kau mengkhianatiku!Dan sekarang kau mengkhianatiku!The word dan is important to be translated so we translate it to show the connection with the previous dialogue.

26. We do not do that to each other. We're Ravagers. We got a code.Kita tak mencuri satu sama lain. Kita Ravanger. Kita punya kode.Kita tak mencuri satu sama lain. Kita Ravanger. Kita punya aturan.The revision of word kode to aturan is to make it better and more suitable with the target texts common term.

27. Yeah, and that code is "steal from everybody."Ya, dan kodenya adalah: "Mencuri dari semua orang."Ya, dan aturannya adalah: "Mencuri dari semua orang."Since the term used before is aturan, in order not to confuse the audience we also change the word kode into aturan. It is also done to make the translation consistent.

28. Put a bounty on him!Pasang hadiah untuknya.Pasang harga atas dirinya.The revision is done to make it clear that the speaker wants to put a bounty on Peter not giving the prize to him.

29. Alive? / That's what I said.Hidup - hidup? / Benar.Hidup-hidup? / Turuti saja perintahku.To show the superiority of the speaker as well the emotional state (feeling angry) we change the translation from benar to turuti saja perintahku.

30. Is who else out there wants that Orb!Adalah siapa lagi yang mengejar Orb itu !Adalah siapa lagi yang menginginkan bola itu!We choose the term menginginkan because the term mengejar is not appropriate with the context.

31. You Xandarians and your cultureare a disease.Kau, Xandarian dan budayanya adalah penyakit.Kau, kaum Xandar, dan budayamu adalah penyakit.Because the term Xandarian is supposed to be translated into kaum Xandar.

32. An outlaw who calls himself Star-Lord.Penjahat bernama Lord-Star.Penjahat yang menyebut dirinya Star-Lord.It is better to leave Star-Lord as the way it is because it is a name of the character.

33. It will be my honor./ It will be your doom.Itu suatu kehormatan./ Itu akan gagal.Itu akan jadi kehormatanku./ Itu akan jadi kegagalanmu.Because the sentence is connected with the following sentence, it is better to be translated literally to show that the speaker is being mocked.

34. You will not fail.Jangan gagal.Kau tak boleh gagal.The revision is made to make it clear that is an order given by someone who is more superior.

35. All of them in a big hurry to get from something stupid,Makhluk besar suka buru buru demi melakukan hal bodoh...Mereka semua terburu-buru demi melakukan hal bodohWe correct the translation because big hurry does not mean makhluk besar suka buru-buru, but terburu-buru.

36. Can you believe they call us criminals,Mereka memanggil kita penjahat.Aku tak percaya mereka memanggil kita penjahat.We add the phrase aku tak percaya to show that the speaker cannot believe the fact that he is being called criminal.

37. Wheres Yondu? / Wanted to be here. Sends his love.Di mana Yondu? / Aku sendirian. Dia kirim salam.Di mana Yondu? / Tadinya dia ingin ikut. Dia titip salam.By translating the dialogue as in the revision, the audience will be able to know that actually Yondu has intention to come along with the speaker.

38. What is it?Ada apa?Apa itu?We think that it is more appropriate if it is translated literally to adjust to the context when the speaker ask about the ball (=the orb)

39. It's my policy never to discuss my clients, or their needs.Peraturanku, tak pernah bicarakan klienku atau kebutuhannya.Sudah menjadi tugasku untuk tidak membocorkan informasi mengenai klienku.The original translation is correct in terms of meaning, but it can be revised to make it more natural for the target audience.

40. An occupational hazard, I'm sure, in your line of work.Kuyakin itu bagian dari resiko pekerjaan.Kuyakin itu bagian dari resiko pekerjaanmu.The revision is made to avoid misleading reference of the job that is being talked.

41. Some machine-headed freak, working for a dude named Ronan.Pria kepala mesin suruhan orang bernama Ronan.Pria berkepala mesin suruhan orang bernama Ronan.The revision is given to avoid ambiguity. Because the meaning of some machine-headed is a person whose head is made of machine. While in the target language, head has several meanings, such as a part of body (head) or someone whose job is leading (a leader)

42. No! Not her, him!J