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A techtalk I gave at liip

Transcript of GTD techtalk

  • GTD Getting things done
  • Sounds familiar ?
  • Sounds familiar ?
  • Why GTD ? Always on culture Continous attention Bad at multi-tasking
  • Where come GTD from ? Getting things done by David Allen
  • Whats GTD ? Method Tips Habits
  • Whats GTD about ? Producivity Organisation Email Overload Time Do more
  • How ? Processing !
  • Choose Delete Delegate Respond Defer Do
  • In practise
  • Collect Email inbox Todo list inbox Files inbox
  • If not actionable Delete or Archive or Incubate
  • If actionable Will it take less than 2min ? Yes -> Do it!
  • If actionable Will it take less than 2min ? Delegate No -> or Defer
  • Mail example
  • Few more random tips Make it a habit Turn off email checking Just archive all now! Archive, dont look back If you dont know, just say it !
  • My experience
  • Getting more Inbox zero video by merlin Inbox zero slides by Newson Get it done audio slides in german Getting things done book by david Allen 43 folders website GTD softwares