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News and events from across the school that have occured over the past term.

Transcript of Gryphon School Newsletter

  • Sixth Form 7

    Spring 2013

    Trips 5News 2


    There were 16 acts displaying a widevariety of talents, from comedy tomusical interludes, dancing andsinging. The evening was comperedby Maddie Webster-Harris, CarolineHawkins and Charlie Rohde who wereall naturals at introducing the acts. Allthe acts were impressive andentertaining and hugely appreciated bythe audience. The judges had achallenging time deciding on the finalwinners who were: Lydia Robinson,

    Maisie Bakewell, Naomi Dolbear andTegan Evans with their acousticrendition of Hey Ho by The Lumineers.Highly commended acts were AneetaSaji with traditional Indian dancingand Laura May Miller and Thea Burdenfor their cover of Someone Like Youby Adele.

    The audience also selected theirfavourite act of the evening, using textvoting. Over 200 texts were sent, and

    Bethany Brown and Athena Edwardscame out on top with their beautifulacapella delivery of Next To You.Maths teacher, Sheree Cuff, whoorganised the event, said It was agreat chance to celebrate all the formsof talent within the Year Group. Manythanks to everyone who took part andwho helped, the evening was aresounding success!

    Pamela Peacocke Head of Year 8

    A group of Year 8 students performed this term in front of over a hundred of their family andfriends and a panel of judges. The Year 8 Has Got Talent competition took place in the QuarrHall where the atmosphere was jovial and supportive tinged with a sense of excitement.

    Our talented Year 8The GryphonSchool gets RightsRespectingAccreditationUNICEF assessors have justvisited the School to assess us asa Rights Respecting School.They have given us their Level 1Award. The assessors weredelighted with our work in thisarea and The Gryphon School isnow accredited as a RightsRespecting School. We haveexceeded their expectations ininforming the whole school aboutthe UNCRC (United NationsConvention for the Rights of theChild) and the school having aRights Respecting ethos.

    Jilly Hillier of Unicef said It wasparticularly noticeable that theschool has a strong inclusiveethos and places a high value onboth academic achievement andstudents overall wellbeing.Students behaviour is exemplaryand a culture of respect clearlyunderpins relationships betweenmembers of the schoolcommunity. The GryphonSchools rights respectingjourney is building on andenhancing this ethos.

    During the assessment theyobserved an assembly led by ourchaplain, took part in a learningwalk with the students, saw ourmany displays and observed 2lessons. They were happy thatstaff demonstrated a goodunderstanding of the Conventionand gave examples of how theywere making links to rights intheir teaching and that thestudents understood theimportance of rights and respectat The Gryphon and in the widerworld.

    We are delighted that TheGryphon School has receivedthis important recognition andnow hope to go further on ourjourney as a Rights RespectingSchool with RRS ambassadorsgoing to other schools helpingmore and more people tounderstand and support theUNCRC. If any parents/carerswould like to be a part of thisjourney please

    Shelley Coombs Rights Respecting Schools Co-ordinator

    Imagine the surprise of The Gryphon School students who tookpart in a languages competition this term when they found one oftheir fellow competitors was the diver, and Olympic bronzemedallist Tom Daley. They were at the Routes into Languagesspeaking competition in Barnstaple. That made the non-nativekey stage five category particularly exciting as Year 12 student,Jake Perrett, was competing directly with Tom. Both spokebeautifully in Spanish, and Tom Daley eventually took gold withJake taking silver. Tom gave an excellent presentation on hisdream of winning gold at Rio in 2016 and was an inspiration toour students, all of whom spoke with real self-confidence andfluency in their chosen language and were a credit to the School.

    Special congratulations go to Luca Melville in Year 8 who won the near-native key stage 3 category, also speaking in Spanish,and to Michael Jones, Year 8, who was runner-up in his group.

    Clare Brignall Head of MFL

    Student joinsNational Youth Choirof Great BritainOne of our Year 7 students has gaineda place in the National Youth Choir ofGreat Britain. Emma Reynolds, who is12, has won a much prized place in theJunior Girls Choir. Emma auditionedin Bristol last term and will now attendtwo residential training courses inReading and Oxford and perform atThe Royal Albert Hall after Easter.

    Last year, while Emma was still at TrentPrimary School, she sang for HerMajesty the Queen at the DiamondJubilee Service of Thanksgiving in StPauls Cathedral. Emma auditioned forthis too and was one of only 40 childrenfrom all over the country chosen toperform at the Service. Emma, who willbe singing with the second sopranos,says she is really looking forward tosinging with the National Youth Choir.She will be singing speciallycommissioned works and will be givenindividual training as well as grouptraining sessions. Emma is a verymodest student but one who ispassionate about her music. She joinedThe Gryphon Whole School Choirwhen she came to the School inSeptember and has alreadydemonstrated her ability, commitmentand enthusiasm for singing and musicperformance. We are looking forwardto supporting her exciting involvementin the National Choir.

    Non Davies AST Music

    Gryphon Students share honours with Tom Daley!

    Photograph courtesy of the W






    Naomi Dolbear and Tegan Evans

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    Students raisemoney for localhospiceStudents from The Gryphon School haveraised 771 for St Margarets Hospice. Themoney was raised during a non-uniform day.The charity was proposed to the SchoolCouncil as a recipient by Year 10 student,Dillon Shirley, whose uncle, Jamie Shirley,received care there. The cheque waspresented to Sue Medlicott from St Margaretsby Dillon. Year 10 held a special Assembly atthe School where Dillon showed a verymoving tribute film he had created about hisuncle who died last year. Mrs Medlicott, whohad met Dillons uncle, said he was obviouslya much admired man, before talking to thestudents about the work of the hospice.

    Sue Medlicott receiving a cheque from DillonShirley and some of his fellow Year 10students.

    New Classrooms The Gryphon School has been given thego ahead to build two new classroomsand install a much needed new lift. TheSchool is at capacity and as a thriving,successful school we need to createadditional classroom space. Planningpermission has now been granted by WestDorset District Council and the School hasapplied to the DfE for a grant to pay forthe new extension. We hope to getfunding in the near future. Steve Hiller,Headteacher, has welcomed the Councilsdecision and says the new classrooms willhelp us continue to provide anoutstanding education to our students.The extra lift will make it much easier fordisabled students as at the moment thereis only one lift at the other end of theschool. We are confident the extensionwill not impinge on the surroundingenvironment and will blend in with theexisting building.

    Prayers of hopeDuring the last two weeks of the autumn termpupils in Years 7 and 8 were invited to write aprayer of hope for Christmas. These prayers,written on stars, festooned the Christmas treein the conference centre reception. Altogether242 heartfelt and poignant prayers werewritten and decorated during tutor times andthe end result was both powerful andbeautiful.

    Diane Tregale - Chaplain


    STUDENTS GET TO SCHOOLAGAINST THE ODDSThe School was closed to the majority ofstudents one day this term because of thesnow. However it was open for those taking Alevel and GCSE exams that day as there werearrangements in place for the exams to goahead with sufficient local staff available toinvigilate. Students were told not to come toschool if it was unsafe or impractical and thatthe exams could be retaken in the summer butalmost all of them managed to get to the site.Most walked (one all the way from Bradford

    Abbas) and one even took to a tractor. Thedecision to close the School is never takenlightly but a very high proportion of ourstudents and staff use bus transport or thelocal road system and many travelconsiderable distances on routes severelyaffected by snow.

    Our snow policy can be viewed

    The Gryphon SchoolLibrary introducesinnovative new systemThe Gryphon School has made itsLibrary Catalogue available on an app.It means that students can access e-books and websites, as well as books,from their mobile devices. The librarysystem has just been upgraded and nowstudents and staff can download the appfor their tablets and phones so they canaccess the Library Catalogue. They canlook at the books they have on loan aswell as searching for other availablebooks and can link into websites to helptheir research. This is part of theSchools drive to make the most of allavailable new technology.

    Julie Hoskins, LRC Manager at TheGryphon School, who introduced thesystem, says With more andmore students using mobiledevices it is important thatthe LRC uses this to ouradvantage and we are allvery excited to be one of thefirst schools in the area toupgrade.

    The School is also using QR codesthroughout the LRC to direct students toe-books and websites about books andauthors. If these prove successful otherdepartments are expected to use themaround the school.

    Mrs Hoskins says I am confident byintroducing this important newtechnology we will improve the accessstudents have to wider resources. It isgreat to be among those leading the waywi