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  • 1. Grunge and Hip Hop Cultures By the Gods

2. GRUNGE 3.

  • Grunge comes from the adjective grungy.
  • This urban genre emerged in Washington particularly in Seattle during the mid-1980s and elapsed to 1995.This group inspired from hardcore punk, heavy metal and indie rock.

4. T-shirt Worn out jeans Long hair guitar 5.

  • Grunge became commercially successful in the first half of the 1990s, the most famous in this genre are Nirvana'sNevermindand Pearl Jam's Ten.
  • They wear worn out jeans and sweaters, shirts and ties, with long hair.

6. Hip Hop 7.

  • Also referred to as rap music, is amusic genretypically consisting of a rhythmic vocal style calledrapwhich is accompanied with backing beats.
  • Graffitis are another part of that culture.
  • That culture began in 1970 in the Bronx, in New York city.
  • They wear very big t-shirts with big jeans, they also wear tennis shoes and caps.

8. Tennis shoes Big t-shirt Big pants Caps 9. The gods

  • Zbinden maximiliano
  • Roselli emmanuel
  • Zucchini pablo
  • Jacquemain raul
  • Moreno horacio
  • Made in heaven