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*Amelia Valdes*NaToya Norwood*Kenneth Victora-Jones

Top 10 Apps

Increases vocabulary & helps increase test scoresComplete assessmentsTeachers cancontrol privacy track progresscreate and modify tests and other assessments as needed. Reviews & builds vocabulary knowledge.Students can follows prompts and select specific categoriesWork independentlystudy, learn, and test at their own pacewill increase vocabulary take a practice quiz before they take the test that will be sent to their teacher for review


This app helps to teach students letter recognition and to develop fine motor skills. This app progresses in skill as the student does.

It helps students learn how to trace, and to control their hand movements.

Student must form the letter correctly in order to progress.

This app helps students to learn to write their letters directionally correct. Little Writer:the tracing app for kids for student learning about government within a Social Studies settingLearn and research on your own; gives students general feel for our governments setupEasy to ues-similar setup to social media Fun to use for assignments such as writing a letter to your congressmenSimple designMyCongress

Aids in reinforcing writing skills needed for classroom & higher educational settingsA guide & example to strengthen writing skills Critical-thinking skills & writing skills needed for secondary education & higher education levelsProvides students with the definition, writing examples & provides instruction on how to develop the technique or element in their own writingStudents canwork on their own time and devicessearch and swipe through the content for understanding Allows students to better understand writing techniques which help build writing skillsEmphasizes CCS ELA contentESSAY WRITING GUIDE for any writing assignment and for brain storming purposesFeedback would include receiving prompts on topics and subjectsSimple to use and has plenty of tips for writing a paperAllows students the privacy to choose a topic without the worries of what others may think of their topicGreat tool for both English Language Arts or any other class involving writing topics; such as Social Studies

A+ Writing Prompts is an app for the use of preschool/kindergarteners, but could be used for supplementary for students who need extra basic knowledge practice. It is alligned with common core standards for pre-k and kindergartenBased on proven Montessori learning methods, and develops spelling, writing, and reading skills through games.Students can:Use flashcards for letters and wordsGames to teach children how to traceGuided audtiory directions that are repeatedKids Academy Co App

SUBTEXT App engages students in effectively analyzing texts, such as Ebooks & articles in different mannersEasy to follow instructions help students access texts, reading reports & assessments Feedback allows teachers to add other instruction & activities that will assisting students in areas where difficulty is shown Private groups can be createdTeachers canlimit the of web, content & messages of studentsStudents can access to text library & class groups to help gage readings analyze texts through discussions not only in terms of literature but in how it relates to real life situationsanalyze text using critical thinking skills accessory for Geometry work, reviews formulas, etc.Turns problems into a game setting and allows students a chance to get excited about GeometryGives feedback through showing the correct answers and why they are correctDesigned along standards for Geometry and very easy to useGeometry Combat

Reinforces readingTeachers can filter books for classroom settings and assignmentsTracks the reading activity for each student in the classroom Students can.. take quizzes for feedbackStrengthens reading skills, develops higher reading levels, expands vocabulary & comprehensionEasy to use; Select text & follow promptsStudents access particular texts individually Aligns with ELA CCS of Reading Literature & Information TextEngages readers to better understand complex textsEasy to follow instructions help students access texts, reading reports & assessments


This is a great way to exercise multiple parts of a childs brain. It works their fine motor skills, problem-solving, shape recognition, being patient, and memory skills. There is a lot of verbal feedback for the student, so they can follow along and learn new shapes. Even if they have never seen that particular shape before they get exposure to it both visually and verbally. Student works with different shapes to complete the puzzles to make a new shape. This app progresses in difficulty as the students solves more puzzles. Shape Builder