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  • 1.Last PlayTied game, just a few days on the clock

2. 16 days left in the game: we are tied,and the playbook is limited T h e r e s t h e game. how do we talk to them?The playbook: TV N o ca p a c it y Doors V o lun te e r s ta p p e d Phones C o n ge s te d Mail ? ?? Internet ??? 3. You can still get mail and internet ads topeople, but...Which gWhat Hook?raphics Which? t ?f a camsacObare FineObamacareFinesThe Obama presidencys has failed! PlanObamas Economic Plan+This is not what AmericaObamas Economic+signed up for!FactYou Didnt Build ThatYou Didnt Build ThatCheck:er off thanAre you bett Oneterm Obr yearsOneterm Ob maa ma you were foua ago? creaseAmerica cant afford four $494 billion Tax In crease$494 billion Tax Inmore years! This is not what weNationallDebt Increase Nationa Debt Increase HOPEd for .. how do we know if our design will make a 4. Has the sure thing. 5. In early October, Gridiron worked with Vlytics todesign the winning play1 We assembled a panel2 We assembled every message,photo, and hook line out there The Obama presidhas faile encyOneterm Ob Oneterm Ob a d!am amaObamacare Fines Obamacare FinesThis is not what Americasigned up for!Plan Fact Obamas Economic PlanObamas EconomicCheck: Targeted people -Light leaners & pureer off undecidedsAre you bettthan you w ere four years ago? You Didnt Build That the targetedYou Didnt Build That battlegrounds t we reaseThis is not wha $494 billionnTaxxInc rease $494 billio Ta Inc -OH, FL, VA, NV, CO, WIHOP Ed for America cant afford four more years! National lDebttIncreaseeNationa Deb Increas3 And then we had our targetaudience put all of our ideas tothe test. 6. Using a scientific choice-driven process, wehad our undecideds test-run all possible designsEach of our participantswas asked to choosebetween pairs of designsPair-choice 1they found most likely to change opinion against Barack ObamaPair-choice 2 Across all our participantsand all of their choices: allof our taglines, photos, andPair-choice 3fact sets were tested.Pair-choice 4 7. and their choices resulted in final designs andgroups of preferences within the undecided our panelists choose their preferences, .and as more panelists helped them refine between pairs, they were helping us determinetheir choices, we arrived at the best designs winning traits from all the possible tags, photos, for various clusters of undecided votersand facts we showed them.13 2 8. The result: we can provide you the best design toappeal to your undecided universe Four major groups of distinct preferences in design emerged,representing 4 groups of opinion within the undecided voter pool The major opinion groups vary in size -Group 1 and its design preferences represented 29% of the undecided pool -Group 2 and its design preferences represented 29% of the undecided pool -Group 3 and its design preferences represented 22% of the undecided pool -Group 4 and its design preferences represented 18% of the undecided pool A design that appeals to one group does not necessarily appeal to the other With more information about your target undecideds, we can help you select the design that appeals to the maximum number of undecideds 9. If you want maximum impact, we can launch abattery of pieces to appeal to more undecideds.% of undecided universe that design appeals to: 29% + + 29% + + 22% 80% of undecideds = received an appealing design 10. Only a few days left in the game. Its time to makea call.Chris Austin James