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  • 1. Designing a Solar OvenBy: Greenlee MelroseMonday, May 20, 13

2. Imagine Idea #1Our materials are rocks, cotton, cloth to trap andinsulate heat. We need 1 unit of each material.Some advantages are: less toxic and more safe,usesless material, less impact on the environment,goodinsulators.Disadvantages: we can only use one unit of eachmaterial, and has more points because cloth andcotton are processed, slow to cook.Monday, May 20, 13 3. Imagine Idea #2Our materials are rocks for insulation. Weneed 2 units and newspaper to trap andinsulate heat close holes We need 1 unit.Advantages: healthy, less materials, lessimpact on the environment, insulates well.Disadvantages: toxic,ink and slow to cookMonday, May 20, 13 4. Monday, May 20, 13 5. Monday, May 20, 13 6. Materials How many unitsWe will usematerials byCottonClothRocks1 cup (unit)Use it to trap &insulate heat1 sheet (unit)Use to trap andinsulate heat1 cup (unit)Use to insulateheat.Monday, May 20, 13 7. MaterialPointsOrReduceNaturalorprocessReuse Recycle ScoreTotalscore:CottonClothRocks1Process+1No (+ 1) No +1 4 X1Process+1Yes (-1) No +1 2 X1Natural-1Yes(-1) Yes -1 -2 X4Monday, May 20, 13 8. SunTime Temperature0 min. 25c5 min 47.5c10 min. 49.3c15 min. 53.1c20 min. 54.9cMonday, May 20, 13 9. Shade1 min. 49.8c2 min. 49.8c3 min. 38.5c4 min. 38.5c5 min. 34.3c6 min. 34.3cMonday, May 20, 13 10. Create for design #1Our heat score is our solar ovenmaximum temperaturesubtracted from the controloven:55-55=0.Our time score is the number ofminutes it took the solar oven tocool down which was: 5 minutes.Our impact score total was: 4.Our total score for the solaroven is: 1.Monday, May 20, 13 11. Improve For Design #1The total score for our rst solar oven was 3 points.The parts of our solar oven design that worked well werecotton And rocks because they are good insulators.The parts of the solar oven that did not work well was clothbecause it keep falling apart and light colors.We are going to try to improve our heat score.We will improve are heat score by removing cloth and addingsand because it traps heat well.Monday, May 20, 13 12. Top view design #2Monday, May 20, 13 13. Side view for design #2Monday, May 20, 13 14. Plan For Design #2Materials UnitsWe will use thematerials byRocks 1 cupTo trap &insulate heat.Sand 1 cupTo trap andinsulate heat.Cotton 1 cupTo trap andinsulate heat.Monday, May 20, 13 15. Impact Score for design #2Materials ReduceNatural orprocessedReuse RecycleRocksSandCotton1 unitNatural-1Yes -1 Yes -11 unitNatural-1Yes -1 Yes -11 unitProcess+1No +1 No +1Total points0 pointsMonday, May 20, 13 16. Sun #2Time Temperature0 min. 24.4c5 min. 42.9c10 min. 65.5c15 min. 86.5c20 min. 45.9c25 min. 49.5c30 min. 42.2 cMonday, May 20, 13 17. Shade #2Time Temperature1 min. 34.5c2 min. 36.7c3 min. 36.4c4 min. 36.2c5 min. 35.5c6 min. 34.6c7 min. 34.4 c8 min. 33.9c9 min. 32.7C10 min. 30.9cMonday, May 20, 13 18. Create for Design Number #2Our heat score is our solar ovens maximum temp.Subtracted from our solar ovens control oven: 87 -53 = 34.Our time score is the number of minutes it tookour solar oven to cool down witch was: 10 minutes.Our impact score was 0 points.The new total score for the solar oven is: 44Monday, May 20, 13 19. ReectionsOur improved design worked well because everythingwere very good insulators and in a great place! Thematerial(s) we changed was cloth, we switched it to sand.Sand was a good insulator because it is spread out andtraps air well.If we could improve again we would reposition the cottonmore but all of our materials would be the same becauseour heat score, time score and impact on the environmentscore are great!Monday, May 20, 13