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Green Wallpaper & Decor - I love green walls because they are so restful, cheerful, soothing, and energizing all at the same time. Green is a great color to use when your home is otherwise neutral because it is generally considered a ‘cool’ color that symbolizes nature and the natural aspects of the world. Researchers have even found that green might possibly even improve reading ability; students have found that applying a transparent sheet of green over something they are reading actually increases comprehension and reading speed.

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2. The Psychology Of Green I love green wallsbecause they are sorestful, cheerful, soothing, and energizing allat the same time. Green is a great colorto use when yourhome is otherwiseneutral because it isgenerally considered acool color thatsymbolizes nature andthe natural aspects ofthe world. 3. Its Been Proven! Researchers haveeven found thatgreen mightpossibly evenimprove readingability. Students havefound that applyinga transparent sheetof green oversomething they arereading actuallyincreasescomprehensionand reading speed. 4. Green Heals Us Green is thought to promote healingand rest. A great way to use this potential benefitin your decor is to add green to thewalls of your bedroom. For many of usthe bedroom is that perfect place wherewe can relax after a long and stressfulday or work and household chores. 5. Use Green Anywhere Green is not just foryour bedroom, youcan use it anywherein your home. Create a beautifulheadboard bycovering it with agorgeous greenwallpaper pattern. Use green vinylwallpaper to createa unique washablewallpaper backsplash in thekitchen. 6. Green Sparks EmotionThe color green is all aboutharmony and balance, it evokesthoughts of growth, of spring, ofrebirth and renewal.Researchers report that mostpeople feel positive emotionsabout the color green, reporting adrop in the level of stress theyfeel. 7. Green Is Lucky! Green isconsidered tobe a very luckycolor. Green attractswealth, prosperity, andabundance inthe lives ofthose whosurroundthemselveswith it. 8. Find YOUR Perfect Green At WallpaperWholesaler we offerthousands of greenwallpapers to choosefrom through ourmany designercollections. Visit us online or give us acall for personalcustomer service at(888) 305-8020.