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1. Assignment 3 GREEN LIGHT PITCH + PRE-PRODUCTION 2. GENRE 3. IDEA 1 Song: Hardwell & Dyro Never Say Goodbye Genre: Electronic IDEA 2 Song: Andy C & Fiora Heartbeat Loud Genre: Drum & Bass IDEA 3 Song: Soulero There I was Genre: Electronic DEVELOPMENT OF IDEAS Chosen Idea: 3 4. This song is electronic and starts off with a slow pace and gradually picks up during the first minute. The song lasts 3 minutes and 38 seconds (3:38) and uses very few lyrics which are used at the start to build up the pace of the music video and are shown here; You'll never fly, if you're too scared of the heights You'll never live if you're just too scared to die Everybody wants heaven... I know But darling freedom ain't free, it's a long road You'll never find your place up there in the sky.. If you never say goodbye. HARDWELL & DYRO NEVER SAY GOODBYE 5. This music video lasts 3 minutes 12 seconds (3:12) and fits in with the genre of Drum & Bass, a lot of the lighting in this music video is bright and reflects the lyrics. Because Drum & Bass is a fast paced genre of music I will use a lot of close up shots and fast tracking shots to make it fit in and match the pace of the song. You should know, now you know what you got me So serious, you don't need I hit the ground running Slow up, you don't make for this heat Arma me, you just like me roll with it as it comes Unravel the mystery, so plain to me 'cause nothing ever skips my beat like it does I'm done with this history be Just skip to my beat Let's sit and then I hear your heartbeat ANDY C & FIORA HEARTBEAT LOUD 6. SOULERO THERE I WAS Soulero There I Was is a electronic song/music video and is 4 minutes long, Soulero is an EDM producer from Sweden and has being creating his music since 2009. This track fits my music video conventions perfectly as it is about a boy and girl that are constantly looking for each other and links in with the song title. 7. Pre-production consists of: Location Scouting Prop and wardrobe identification and preparation Special effects identification and preparation Production schedule Set construction Script-locking (semi-finalisation of the script) Script read-through with cast, director and other interested parties. PRE-PRODUCTION 8. BRAINSTORM AND DETAILS FOR IDEA 1 Fast paced Range of camera angles and shots Editing done with Sony Vegas Permissions to film Developed Ideas and Details of Music Video One Actor Lighting across each shot Mise-en-scene each shot objects in background Referencing shots to the lyrics 9. Two different narratives. All of the music video will be shot when the sun is out to create a positive mood throughout. A girl and a boy to create the storyline. Shots of both passing each other eventually building up to the end where they meet. Parallel editing and B roll shots. Lots of close ups on both faces to show the connection between the boy and girl. LAYOUT AND CAMERA 10. Actors will be wearing casual clothes as such to fit in with the theme and mood of the music video. COSTUME AND LOCATION Casual clothing Jeans Coats handbag for female Most of this music video will be filmed in a country side after a male and female both took the same train and are now lost looking for each other. 11. Health and safety will be important in these areas where I'm filming because the countryside has a lot of risks which could severely injure someone or harm someone because of the amount of nature e.g. trees and other environmental issues. Locations will be chosen based on: 1. Safety to people involved in the project 2. Setting 3. Lighting 4. Room to film and take a range of camera angles 5. Clearances 6. Genre conventions 7. Mise en scene HEALTH AND SAFETY 12. MAP OF LOCATION The area where I will be doing all the filming will be located here on this map which is located in Upper Basildon and suits the theme of the music video very well. Most of this will be filmed down Tenaplas drive and filmed in the forest opposite it to match with the countryside theme of the music video. 13. Finance needed will mainly be for costume + props as filming in a countryside wont and should not cost anything unlike filming in big cities like London. We have a reasonably large budget so if there is anything we need we can get it without hassle, we have a lot of resources and shouldnt need anymore for the music video. For this project we already have an idea of: 1. A prepared budget 2. Booked resources 3. Prepared schedules 4. Health and Safety risks indicated 5. Risks to the project FINANCE AND PREPARATION 14. To edit and compose my music video together I will use Sony Vegas as I am experienced with it and I know all its functions and capabilities to set my music video to the highest standards possible. SPECIAL EFFECTS/EDITING 15. RISK ASSESSMENT 16. PRODUCTION SCHEDULE Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 Recording Recording Editing Editing Editing Editing