Green ICT Update Anand R. Prasad Chair Green ICT GISFI#5, Hyderabad, India 20 – 22, June 2011

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Transcript of Green ICT Update Anand R. Prasad Chair Green ICT GISFI#5, Hyderabad, India 20 – 22, June 2011

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  • Green ICT Update Anand R. Prasad Chair Green ICT GISFI#5, Hyderabad, India 20 22, June 2011
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  • GISFI Style Perform literature survey on given topic Identify requirements, where possible from Indian scenarios Check gaps in literature and requirements Study solutions for identified gaps Develop specifications in collaboration with other standardization organizations or in GISFI Working process is transparent and all docs, including specifications, are available to everyone through GISFI website Note that website is being re-constructed
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  • Work Style Work plan agreed in GISFI#1 with Technical focus Approach: gap analysis, requirements etc. Supporting company Team: Chair, vice-chair, rapporteur and secretary Documents Submitted before meeting so that people can check and prepare comments beforehand Document number given by the chair Documents decision noted in minutes Agreed documents added to the TR / TS
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  • Organization and Status Chair: Anand R. Prasad, NEC Corporation Vice-Chair: Basavraj Hooli Secretary: Sanjay Kumar, BIT Mesra Deliverables (Technical Reports, TR, and rapporteurs): 1.Indian requirements for Green ICT Rapporteur: Prof. M.D. Tiwari, IIIT-Allahabad These requirements are appearing in deliverables 2 and 3. We should check whether this deliverable is necessary 2.Study on potential enhancements of ICT Rapporteur: Mini Vasudevan, Ericsson 60% complete: most input come in this deliverable 3.Study on usage of ICT to make other sectors green Rapporteur: Looking for rapporteur 50% complete: no input for a long-time 4.Initial proposals on green energy social and regulatory aspects for India: Rapporteur: Prof. G.N. Pandey, IIIT-Allahabad Currently no input
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  • Activity in-between Meetings A document sent to TRAI in response to their call (Krishna, VNL) Open action in that response regarding measurement activities in other standardisation bodies: Response available in this meeting How do we get such information in future? ATIS energy efficiency related documents made available to GISFI (Asok, Ericsson) Response LS is needed What are the plans of becoming ATIS member? Will that mean that we can get access to all ATIS docs? If yes, should ATIS also become GISFI member?
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  • This Meeting 09:30 10:45 and 11:00 12:00 (hard end) 09:30 10:00 GE-20110011 Green ICT WG activity details and Chairman's report; Chair GE-20110013 Standardization of Green ICT with Green Communication; IIIT-A 10:00 10:45 GE-20110006 Generator Monitoring; NEC Corporation GE-20110007 Greening Indian IT Sector; NEC Corporation GE-20110008 Greening the network with video traffic control Input document Discussion; NEC Corporation GE-20110009 Study on Potential enhancements of ICT; NEC Corporation 11:00 12:00 GE-20110005 Framework for measurement metrics; Ericsson GE-20110010 Study on Measurements and Metrics of Green ICT; NEC Corporation GE-20110012 LS to ATIS thanking for sharing their documents GE-20110015 Green ICT Work-Plan (revised); Chair
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  • WID We should prepare a work item description (WID) on measurement metrics Can be prepared by next meeting Will show: Time-plan Expected output Supporting companies Roles