Green Engineering Careers Tom Rebold Chair, Engineering Department

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Transcript of Green Engineering Careers Tom Rebold Chair, Engineering Department

  • Green Engineering CareersTom ReboldChair, Engineering Department

  • The Coming Green RevolutionAlternative Energy Resource conservationTransportationGreen Chemical ManufacturingBuilding efficiencyRemediation

  • Engineers will save the worldOnly engineers can create the new technologies that will power the worlds economy in the absence of oil and coal

    Well take a look at which branches of engineering will be involved in the solutions

  • Alternative EnergySolar: Materials and Electrical EngineeringWind: Mechanical and Electrical Nuclear: Nuclear EngineeringBiofuels: Agricultural, Chemical, Genetic

  • Resource ConservationEfficient Lighting EEFactory Efficiency Industrial, ManufacturingWater Recycling Civil, EnvironmentalDesign for Recycling Mechanical

  • TransportationElectric Vehicles Reva (India)2 seats. 200 Km range top speed of 120 Km/h! 6 hours to charge (Mechanical, Electrical)Mass Transit Transportation Engineering, EE, ME, Civil

  • Green Chemical ManufacturingAir pollution, water quality, Green Chemistry methodologies

  • Green Building Practices for SustainabilityA new building project in Mumbai is being billed as one of the greenest buildings in the world. The 27 story Antilla building is being built forReliance Industries Ltd, Indias largest private sector company.The building will becovered in foliage, with living walls enclosing all four sides, hanging gardens and a green rooftop.But, is it truly green?

  • Environmental EngineeringEnvironmental engineers translate physical, chemical, and biological processes into systems to destroy toxic substances, remove pollutants from water, reduce non-hazardous solid waste volumes, eliminate contaminants from the air, and develop groundwater supplies. In this field, you might be called upon to resolve problems of providing safe drinking water, cleaning up sites contaminated with hazardous materials, cleaning up and preventing air pollution, treating wastewater, and managing solid wastes.

  • In ConclusionAll branches of engineering will be involved in the coming transformation

    Which branch are you most interested in?