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Zenith is a team of experts Videographers specializes in Greek wedding Videography. Their captured videos reflect true Greek wedding culture.

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  • 1. This power point presentation is all about Greek wedding and traditions that follow during the Greek wedding . We are going to tell you about , how two couples going to marry according to Greek tradition

2. Greek wedding ceremonies are held in two different ways, we call them Betrothal and the main wedding ceremony. The couples had asked by Church priest if they arrived here with their own consent or want to marry each other happily. After getting fruitful answers the priest asked them to enter in the church and then ring ceremonies started on its way. The priest blesses the rings, give rings in the right hand of the bride and groom. In other cultures wedding the ring exchanged only one time by a couple but in Greek wedding culture couple exchange rings for three times to show that their relationship works for long-term. The priest puts his vestment over the bride and groom cross hand to assure ring ceremony is concluded fruitfully 3. When a Greek couple got engaged, they are entitled to exchange rings with one another before their relatives, after that venue had started. After following traditional Greek wedding norms, couple make their sensational appearance in complete wedding outlook then the celebration begins. 4. Ariana and James celebrated their big day in true Greek style with all the traditional trimmings. They each had their morning ceremony at home before joining their guests at the Twelve Apostles Greek Orthodox Church in Kentish Town to tie the knot. The couple partied the night away at the lavish Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane and again all things Greek, from the violin player to the traditional dances and the money dance, were a part of the celebrations. One of the countries biggest and most famous show bands, For more about this Greek wedding click Greek Wedding videography 5. The day started with the bridal preparations followed by the family members who sang traditional Greek music and enjoyed the dishes which the mother of the bride and some of the family had stayed up late preparing. The rest of the day was great, we particularly enjoyed the photo shoot alongside photographer and friend Kristian Leven around St. Pauls Cathedral and the evening entertainment and service at the Brewery. For more about this wedding click Greek Wedding videography 6. Learn more how we Create Cinematic Wedding Videos