Greek Empire of Alexander 334 BCE, Greek Empire Rises Alexander the Great Invades Judah...

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Transcript of Greek Empire of Alexander 334 BCE, Greek Empire Rises Alexander the Great Invades Judah...

Rise of Rome, Internal Politics

Maccabean Revolution And Its Aftermath: RomeGreek Empire of Alexander334 BCE, Greek Empire RisesAlexander the GreatInvades JudahHellenizationAfter Alexanders death, series of Generals rule

SeptuagiantGreek translation of the Bible, 250 BCESpreads the Jewish faith to those outside IsraelNew Testament will be written in Greek

Hellenization in JudahCulture clashAlexanders Generals left in chargeJewish Aristocracy embraces Hellenistic cultureTemple converted

ZEUSKing of the Greek godsMaccabean Revolt166 BCE 142 BCEMattathias Maccabees5 SonsJudas MaccabeesRetake temple: Hanukah

Chapter 2Mathias encouraging his sonsSalvation history

Retake TempleRededicate the temple to YahwehHanukkah Feast of Rededication

Hasmonean DynastyMaccabean family establishes themselves as King and High priest of IsraelUnder Hyrcanus, huge expansionLegitimacy questioned

Major Groups in Judah Fighting for PowerPhariseesScribesEssencesSadducees

PhariseesFormed during Babylonian ExileJews cut off from the templeConcentrated on TorahPharisees led the community in synagoguesToday known as Rabbis

ScribesRecorders of the law and history of the peopleKeepers of Jewish traditions

EssencesRetreated from societyBelieved the end of the world was closeDwelt in caves along the DeadseaAuthors of the Deadsea scrollsBelieved mainstream society was going to hellSadduceesTemple AristocracyPriestly functionOnly believed in first 5 books of the TorahRejected ResurrectionAppealed to outside powers

RomeChanging from Republic to EmpireInvited by Sadducees63 BCE Rome invades Select a Jewish king in 37 BCE: Herod

Herod the GreatClient Kings put into power by RomeHerod Restores temple to former gloryCruel and tyrannical rulerExpectation from Jews that salvation will soon be at hand

18Herodian DynastySeveral SonsHerod Archelaus: Judah Herod Anitpas: GalileeArchelaus replaced by Roman Governor: Pontius Pilate