Greek and Roman Mythology

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Greek and Roman Mythology. Gods’ dwelling place-- Mount Olympus. Jupiter. Juno. Neptune. Pluto. Venus. Minerva. Mars. Vulcan. Apollo. Diana. Mercury. Ceres. Muses. Zeus. Hades. Apollo. Athena. Rhea. Hera. Cronos. Dionysus. Artemis. Ares. Aphrodite. Eros. ( Cupid ). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Greek and Roman Mythology

  • Greek and Roman Mythology

  • Gods dwelling place--Mount Olympus

  • JupiterJuno

  • Neptune Pluto

  • Venus Minerva

  • MarsVulcan

  • ApolloDiana

  • Ceres Mercury

  • Muses

  • Hades Rhea Hera Cronos Athena Apollo Artemis Dionysus Ares Aphrodite Eros CupidZeus

  • Anthropomorphism: Zeus ConsortsHeras RevengeAthenas Punishment to ArachneArtemis Punishment to ActaeonVenus Jealousy to PsycheThe Adultery of Venus & Mars

  • Zeus and Hera

  • Zeus courted Hera

  • Zeus consorts

  • Heras revengeTo Semelemother of DionysusOn Io ?Who is Io? Why did Hera take revenge on her?

  • Athena

  • Athena and Poseidon

  • Athena and Arachne Who is Arachne?What was Arachne good at?What caused the downfall of Arachne?

  • Mars, Venus and their son

  • Vulcan

  • Stories of loveApollo and DaphneCupid and PsycheVenus and AdonisEcho and Narcissus

  • Apollo and Daphnethe sun god the god of prophecy, medicine, music and poetry. Men turned to him for advice and guidance in case of perplexity

  • DaphneApollos first loveWhat was the cause of Apollos love for Daphne?What made Daphne a laurel tree?Cupid

  • Eros (Cupid)

  • Love cannot dwell with suspicion.

  • Demeter and Persephone

  • Midas

  • The Creation of MankindPrometheus/ EpimetheusZeus punishment to PrometheusPrometheus was pardonedZeus punishment to mankind

  • Think about it:Are there any Chinese Myths about the creation of the world and mankind?

  • The secret about Thetis

  • Pandoras Box (

  • AssignmentsHeras revenge on IoThe famous contest between Athena and a mortal weaver Arachne.Midas: the Golden Touch & Midas Donkey EarsExplain the origin of the four seasons by reading the story of Hades and PersephoneExplain the story about Echo and Narcissus

  • Explain Love cannot dwell with suspicion. after reading the love story of Cupid and PsycheDiana is goddess of the moon, its Chinese equivalent being Change. Try to compare them two after reading the story of Diana and Actaeon.Explain the story about Venus and Adonis

  • Siren, FloraFortune--Echo--

  • Narcissus--(.)AdonisLaurel-- (Apollo )

  • Ionian Sea --Io Europe--Europa() the Aegeansea--Aegean()

  • under the rose, the stone of Sisyphus the torch of Hymen Apple of discord Charons boat cross the Styx the heel of Achilles Penelopes web

  • the son of Zeus and Hera god of war battles, and bloodshed were his major preoccupations. He engaged in an ongoing dating with Aphrodite in defiance of that fact that the lovely goddess was already married (to the god Hephaestus). Hephaestus was understandably angry.

  • Hephaestus planned to catch the couple in the act and he made it.At last Ares and Aphrodite had three children, one of which was very famousCupid Later he fell in love with Ilia (vestal virgin) and she bore him the twins (Romulus and Remus)