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What Keeps Earth in orbit around the sun?

What stops a body from streaming off into outer space?GRAVITY

To understand gravity lets take a look at the past


Sir Isaac Newton was the first person to hypothesize that the force that pulls an apple to the ground was the same force that pulls the moon toward Earth, and it is this force that keeps big objects like the Moon and Earth in orbit (along with inertia).

Elegant Universe Gravitys Story!But if gravity makes things fall or attracted to other objectshow exactly does gravity work?

The Universal Law of Gravity is the force of attraction between all objects in the universe.Gravity

Why? Because all objects have MASS.

How? By bending the space time fabricThe more massive the object, the more it bends.It is this bend in space time that we feel as gravity.

Measured in Newtons

g on Earth accelerates at 9.8m/s2

Draw a picture of How Gravity Works?

Lab Gravity and Rate of Fall

Lab Gravity and Rate of Fall#1#1#1#4All objects fall to the ground at the same rate, the flat paper took a longer time to reach the ground because of air resistance.Only the uncrumpled (flat) paperAir resistance slowed down the flat uncrumpled paper

Yes Take away air resistance and each item would hit the ground at the same time.Air resistance was no longer a factor slowing down the paper. They would hit the ground at the same time because all objects fall on Earth at 9.8 m/s/s.#1#1#1#4

Graphing the Law of Gravity

Graph 1 - Gravity vs. Mass

Graphing the law of gravity

Graph 2 - Gravity vs. Distance

Strength of GRAVITYWhat determines the strength of gravity?

MASS The product of masses between two objects.

DISTANCE The distance squared between two objects.

Brainpop - Gravity

Strength of GRAVITYThe force of gravity increases as the mass of the objects increase. (Direct Proportion)

Gravity decreases as the distance between two objects increase. (Indirect Proportion).

Mass- is the amount of matter in an object

Weight- is the force of gravity on an object

The greater the mass the greater the force (weight)

Mass vs. Weight


FREE FALLING NOW Im Free FallingAll objects, no matter their mass, fall to Earth at a rate of 9.8 m/s

HOWEVER, Air resistance can cause some objects to reach their terminal velocity.


The Feather on The Moon!


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