GRAND COMMANDERY OF KNIGHTS TEMPLAR OF THE ... ... an authorized Templar uniform when knighted,...

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Transcript of GRAND COMMANDERY OF KNIGHTS TEMPLAR OF THE ... ... an authorized Templar uniform when knighted,...




    R. THOMAS STARR, KCT Right Eminent Grand Commander

    2020-2021 E-mail: [email protected]

  • Members of the Grand Commandery,

    Officers and Recorders

    of the

    Constituent Commanderies,

    General Orders,

    Committee Assignments,

    Inspection Schedule

    Alfred (Al) T. Johnson, KCT, Grand Recorder 4373 Bump Rd

    Cable OH 43009 937-465-3202 937-508-8922

    [email protected] [email protected]

    Templar Dates Dates from the year of the organization of their Order, Anno Ordinis,

    (A.O.), “in the year of the Order.” From the Christian era subtract 1118, thus 1118 from 2020 = 902

  • OFFICERS of the




    Jeffrey N Nelson Most Eminent 3112 Tyler Pkwy Lisa Hay Grand Master Bismarck ND 58503-0192 Phone 701-255-5762 E-Mail [email protected] Michael B Johnson Right Eminent Deputy PO Box 575 Judy Grand Master Crowheart WY 82512-0575 Phone 307-486-2268 E-Mail [email protected] David J Kussman Right Eminent 1781 N Pleasant St Grand Generalissimo Anaheim CA 92806-1007 Phone 714-815-3151 E-Mail [email protected] Jeffrey A Bolstad Right Eminent 325 Trestle Ln Jill Grand Captain General Lewistown MT 59457-4109 E-Mail [email protected] Bobby B Simmons Right Eminent 203 Williams Dr. Nancy Grand Treasurer Bonaire GA 31005-3826 Phone 478-922-7322 E-Mail [email protected] Lawrence E Tucker Right Eminent 5909 West Loop Rd – Suite 495 Judy Grand Recorder Bellaire TX 77401-2404 Work 713-349-8700 FAX 713-349-8701 Cell 832-567-0157 E-Mail [email protected] Arthur F Hebbeler, III Right Eminent 1341 Brook Rd Debbie Grand Prelate Catonsville MD 21228-5705 E-Mail [email protected] Gerald G Pugh, KCT East Central 580 Mount Tom Rd Cheryl Department Commander Marietta OH 45750-6821 Phone 740-373-0565 or 740-350-4458 E-Mail [email protected]

  • General Orders

    October 11, 2020 Office of the Right Eminent Grand Commander

    To the Sir Knights, officers and members of all Constituent Commanderies and to all present Grand Commandery Officers and past Grand Commanders of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Ohio. Greetings:

    It is my order that these General Orders be read in their entirety and be made a part of the minutes of each Constituent Commandery at the first stated conclave following the 2020 Annual Conclave of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Ohio. General Order No. 1 (Divisions)

    It is hereby ordered that the Grand Commandery Knights Templar of the State of Ohio shall consist of seven Divisions. Pursuant to section 1038a, each division will have an assigned Division Commander and a Deputy Division Commander appointed by the Grand Commander (see list in Roster). General Order No. 2 (Inspections)

    It is hereby ordered that all Constituent Commanderies (except No. 76) of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Ohio be inspected in the Full Form Opening (FFO) and Order of the Temple (unless inspection in the Order of Red Cross or Order of Malta is approved by the Grand Commander) during the current Templar year and I hereby appoint and commission the Sir Knights listed in the Inspection Schedule of the Roster as my representatives, with the authority and prerogatives of the Grand Commander at such inspections. As part of the Inspection Day agenda, the Commandery SHALL provide a ladies’ program and host a traditional, formal banquet for the Sir Knights and ladies. General Order No. 3 (Conferral of Orders)

    It is hereby ordered that all Constituent Commanderies (except No. 76) shall confer all three Commandery Orders before June 1, 2021. Division leadership will observe and report on these Orders (with the exception of the Commandery’s Inspection Order). No Orders shall be conferred during Holy Week (Mar. 28 – Apr. 3, 2021). General Order No. 4 (Photos)

    In order to preserve the solemnity of the Orders, photography is strictly prohibited in a Council of the Illustrious Order of Red Cross, a Priory of the Order of Malta, or a Conclave of Knights Templar when open.

  • General Order No. 5 (Appearances)

    A dispensation is hereby granted to all Constituent Commanderies to appear in public in “Full Templar Uniform” at Masonic functions and funeral visitation/services for the purpose of forming escorts and/or honor guards and/or presenting the United States Flag. Dispensation is also granted for participation in parades and religious services (except swords shall be omitted for religious services).

    The appendant order first issued September 26, 2016 authorizing cap and mantle as the official Templar uniform for Raper Commandery No. 19 is hereby renewed for the 2020-2021 Templar year unless otherwise superseded by legislation adopted at the October 2020 Grand Conclave session. General Order No. 6 (By-Laws and Dispensations)

    All requests for by-laws changes, dispensations and other special requests must be made in writing through the chain of command (Constituent Commandery to DDC to DC to REGC) and must allow for at least 3 weeks processing time. General Order No. 7 (Returns and Reports)

    Each Constituent Commandery shall submit COMPLETE Annual Returns, Uniform Audit Reports (UARs), Reports of Election and other requested reports and documentation to the designated officer, in the required format, and by the deadline specified in the notification to submit. Failure to do so may subject the Commandery to being placed on probation. General Order No. 8 (First Line Signers Records)

    Each Recorder shall maintain on file an updated list of first line signers to facilitate timely presentation of Grand Encampmenmt of the USA Membership Jewels and Grand Commandery of Ohio membership citation cords, patches, caps and jackets. Each Recorder shall enter the first line signer information into the MMS system for each new Sir Knight when he enters the new knighting information. General Order No. 9 (Masonic Membership Solutions [MMS])

    Accurate and timely membership records shall be maintained in the Grand Encampment’s Masonic Membership Solutions (MMS) system. The Commandery’s Recorder or an assigned assistant shall enter updates in the system. Failure to enter updates in a timely manner may result in removal of the Recorder and/or Commander from office and/or a financial penalty of up to $250.00 per occurrence. General Order No. 10 (Records)

    If a Commandery maintains any electronic records outside of MMS, backup copies of such records must be maintained via separate media (printed or electronic), stored in a separate location from the source computer or peripheral equipment and accessible by another member of the Commandery. The location of backup copies should be noted in the Commandery’s minutes.

  • General Order No. 11 (Maximizing the Impact of the Order of the Temple)

    The Order of the Temple is one of, if not the most, impactful and meaningful Masonic experiences available. We must strive to make the Order of the Temple a very special personal experience for each Knight of Malta. Commanders should make every effort to confer the Order of the Temple on each Knight of Malta individually; however, if number of candidates, resource constraints and scheduling make individual conferrals impossible, the Order of the Temple may be conferred on a “class” with the following restrictions:

    a. Each Knight of Malta shall participate in the Chamber of Reflection. If this is accomplished as a group, it must be accomplished in a setting that as closely resembles an individual Chamber of Reflection as possible.

    b. Each Knight of Malta shall participate in the 5th Libation. If this is accomplished as a group, each Knight of Malta should partake in a manner as closely similar to the Knight kneeling at the base of the triangle as possible.

    c. Each Knight of Malta shall be individually knighted and all proceed through an Arch of Steel.

    General Order No. 12 (Grand Master of Masons of Ohio)

    The Most Worshipful Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio is hereby appointed my personal representative and as such shall be received under an Arch of Steel at all occasions where he is present and the Sir Knights of Ohio form lines for the reception of dignitaries. General Order No. 13 (Supplemental Instructions)

    Supplemental instructions are issued concurrent with the General Orders to provide additional details and clarification on implementation of the General Orders and shall be strictly followed. The supplemental instructions are not required to be read at a stated conclave, HOWEVER, the Commander is responsib