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    THE RESPONSIBLE LEADERLeaders must remember that they are the custodians of societys most powerful institutions.

    They must therefore hold themselves to a higher standard.

    Leadership is about change, hope and the future. Display a commitment to learning and developing yourself.

    If you arent educated, you cant help the uneducated; if you are sick, you cant minister to the sick; if you are poor, you cant help the poor.

    Develop the ability to put personal performance into perspective. Over your long career, you will experience both success and failure. Humility in success and courage in failure are hallmarks of a good leader.

    Be ready to invest in the development of other people. Be unstinting in helping your colleagues realize their full potential.

    Realize the importance of loyalty to organization, profession, community, society and, above all, family. Most of our achievements would be impossible without our families support.

    Assume responsibility for outcomes as well as for the processes and people you work with. How you achieve these results will shape the kind of person you become.

    Balance achievement with compassion and learning with understanding.

    Be conscious of the part you play. Be concerned about the problems of the poor and the disabled, accept human weaknesses, laugh at yourself and avoid the temptation to play God.

    Leadership is about self-awareness, recognizing your failings; and developing modesty, humility and humanity.

    C.K. PrahaladDistinguished University Professor Harvard University

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    Dear Students, Parents and Alumni,

    Welcome to the 2012 European University Switzerland Commencement Ceremony. First of all, I would like to thank you parents for your support of the students; students for your hard work; and all of you for your passion and dedication.

    The world today is changing at a rapid pace. Neither I nor those of you who are graduating today can predict with total certainty what the world will look like in 12 months, much less in five years. I got my degree in 1973. Most of you parents will remember that as the year of the largest Oil Crisis in history. The future seemed especially uncertain and many mornings, we couldnt use our cars because the gas to run them was simply too expensive. But here we are today most of us car owners celebrating this joyous occasion, demonstrating that the challenges that in their moment seemed so daunting eventually fade into distant memories.

    It goes without saying that although all events good and bad inevitably pass, success always comes to those people who are prepared and ready for anything. For this I would like to advise you to always follow the three Ds: 1. Make the Difference; it is as much about being different as it is about making a difference in the world. 2. Be Diverse; do not put blinders on and shut out everything else. It is most important to know a little about everything one never knows when those accordion lessons may come in handy. 3. Distinguish yourself; as the world grows it also shrinks, clients want special attention from a knowledgeable expert so specialize and find your niche.

    Keep this advice in mind and you will possess the basic tools to prosper in this world.

    Please stay in touch with us.


    Dr. Dirk CraenPresident


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    European University (EU) and International Business School at Vilnius University (IBSVU), offer a joint Dual BBA degree where students can obtain two completely independent, valid degrees. IBSVU is state-certified and the premier Lithuanian center for business education.For the Dual BBA, students complete six semesters at EU and then one summer semester at EU following the IBSVU curriculum.

    IBSVU is certified by the European Foundation for Management Development, Principles for Responsible Management Education, Consortium of International Double Degrees, International Chamber of Commerce, Russian Association of Business Education, Baltic Management Development Association and the Central and East European Management Development Association.

    Go into the job market twice as prepared with two independent accredited degrees.

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    Dr. R. SeetharamanChief Executive Officer of Doha Bank GroupDoctor Honoris Causa Corporate Social Responsibility Award

    Dr. R. Seetharaman is the Chief Executive Officer of the Doha Bank Group, Chairman of Doha Brokerage and Financial Services Limited and Chief Executive Officer of Doha Bank Group. He is a prominent personality in the banking industry throughout the Middle East, an economic expert who has achieved remarkable success for his contributions to Banking, Trade, Investment, Environmental Causes and Social Responsibility. His recent accolades include Best CEO in Middle East at EMEA Awards (2008 & 2012), Outstanding Contribution to the Industry awarded by Banker Middle East Industry Awards (2010) and International Indian of the Year Award (2010) among others. Dr. R. Seetharaman has been acknowledged for transforming Doha Bank into one of the best performing banks in the Middle East Region, recently being awarded The Best Bank in Qatar (2011) by EMEA. Academically, Dr. Seetharaman is a Chartered Accountant and holds certificates in IT Systems and Corporate Management. He specialized in Managerial Economics and was a gold medalist in his graduation, Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Madras.He is often invited by CNBC, BBC World, Reuters, Forbes, Sky News, Dow Jones and Bloomberg to share his expertise on economics, banking and environmental issues.


    Last year, the Saint March family through their Saint Bernard Pass Charitable Foundation began an initiative to give six individual awards at each of the EU annual commencement ceremonies. These uncirculated medallions recognize:

    Saint Bernard Pass Charitable FoundationAward Sponsor

    Below please find a brief note from Christina Saint March:Our family made this commitment because we wanted to continue to be connected to European University long after our son graduated. I ask you today, as parents of these fine graduates, to stay connected to the university as well. The more you lend your voice to this university and its educators, the stronger EU will become. The value of the diplomas that our children are to receive today is derived from the core strength of this institution. A wise man once said to me; In order to make a have to be the difference. I ask you today to think about how you can be the difference for the students who follow our children and for the university as a whole. Congratulations to this years graduates and their parents, who made it possible.

    Substantial efforts in corporate responsibilitySustainabilityLeadershipSocial responsibilityFamily business management Special award to the top MBA graduate who exemplifies innovative entrepreneurship

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    The Hinduja Group Owners, Hinduja Group Doctor Honoris CausaFamily Business Award

    The Hinduja brothers: Srichand, Ashok, Prakash and Gopichand represent one of the few Indian business families who have gained prestige on a global scale. Today the Hinduja Group, initially built on merchant banking and trade, is one of the largest diversified groups spanning all the continents. The four brothers have extended the business into a variety of other sectors including a significant emphasis on social and charitable contributions, even making large contributions towards university scholarships. The Group prides itself on its commitment to over 40,000 employees and modern management practices, encouraging employees to practice the Verdic principles of work: Service with devotion and Willingness to see fulfilment of ones self-interest in the active promotion of the interest of the collective. In addition to their influence in business, the brothers have also demonstrated a strong loyalty to creating better understanding between the peoples and the governments of the world.Srichand Hinduja: Chairman Hinduja Group and Hinduja FoundationAshok Hinduja: Chairman, Indian Hinduja GroupPrakash Hinduja: Chairman, Europe Hinduja GroupGopichand Hinduja: Co-Chairman, Hinduja Group of Companies; Chairman, Hinduja Automotive Ltd., UK

    Doctor Honoris Causa

    H.E. Abdulla Falah Abdulla Al-DosariThe Permanent Mission of the State of Qatar

    His Excellency, Abdulla Falah Abdulla Al-Dosari served as an Ambassador for the State of Qatar for several years. Most recently, he served as permanent representative to the United Nations Office (UNOG) and other international organizations. In addition to his Ambassadorial roles, he has acted as the Qatar Consul General of the State of Qatar in Switzerland and President of The Council of Head of Arab Permanent Missions to the United Nations. His Excellency began his career in diplomacy in 1980 with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The State of Qata