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  • 36th Graduation Ceremony 7thGraduation Ceremony

  • @Mawakeb_Garhoud @Mawakeb_Barsha

    @AlMawakeb_AlGarhoud @AlMawakeb_AlBarsha

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    Time is on your side to produce and prosper, so dont stop untilyou seize the opportunity.

    SHEIKH MOHAMMED BIN RASHID AL MAKTOUMRuler of Dubai, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister

    @ISAS_Dubai @ISAS_Dubai

  • Commencement is one of our happiest times at AMSI...

    HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoums words embody theepitome of how happiness leads to good fortune, peace, and prosperi-ty. Inspired by the visionary leaders of this nation, AMSI schools havealways sought to create a community of happy learners who work har-moniously and grow into the fine young individuals we celebrate onthis special day.

    Class of 2016, one of our greatest pleasures is seeing the energy and joythat resonate in our hallways, classrooms, and playgrounds. It is in factthis comfort, vitality, and happiness that have made you the creative,witty, and fun individuals that you are today. We are confident that youwill achieve your personal ambitions, but we also know that you havethe potential to change others lives just by being yourselves. You over-came all the hurdles and fulfilled all the requirements, no matter howtough they may have seemed at times. You persevered and now it istime to move on.

    So many memories were created during your journey; a first performance on Mothers Day, a tri-umph during a sports challenge, endless hours cramming for tests, contributions during drama pro-ductions or talent shows, early mornings to walk for a cause, sleepless nights in overnightcampsYour endless energy and fervour shone in any challenge that came your way, whether big orsmall, academic or fun. You embody the power of happiness, kindness, love and respect in the class-room and outside. We know you will remember all the lessons learned and you will carry them for-ward to the next stage.

    A recent study of adult development at Harvard University proved that after examining people for75 years, happiness comes from one thing: good relationships which pave the way for a happy,healthy, and productive life.

    So we ask ourselves: Why are we happy? Our core values echo the answer, and our drive to create ahaven for learners to feel safe, happy and respected is our focus

    We are surrounded by thousands of students who inspire us every single day.

    We have graduated thousands more who have taken what we have given them and impacted those around them.

    We teach. We touch lives. We care.

    Commencement is one of our grandest events at AMSI a time when we celebrate you, our gradu-ates, and a time of absolute happiness. Savor every moment of this special day and then fly out withthe knowledge that you make a difference, and you are the change the world needs.

    We will seek to create a society where our peoples happiness is paramount, by sustaining an environment in which they can truly flourish.

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  • Order of Proceedings

    Entry of the Dignitariesto the Music for the Royal Fireworks by Georg Friedrich Handel

    Procession of the Class of 2016The Graduates enter to the March Triumphante from Aida

    UAE National Anthem

    Reading from the Holy KoranMohamed Ibrahim (The International School of Arts & Sciences)

    Since KG, this has been home... delivered by: In Arabic, Omar Al Awadhi (Al Mawakeb School - Al Barsha)

    AMSI Principals Address

    Presentation of the AMSI Leadership AwardIntroduced by Tala Fattal (Al Mawakeb School - Al Barsha)

    Presentation of the Outstanding Graduate Award delivered by: In Arabic, Majed Bin Thaneya (Al Mawakeb School - Al Barsha)In English, Beatrice Touma (Al Mawakeb School - Al Garhoud)

    Graduates Address delivered by:In Arabic, Habib Al Redha (Al Mawakeb School - Al Barsha)

    In English, Rami Khoury (The International School of Arts & Sciences) In French, Camelia Hamza (Al Mawakeb School - Al Garhoud)

    Alumnus Address

    Academia Management Solutions International - AMSIs Address

    Presentation of the Diplomas

    Photographs with the Dignitaries

    The Graduates exit to the Ode to Joy from Symphony Number 9

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    Gdqj HFI ISMAd GdOI T eL JV GddJ aq)e~QS GGc - GdTA(

    Gdqj HFI Gqj G jHd GdH: Gdd eL~ H K )e~QS GGc - GdTA(

    Hd GEfj: Gdd HJj Je )e~QS GGc - GdgO(

    c Gqj j:Hd GdH: Gdd M GdV )e~QS GGc - GdTA(

    Hd GEfj: Gdd QGe GQ )G~QSGd~hd dhGd(Hd Gdf: Gddc MI)e~QS GGc - GdgO(

    c b~Ge Gdj

    c ISMA lanoitanretnI snoituloS tnemeganaM aimedacA

    JRj GdqOG

    UQ JcQj e V G

    eOQI ec Gqj Y

    March Triumphante from Aida

    Ode to Joy from Symphony Number 9

    Music for the Royal Fireworks by Georg Friedrich Handel


  • Class of 2016 - Al Mawakeb School, Al Garhoud

    Ailey Nemri, 12AAldana Lencina, 12AAlicia Mcbride, 12ABeatrice Touma, 12ACamelia Hamza, 12AChahed Falhout, 12ADalal El-Jor, 12ADiana Abo Harmouch, 12AFarah Bashir, 12AFatma AlJassim, 12AHala Abdelqader, 12AJolie Agaiby Sedrak, 12AKhanda Khan, 12Aleenn Ajam Oghli , 12AMahshad Mavaddatpour, 12AMai Lootah, 12AMivan Makia, 12APaniz Kimiae, 12ARanda Ghadban, 12ARaven Hansen, 12ASana Al-Saleh, 12ASanaz Dehghan, 12AShamma Saqer, 12ASubeyda Abdulle, 12ATamara Awile, 12AZinab Nasser, 12AAhmed Mahmoudi, 12BAhmed Raslan, 12BAli AlJu'beh, 12BAli Ashira, 12BAlireza Gholamshahzadeh, 12BAmin Khoushno, 12BAmir Shahri, 12BAnas El Jadyidi, 12B

    Anthony Fahmy, 12BArya Nouraei, 12BBader Alayoubi, 12BHamad Habash, 12BHamidreza Nasiri, 12BHamza Ali, 12BHongyuan Wu, 12BHoussemeddine Hassine, 12BJoseph Samaha, 12BKaram Sahyouni, 12BKareem Merebi, 12BMajd AlKhouri, 12BMazen Gharib, 12BMohamed Al Awad, 12BMohammad AlShar', 12BMohammad Ziyadeh, 12BOmar Fayed, 12BOussama Kawash, 12BSeyed Amin Riazi, 12BSina Ghiasi, 12BAmeera Abu Khosah, 12CAseel AlUmari, 12CAya Ouled BelGacem, 12CBahija Bader, 12CBaraa Damaj, 12CBassma Tabbara, 12CChaimae Jerboui, 12CFatima Al-khaldi, 12CFatima Alyousuf, 12CJouly Haffar, 12CJowel Watfa, 12CLana Saffarini, 12CLatifa Bin Haidar, 12CLeen Amleh, 12CNada Habash, 12CNadeen AlTurki, 12CNancy Karam, 12CNoor El Ghosin, 12CNoora Janahi, 12CPetra Khalife, 12CRazan Nasrallah, 12CReem Barakat, 12CRima Mouslimani, 12CSara Ghebeh, 12CTala Musallam, 12CWared Bouresly, 12CYara Hamza, 12CAbbass El Toufeili, 12DAhmed Ahmed, 12DAli Bahsoun, 12DAlireza Nasiri, 12DAlMutasembellah Eljaly, 12DCharbel Farag, 12D

    Daniel Ewais, 12DHady AlRumhin, 12DHusam Arafat, 12DJad Bou Said, 12DJimmy EL Khoury, 12DJoe Sassine Finianos, 12DMajed Edrisi Pour Gheshmi, 12DMohamed Khalifa, 12DMohammad Bin Haider, 12DMohammad Najafi, 12DMohammad Ali Amiran, 12DNicolas Nseir, 12DOmar AlDhebaiei, 12DOmar Soliman, 12DRami El Mouradi, 12DRay El Ghaoui, 12DRolan Riachi, 12DShahab Nouraei, 12DSultan El Halabi, 12DTarek El Charif, 12DAbdallah Al Naboulsi, 12EAbdallah Aqel, 12EAbdallah Nasser, 12EAhmad Hakmi, 12EAhmad Zouher Bzreh, 12EAli Chaban Kabakibo, 12EAnas Sebiane, 12EAndrew Boulos, 12EBisher Takiddeen, 12EFaisal Yousef, 12EKarim Ghousseini, 12EKarim Makhaly Ayad, 12EMarwan Hassan, 12EMohammad Abdulla, 12EMouh