Grab a bucket! It's raining data!

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For Access 2009 conference. Grab a bucket, it's raining data! Library data, research data, primary data, mashed-up data, raw data, cooked data, our data, other people's data... But which bucket should we grab? And can we really, truly fit all the data in one bucket? And don't we risk turning data into sludge if we mix it all together in our bucket? Finding a bucket is the easy part. Grappling with data acquisition, modeling, discovery, and reuse is hard. How will we do it? Can we?

Transcript of Grab a bucket! It's raining data!

  • 1. Grab a bucket!Its raining data! Photo: Dorothea SaloUniversity of Wisconsin Access 2009

2. the... Painting: Cassandra, Evelyn de Morgan Photo: of Open Access 3. Ive got nothing againstbut the reality was... Photo: 4. ... blurrier.goals?means? something for nothing? t between content and container?t between user needs and system? and so now, I may be becoming Photo: 5. the...of Data Curation? 6. What do we know about data? Photo: 7. Theres a lot of data. Photo: 8. Photo: are there to be interacted with. 9. Data are wildly diverse in nature...... as are their technical environments. Photo: 10. Data are already out there. Photo: NASA (via, Multiwavelength M81 11. A lot of data are analog...... but really want to be digital. Photo: 12. Data are project-based. 13. Data are sloppy. Photo: 14. Data arent standardized. Photo: 15. Our Big Bucket:the digital library 16. Our other Big Bucket: the institutional repository 17. Photo: mismatches 18. What do we know about these? Photo: 19. Carefully built and tended 20. Production is a Taylorists dream.Photo: 21. when it isnt a Taylorists nightmare. Photo: 22. What do we know about these? 23. Were caged upinside our institutions. Photo: 24. Photo: Any color... 25. Bring it on; well take anything!... as long as its static and final. Photo: 26. Right, anything youve got!... one file at a time. Photo: 27. Any look and feel... 28. Any metadata you want! ... as long as its key-value pairs. Photo: 29. Do anything you want...... as long as its download. Photo: 30. Content modelsEnough said. 31. So where does all that leave us? Photo: 32. Photo: need bigger, better buckets. 33. Silos are both necessaryand unacceptable. Photo: 34. We have a lot of modeling to do. And meta-modeling. Photo: 35. We have a lot of code to write. Photo: 36. We cant code or model in isolation. Photo: 37. Fedora is the new world.But Fedora must change. Photo: 38. Solr brings it all together Photo: 39. ... the Vermeer: the Muse Clio, from The Allegory of Painting of Data Curation. 40. Thank you!This presentation is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States license.