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Worldwide Gujarat Quiz Who started the first orphanage in Gujarat? Mahipatram Rupram Who started the first Girls' school in Ahmedabad? Harkunwar Shethani, 1850 Where was the first Planetarium of Gujarat established? Surat Which is the main city in the district Daang? Ahwa Who is known as the promoter of Libraries in Gujarat? Motibhai Amin Which King first made education compulsory while in reign? Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad-Vadodara Which is the largest library in Gujarat? Central Library, Vadodara Where is the military school near Jamnagar situated in Gujarat? Balachhadi Name the Government scheme that provides insurance for school children. Vidyadeep Scheme Which is the Gujarat based organization that works for promotion of National language? Gujarat Prantiya Rashtrabhasha Samiti In which college in Bhavnagar did Gandhiji study? Shamaldas College Which revolutionary patriot from Gujarat was a professor of Sanskrit in Oxford University? Shyamji Krishna Varma Name the Mathematician from Gujarat who, it is believed, has invented Zero? Brahmagupt Which Gujarati has contributed to Telecom revolution in India? Sam Pitroda Who was the initiator of Jyotisangh an organization for women empowerment? Charumati Yoddha In Gujarat, which organization works for preservation and research for ancient manuscripts and stone inscriptions? Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Indology Who started the first cotton textile mill in Gujarat? Ranchhodlal Chhotalal Who led the Maha Gujarat movement? Indulal Yagnik Name the University of the olden times of Gujarat that was known in the world. Valabhi Vidyapeeth20 Who started the Hari Om Ashram in Nadiad? Saint Pujya shri Mota Name the parents of Gandhiji. Mother: Putlibai and Father: Karamchand Gandhi What is Gandhiji's residence in Porbandar known as? Kirti Mandir Who was known as father to the Tribals in Gujarat? Amrutlal Viththaldas Thakkar (Thakkar bapa)

On which railway station in South Africa was Gandhiji pushed out of train while on journey, even though he had a first class ticket? Peter Maritz berg Which Gujarati flagged the National flag of India on a foreign land the first time? Madam Bhikhaiji Cama Which daily did Gandhiji start for the upliftement of the backwards? Harijan Bandhu (Gujarati) Which towns in Gujarat get maximum cold in winter and maximum heat in summer? Maximum cold Naliya & Maximum heat Disa Where was Dayanand Saraswati born? Tankara (Dist. Rajkot) Name the scripture written by Saint Dayanand Saraswati. Satyarthprakash What was the name of Narsinh Mehta's daughter? Kunwarbai Since when has Ahmedabad Airport been an international airport? 26 January, 1991 Which saint dedicated his life to the service of the leprosy sufferers? Saint Amardevi Das Which monthly that was started by Saint Punit Maharaj is popular till the date? Jan Kalyan Who wrote the Bhajan 'Ma Baap ne Bhulsho Nahi'? Saint Punit Maharaj For leading which Satyagraha did Sardar Patel got the title 'Sardar'? Bardoli Satyagraha Where was saint Bodana born? Dakor Who established the 'Sastu Sahitya' organization? Bhikshu Akhandanand Name the first Gujarati who favoured fighters' revolution. Shyamji Krishna Varma Who inaugurated the state of Gujarat? Ravishankar Maharaj Who was the first speaker of Gujarat State Assembly? Kalyan V. Mehta Who was the first lady Minister of Gujarat? Indumatiben Sheth Who was the first governor of Gujarat? Mehndi Nawaz Jang Who was the first chief minister of Gujarat? Dr. Jivraj Mehta Which Social activist had to get debarred from his own house for writing an Essay on 'Widow Remarriage'? Karshandas Mulji Who was called 'Charotar nu Moti' by Gandhiji? Motibhai Amin Who was the first Physics Scientist from Gujarat? Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Who inspired the prince of Solanki Dynasty Kumarpal to adopt Jainism? Hemchandracharya What is the full name of the renowned poet 'Kalaapi'? Sursinhji Takhtasinhji Gohil

Whose residence was 'Hradaykunj' in the Sabarmati Ashram? Gandhiji Who embraced martyrdom while putting up the National Flag in Gujarat College at the time of Quit India movement? Vinod Kinariwala What was the original name of Swami Sahajanand? Ghanshyam Who renovated the Somnath Temple after India got independence? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Which Gujrarati youth has swam 35 km broad English channel in 12 hours? Sufyan Sheikh Who is dearly known as 'Ba' all over the world? Kasturba Gandhi Who established worldknown Reliance Industries? Dhirubhai Ambani On whose name is Gujarat State Assembly named? Viththalbhai Patel Which is the largest dam in Gujarat? Sardar Sarovar Dam Where is famous palace with 1000 windows in it, in Gujarat? Rajpipla Who created Kankariya Balvatika that is popular among children in Gujarat? Rubin David In which mountain range is the famous pilgrimage Ambaji situated? Arvalli In which mountain range is Saputara situated? Sahyadri On which mountain are the Jain temples of Palitana situated? Shetrunjaya Which part of Gujarat is known as the Garden of Gujarat? Central Gujarat On the banks of which river does the city of Surat dwell? Taapi In which city is the Sayajirao Museum in Gujarat? Baroda Which chief minister of Gujarat started the mid day meal scheme (Madhyan Bhojan Yojna)? Madhavsinh Solanki Where is the famous Sidi Saiyed Jali in Gujarat? Ahmedabad Where is the Indroda Park (zoo) in Gujarat? Gandhinagar Which is the largest district of Gujarat in terms of area? Kachchh Where is the famous Akshardham temple in Gujarat? Gandhinagar In which district is the Ukai Dam situated? Taapi Where was Dinosaur eggs found in Gujarat? Raiyali Who was the most brave and powerful king of the Solanki dynasty? Sidhdharaj Jaysinh

Where is the world known BlackBuck Park situated in Gujarat? Velavadar Where is the Sardar Sarovar in Gujarat? Kevadiya Colony Who got Kankariya Lake constructed? Sultan Kutbuddin Which famous painter started the magazine 'Kumar'? Ravishankar Rawal What was the native of the spiritual poetess Ganga sati? Samadhiyala (Dist. Bhavnagar) Which saint's name is attached to the Dakor temple? Saint Bodana Which Mantra did Pujya Mota want people to chant? Hari Om Who said, 'even if you are lean and thin, have the heart of a tiger and a lion'? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Who set up the Swaminarayan sect? Sahajanand Swami Which city is Malav Lake in for which it is said, 'if you want an example of justice, visit Malav lake'? Dholaka Whose name is associated with Ranji Trophy? Jam Ranjitsinhji Who was Gandhiji's personal secretary? Mahadevbhai Desai Which Chinese traveler came to Gujarat in the year 640? Hue-en-tsang Who was ruling Gujarat when East India Company first came to Surat in Gujarat? Jehangir Name the renowned Gujarati Billiard player. Geet Sethi What is the original name of Jayshankar Sundari? Jayshankar Bhojak Which cartoonist is known as 'Chakor'? Bansilal Varma What is 2 nd October 'Gandhi Jayanti' also celebrated all over the world as? Aantarashtriya Ahimsa Din Which Gujarati is the Chairman of India's biggest software company, Wipro? Azim Premji Mahadevbhai Desai 'Agnikund ma ugelu Gulab'? Narayan Desai Where was Narsinh Mehta born? Talaja On the banks of which river does the city of Bharuch dwell? Narmada Name the famous variety of Wheat crop of Gujarat.

BhaliyaWhich stream in the District Bhavnagar never dries? Tantaniyo Dharo Where is the Hamirsar Lake in Gujarat? Bhuj

Where in Gujarat is the meeting place of seven rivers? Vautha For breaking which act did Gandhiji take up the Dandi March? Salt Where is the biggest Thermal Power Station in Gujarat? Dhuvaran Which tropic cuts across the central Gujarat? Tropic of Cancer What is the name of the International Airport in Gujarat? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport Which is the known Agiyari in Udwada? The Holy Iranshah Fire Temple In which fair are camels sold and purchased in Gujarat? Katyok Where is the Dudhsagar Dairy situated? Mehsana What was the title given to social worker and patriot Ravishankar Maharaj?

Muthi Unchero ManaviWhich is the head quarter of National Dairy Development Board in Gujarat? Anand Which is the well known sanctuary for Leopard and Sambar in Gujarat? Bardipada (Dist. Daang) At which place sanctuary set up for the Bear in Gujarat? Ratanmahal During which king's reign did the title 'Gurjar Desh' start being used for Gujarat? Mulraj Solanki Which country does Gujarat share its border with? Pakistan Which is Gujarat's biggest Railway Station? Ahmedabad Which is the biggest fertilizer factory in Gujarat? Gujarat Narmada valley fertilizer co. Where are famous Patola made in Gujarat? Patan Which district produces maximum Isabgul? Mehsana Where is the first Nature Education Centre of Gujarat? Hingolgadh How many principal rivers are there in Gujarat? Seven Which is the biggest artificial lake of Gujarat? Sardar Sarovar During which king's reign was the Modhera sun temple built? King Bhimdev the first Which is the biggest water reserve project in Gujarat? Sardar Sarovar Project Which is the biggest port in Gujarat? Kandala What was the purpose of building Naginawadi in the middle of Kankariya lake? For the summer stay for the kings Which is the largest hospital of Asia in Gujarat? Civil Hospital-Ahmedabad

Which sea surrounds Gujarat? Arabic Sea Which is the biggest river in Gujarat? Narmada In which area of Gujarat we find the lowest temperature? Nalia Who was the first Gujarati prime minister in India? Morarji Desai Which place gets maximum rains in Gujarat? Daang Who laid foundation stone of Sardar Sarovar Dam? Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru What have the sites at Champaner been declared as by UNESCO? World Heritage site Which poet from Gujarat is known as Rashtriya Shaayar? Zaverchand Meghani What title has been given to poet Narmad? Veer Where did Gandhiji set up the fir