GPS Surveying GPS -- how it works GPS -- Garmin 12

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Transcript of GPS Surveying GPS -- how it works GPS -- Garmin 12

  • GPS Surveying GPS -- how it worksGPS -- Garmin 12

  • The Garmin 12 GPS

  • Trilateration and a 4th for timing

  • First page up.4 important pieces of data

  • Once you have a fix

  • Getting back to where you started

  • Non-corrected 5-30 mBeacon-corrected 1 mRadio-corrected cmsPost-processed dm to m GPS Accuracy

  • Differential GPS for precision surveying of river terraces and alluvial fans

  • Crash Course in Surveying With an Auto Level:

  • :((:1First thing first: Gotta level the it

  • 1

  • 1The Auto Level:The InstrumentAnd TripodThe Stadia RodOr Surveyors Staff= l (m) * 100 (m)

  • How to read the Stadia Rod:11 meters on the dot10.8 meters on the dotEach BlackRectangle =1 cmSame forEach whiteone10.66 meters

  • What youll see through the eyepiece:Stadia Lines

  • 1For your X-section, be sure to get anyMajor changes in slope

  • How to collect the data:NOTE: When shooting features off your line, you will also need a bearing

  • ?

  • Side-Scan LiDAR: GeoArcheology

  • Project North is at the white house, And that is BM1Figure out appropriate scale for x:1 box = 1 meter? 10 meters? You want your entire survey to fit!Same scale as x-axisBM 1BM 2BM 3BM 4PN

    Non-corrected = atmospheric delayBeacon = real-time; Radiopersonal beacon with subscription: OmnistarPost-processed: Wait til youre back at the office to use up-to-date corrections from base stations obtained from the internet*Satellite differential: Omnistar; real-time but subscription based (private satellites)*********