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This is the presentation on Government 2.0 I gave at the #socadl event on 10 April.

Transcript of Government 2.0 - #socadl

  • 1. Government 2.0in Australia Craig Thomler April 2013

2. Who am I? 3. Name this networkAllowed near-instantaneous transmission of newsand information around the worldConnected people globally, allowing them to maintaindistant social relationships as never beforePeople met, fell in love and got married using itIt was used to catch murderers and command armiesConmen used it to solicit money and run scamsIt destroyed many industries, and created new ones 4. Electric Telegraph (1838) ( 5. Use by governmentFirst used to catch a murderer in the UK, 1837: A MURDER HAS GUST BEEN COMMITTED AT SALT HILL AND THE SUSPECTED MURDERER WAS SEEN TO TAKE A FIRST CLASS TICKET TO LONDON BY THE TRAIN WHICH LEFT SLOUGH AT 742 PM HE IS IN THE GARB OF A KWAKER WITH A GREAT COAT ON WHICH REACHES NEARLY DOWN TO HIS FEET HE IS IN THE LAST COMPARTMENT OF THE SECOND CLASS COMPARTMENT 6. Use by governmentBrigham Young, governor of Utah, sent thefollowing in 1861 as the first message on thenewly established North Americantranscontinental telegraph system (in relationto the American Civil War):"Utah has not seceded but is firm for theConstitution and the laws of our once happycountry. 7. By 1891 a global network ( 8. Gov 1.0 to 2.0Magna Carta 1215 AD Internet 2010 AD 9. Government 2.0(in my humble opinion)represents a fundamental shiftin the relationship betweencitizens and governments,to the benefit of both. 10. Government 2.0 includes...Using tools and techniques enabled by digital technologies to bring citizens inside the tent.Empowering citizens to be active participants in government decision-making processes and supporting them to do for themselves.Opening up public data for public reuse to inform and enable new insights, better decisions and more effective policy.Initiatives from individuals and non-government organisations as well as government. 11. Australias internet useSource: Sensis Social Media Report May 2012 12. Australias social media use Source: Sensis Social Media Report May 2012 13. Australias social media use Source: Sensis Social Media Report May 2012 14. What aboutAustraliangovernments? 15. The social media majority In mid-2012: 73% of Australian Government agencies reported using social media for official purposes 16. What the Australian Government isusing social media for..Answer choice Response ShareFor stakeholder engagement or collaboration3254.24%Operating an information campaign2542.37%Responding to customer enquiries/comments/complaints 2542.37%For engaging with journalists and media outlets2440.68%For engagement or collaboration with other government2440.68%agenciesMonitoring citizen, stakeholder and/or lobbyist views and1728.81%activitiesFor a public consultation process1627.12%For a stakeholder or other restricted access consultation1322.03%Other type of activity (i.e. recruitment, crowdsourcing, staff)1118.64%For policy or services co-design 7 11.86% 17. All levels of Aus government Over 1,000 online consultations in last four years Over 860 Departmental Twitter accounts Over 120 agency blogs Over 250 Facebook pages Over 300 agency mobile apps Over 200 agency YouTube channels At least 9 data competitions 18. Growth in Twitter use 19. Twitter use by state 20. Government as media 21. Government as convenor 22. Government as platform 23. Crowdsourcing 24. Gov 2.0 & social media caveats Doesnt replace existing approaches... it can supplement and amplify them Doesnt work for all audiences or issues... but does work for some that are otherwise unreachable/intractible Gov 2.0 doesnt solve problems... people do 25. Managing risks Weve considered every potential risk except the risks of avoiding all risks. 26. 100% correct informationdelivered too late or in thewrong context is worthless(and causes more issues!) 27. Questions? Craig