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MM project

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Gourmet SweetsFinal Project

Marketing ResearchByMuhammad Haris Omer Khan Muhammad Usman Akram Amna Rafi Marij Talha H M Azhar Ejaz


Started as a bakery and sweet shop, soon turned into a medium sized cash n carry retail outlet and has further expanded into launching a number of successful company owned products, ranging from milk, ice creams, russ malai and many more. Opening its first bakery outlet in 1996, Gourmet, today has a network of successfully running bakeries in Lahore. This bakery is owned by Mr.Nawaz Chatha. Gourmet Bakers is one of the fastest growing local baker and confectioner stores in Pakistan. Being a local company, their approach towards business is both professional and highly aggressive. Now they have an outlet in every nook n corner of Lahore at least.


y y



Vision Our vision is to provide our customers oven fresh bakery products in the shortest span of time with excellent service level and quality Mission To make Gourmet an essential part of daily diet for our valuable customers.

Policies:y y y

To make Gourmet an essential part of daily diet for our valuable customers. Customer satisfaction is one of their assets. Maintain and further improve the customer satisfaction level.

Marketing MixProducts:Gourmet has categorized their product line into:y y y y y y

Soft drinks and mineral water Milk Ice cream Sweets Russ malai Bread & eggs

Price: There is not as such price war in the bakery industry, thats why there are not as such differences in prices of Gourmet products as compared to Cakes & Bakes, Shezan, and Rahat etc.

Marketing MixPromotion: Gourmet is currently using banners and transit media vehicles. They recently did promotion at a very small scale of their new launch gourmet beverages, milk and ice creams. These products are promoted through their vehicles and their large network of branches. Placement: Currently in Lahore, there are more than 90 branches of Gourmet spread all around. They have branches in important areas like Defence, Johar Town, Model Town, Iqbal Town, Gulberg, Wapda town etc. That clearly suggests that they are targeting all SEC classes.

CompetitorsAfter the entrance of Gourmet in the market many new players entered the market which is now a major threat for this bakery like Cakes & Bakes, Delight Bakers, and International Bakery etc. In Sweets y Nirala bakers y Rahat bakers y Cakes & Bakes y Fresh inn bakers

In Beverages y Pepsi cola y Coca cola y Big Apple y Mountain Dew

CompetitorsIn Water y Aquafina y Nestle y Qurshi y Springley In Ice Creams y Walls y Hico y Yummy y Rocco

Problem DefinitionProblem Background Gourmet started its business in 1996. At that time, it was mainly concerned with sweets, which was the initial recognition of Gourmet. But, in recent years, when Bakeries like Cakes & Bakes, Shezan, and Rahat etc entered the market, the sales of Gourmet sweets has been continuously decreasing. Research Problem The sales, of Gourmet sweets is decreasing in the market Research Objectives y Specific objectives are as follows: y To review the existing status of Gourmet. y To identify the reasons of decrease in the sales of Gourmet sweets as compared to other products. y To provide reasonable recommendations and suggestions to Gourmet.

Review of Literaturey y y y y y y y y y y y

Asad Ali (2006) Bilal Omer Khan (2004) Datamonitor (2008) Ehsan (2009) Farhan Omer (2001) Heather Carreiro (2008) Ikram A Malik (2007) Nasreen Khalid (2007) Nauman Asghar/ Suffian Asghar (2004) Umer (2008) Uma Sekran (2008) Thomas.C Kinnear and James R. Taylor (2007)

Research MethodologySpecific Our specific study is to find out why the sales of Gourmet sweets are decreasing in the market. Collecting Data We will collect data from both secondary and primary sources. The secondary sources will be the available data as mentioned in the review of literature. And the primary sources will be face to face interviews with bakery users and by distributing questionnaires. Primary Data Target Population People buy the Gourmet sweets frequently. Sample Size Total sample size:( 50 )

Research MethodologyData Collection Methods The method of combination of descriptive and exploratory research is used. The overall scenario of the company would be done through descriptive research. Exploratory research would be used to identify variables for the problem. Data Collection Instruments Data collection instruments would include questionnaire, face to face interviews with the management, observation methods and other secondary instruments. Data Analysis Techniques Includes: y Mean y Median y Mode

Research MethodologyLimitations: Secondary Data y Outdated, y Not accurate, y Not in detail, y Data in hand was very less. Primary Data y Like lack of time y Response refusal, y Cost constraints, y Response biasness.

Results & DiscussionsThe questionnaire contains the following heads: y External y Internal y Respondent Preference External:Visit to a Bakery Preffered Bakery

0% 32%

18% Daily Twice a week Once a week Very Seldom


0% 30% S hezan Gourm et Cak es and Bak es Rahat



Results & DiscussionsInternal:Taste Hygiene

16% 0% Yes No Dont Know 86% 84% 14% 0%

Yes No Dont Know



Excellent 50% 35% Average Poor

Results & DiscussionsInternal:







Excellent Average Poor 45%

High Average Low


Results & DiscussionsRespondent Preference:VariablesQuality Price 9% 2% 18% 1% 6% 32% 22% Variety 10% Hygiene Avaialbility of Products Location Service Environment

Conclusion & RecommendationsConclusion: y The quality of sweets is not convenient for the customers. y Tastes, availability, Hygiene are all factors that are not acceptable by the customers. y The visiting pattern to Bakeries is quite often and Gourmet is leading the market followed by Shezan. Recommendations y Improve the quality of Gourmet sweets. y Proper advertisement is required. y Operations should be streamlined to provide good service to the customers.

QuestionnaireQ: How often you visit the bakery: y Daily y Twice a week y Once a week y Very Seldom Q: Which Bakery do you usually visit? y Shezan y Gourmet y Cakes & Bakes y Rahat Bakers Q: Why do you prefer this bakery? y Quality y Price y Service y Environment y Availability of Products y Location y Variety y Hygiene

QuestionnaireQ: How often do you visit Gourmet Bakery? y Daily y Twice a week y Once a week y Very Seldom y Not at all Q: Are you satisfied with the taste of the products available at Cakes & Bakes? y Yes y No Q: Are the sweets available fresh and hygienic at Gourmet? y Yes y No Q: Are the sweets always available on time at Gourmet? y Yes y No Q: The service at Gourmet is: y Excellent y Average y Poor

QuestionnaireQ: The environment at Gourmet is: y Excellent y Average y Poor Q: The prices of the sweets at Gourmet are: y High y Average y Low

Gender: _________ Profession:____________ Residential Area: ______________

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