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Jazmin Schroeder @jazschroeder

GOTO Chicago 2014The Drake

Speed and Scale: How to get thereAdrian Cockcroft @adriancoMicroservices for speed and availability Dont do your own undifferentiated heavy lifting Culture of freedom and responsibilitySimple patterns automated by toolingRecommendations:The Phoenix ProjectLean EnterpriseFollowing Google or dont follow the followers follow the leaderMark Madsen @markmadsenA brief history of data storage and retrievalFrom clay to Big DataIs Hadoop & NoSQL the answer to your problem?Some people cant resist getting the next new thing because its new.Better to ask What is the problem for which technology is the answerKicking the complexity habitDan North @tastapodComplexity is the default conditionSimplifying is always an optionConsistency is the keyIt really shouldnt be this difficultFamiliarity is not simplicity

DevOps Culture And Practices To Create FlowJez Humble @ jezhumbleUse automation to detect problems quicklyWork in small batchesMeasure and improve customer outcomesUse continuos improvements to get betterTODO:Read Lean Enterprise

What I Learned About Going Fast at eBay and GoogleRandy Shoup @randyshoupHow can we make organizations faster?

PeopleOrganizational cultureProcessWhen you choose features and a date, you implicitly choose a level of quality

Why we chose Cascalog for Data Processing and Machine LearningKurt Schrader @kurtWord count SQLWord count Java HadoopWord count PIGWord count CascadingAnd.. Word count CascalogWell be able to write our data processing code at a high level of abstraction and let the system handle the complexity underneath

Does the Browser have a Future?Tim Bray @timbrayServer side developers have many optionsClojure, Scala, Erlang. GO may be the one that takes over the worldFront end developers face the challenge of having to develop for multiple platformsWhat can we do to save the browser?

Scala - The Simple PartsMartin Odersky @odersky10 years of Scala

ExpressionsScopesPatterns and Case ClassesRecursion Function ValuesCollectionsVars

A large system is one where you do not know that some of its components even existElixir: The Power of Erlang, the Joy of RubyDave Thomas @pragdaveElixir Live coding!!!

Technology Management, WTF?Derek Groothuis @Derek Groothuis & Lyle Hayhurst @sozin

OmnisciencePolicyIncentivesEstimatesContext SwitchingEmailOmnipotenceMeetingsThe swordOther managersLawyersWhy management can be insane?When things go well give credit to the team, when things go wrong take the blameControlling Physical Devices on the Real-Time Web - Enterprise Grade WebSocket for the Internet of ThingsPeter Moskovits @peterm_kaazing- HTML5 WebSocket: TCP for the WebBridging the Gap Between Hardware and SoftwareFun DemosGreat demos!

The Functional Final FrontierDavid Nolen @swannodetteA look at Om - - a ClojureScript interface to Facebook's React.Front end is more than MVC

Functional Principles for OO DevelopersJessica Kerr @jessitronPrinciples of functional programing:

Data In, Data OutImmutabilityVerbs Are People TooDeclarative StyleSpecific TypingLazy EvaluationOrganizational cultureProcessStart applying functional programing principles today

GOTO Chicago

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