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This is a compilation of lyrics written by Victor Du Bois free from copyright. I have scanned my original compositions and put them into PDF format. I encourage you to set them to music and share them with the world.

Transcript of Gospel Song Lyrics (Booklet 4)

Gospel Song Lyrics - by Victor Du Bois Booklet No. 4(copyright free)I give permission for anyone to use these lyrics and compose tunes, songs or melodies for these lyrics to perform and/or share them in any setting they please. These lyrics can be read as poetry or republished in any way you please. All I ask is that you mention my name as the author of these lyrics in whatever way they are printed, published or recorded. I also give you permission to edit and modify the words as long as they improve and/or support the original intent of the message and spirit of the lyrics. Many of these lyrics were prayerfully written and composed with music to minister to the specific needs of certain people. I am releasing them in hopes that you will interpret them and combine them with your own music in a way that brings glory to God. I am willing to share the original melody of any song if a personal meeting is arranged.

Index: The Fellowship Song I Will Always Love You Lord Holiday Holy Day I'm Gonna Live Healing In His Wings Look For A Blessing Rescue Me The Road Song The Son, Gods Chosen One Worth It All

Healing In His Wings- By Victor Du Bois (1998)

V1. The doctor says there's nothing anyone can do, And how you live tomorrow is totally up to you. You open up the Bible and as the pages turn, Searching for the meaning is when you start to learn. (Chorus) V2. In the morning as you rise you say that prayer again, and though you feel He's far away, he brings you closer to Him. You wonder if He heard you or if your faith is weak, Yet at that hour He gives you much more than you seek. (Chorus - Tag) V3. Broken and rejected, they spat upon our Lord, nailed Him to a cruel cross and pierced Him with a sword. And on that day He shed His blood, the prophecy was sealed, Everyone who looks to Him will be forever healed. (Chorus - Tag - Bridge) Chorus: Believe in the healing that knowing Jesus brings, Believe in the healing that touching Jesus brings. Never doubt the power of His sufferings, For you He comes with healing, healing in His wings. Tag: Healing in His wings, Healing in His wings. Bridge: And in that cold and empty tomb our Savior was renewed, And with power he arose to bring new hope to you, bring new hope to you. (Chorus - Tag)

Look for a Brand New Blessing

Chorus: Look for a brand new blessing every day. Open up your eyes and you will nd them along the way. God's blessings will surround you, wrap their arms around you, They will lift you up before Him as they pray. And when the trial is through, God will call on you to be a blessing too.

Verse 1: So you're looking for a miracle, Well I'm praying for one too. Why must we endure this trial were going through? Remember God is greater, He is our liberator, And don't forget His promises are true. So here is what we'll do?

Verse 2: They say according to statistics, You will never be the same. Well that's just what we've been praying for in Jesus name. We know our God is greater, He is our liberator, We'll stand upon His promises again. So let the heavens rain.

Rescue Me, Rescue Meby Victor Du Bois (2005)

Verse 1: Underneath the rubble of destruction and despair, A child was clinging to the hope someone would nd him there. A reman was passing by, looking for a sign, He stopped and in amazement he could here a child cry... (chorus)

Verse 2: She was badly beaten, hiding under a black veil, Her ribs had been broken, it was so hard to inhale. Outside the bombs were falling, she thought it was the end, Until an American soldier reached down and took her by the hand. (chorus)

Verse 3: Everything they owned went with the category 5, They were tired and so hungry, yet lucky to be alive. Sifting through the ruins, wondering where to begin, They heard the voice of strangers say "We'll help you build again." (chorus)

Verse 4: All across this nation and all around the world, every tribe, every tongue and every boy and girl, They are looking for a refuge, a place to be restored, Together we can heal there wounds and bring them to the Lord. (chorus - twice)

Chorus: Rescue Me, Rescue Me, From the mountains to the sea, You can hear them crying Rescue Me. Rescue Me, Rescue Me, If you open up your heart, You can hear them crying, crying Rescue Me.

I'm Not Walkin' This Road Aloneby Victor A. Du Bois 1996

Chorus: I'm not walkin' this road alone. I'm not facing this world on my own. With God's hand in mine, I know I will carry on. And though sometimes I want to give in, I will not be defeated by sin. I just want you to know I'm not walkin' this road alone. Oh how I wanted you to know I'm not walkin' this road alone. (3rd time, key change ...Not alone...) Verse 1: I wondered in the dark, not knowing where to go, Hoping that some day I would find my way back home. And all this time, there was someone praying for me. They were crying out to God that someday I would be set free. (short) Verse 2: Jesus walked alone as He faced Calvary. He was willing to give it all because He wanted to walk with me. Now I think I understand the love that He had to give, And I will never ever be afraid, because I know my Jesus lives. (short) Verse 3: If I could change yesterday, you know I surely would. I would wipe all the pain away, if only I could. But now there's been a change, a change deep within my heart. And I'd like you all to know today, the Lord has given me a brand new start. (...long)

C, V1, C, V2, C (key change), V3, C, (End slow...I'm not walkin' this road alone...)

The Son, Gods Chosen OneBy Victor Du Bois -- 1990 Verse 1: The heart of man had become like a tomb, filled with darkness, despair and doom. In the middle of his heart sin left a hole, there was no sign of life in the remains of his soul. And blocking the door was a stone of doubt, letting no light in, letting no one out. It would seem that death had destroyed all hope, when on the horizon there appeared a glow. Chorus 1: It was the Son, rising higher, shining brighter. It was the Son, turn back the night, eternal light. It was the Son, Gods chosen one. Verse 2: The love of God could not stand by, and watch the hearts of children die. Though he could not look at mans disgrace, He longed for the day we would see His face. He was greeted by hate when He walked on this earth. An evil king raged when he heard of His birth, yet nothing was greater than His desire to save mans soul from eternal fire. Chorus 2: He was the Son, rising higher, shining brighter. He was the Son, turn back the night, eternal light. He was the Son, Gods chosen one.

Verse 3: His own creation couldnt really see, it was their creator they were nailing to the tree. Forgive them Father! is what He cried. He bowed His head, and then He died. Yet while His body lay in the tomb, His spirit passed through the portals of doom. Of hell and death He took the keys, He arose from the grave, the victory to seize. Chorus 3: It is the Son, rising higher, shining brighter. It is the Son, turn back the night, eternal light. It is the Son, Gods chosen one. Chorus 4: Here comes the Son, rising higher, shining brighter. Here comes the Son, turn back the night, eternal light. Here comes the Son, Gods chosen one. Ending: Look to the Son, Gods chosen one, Behold the Son, Gods chosen one, ...Gods chosen one.

Worth it All!by Victor Du Bois (1990) Verse 1: No I can't see the value, I can't understand just what you saw in me. And it's hard to realize why you gave your life on Calvary. Cause I never knew you, and I never knew how much you cared for me. That you would pay the price. make a sacrice to set me free. Chorus: It must have been worth it all, every drop of blood come runnin' down that cross. Cause nothin' else would bring you to such a place where you would have to give your all. It must have been worth it all, you must have treasured something deep within my soul. And now I'm gonna love you and praise you for this life that I have come to know. Verse 2: I tried and I stumbled, my world it was crumbling around my feet. And the harder I tried, the more I hurt the ones who meant so much to me. You didn't deserve it, yet you took my place upon that rugged tree. And though I can't repay you, you opened up your arms and you welcomed me. (Chorus) (sax bridge) (Chorus)