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These are lyrics composed by Victor Du Bois, scanned into PDF format.

Transcript of Gospel Song Lyrics (Booklet 2)

Gospel Song Lyrics - by Victor Du Bois Booklet No. 2(copyright free)I give permission for anyone to use these lyrics and compose tunes, songs or melodies for these lyrics to perform and/or share them in any setting they please. These lyrics can be read as poetry or republished in any way you please. All I ask is that you mention my name as the author of these lyrics in whatever way they are printed, published or recorded. I also give you permission to edit and modify the words as long as they improve and/or support the original intent of the message and spirit of the lyrics. Many of these lyrics were prayerfully written and composed with music to minister to the specific needs of certain people. I am releasing them in hopes that you will interpret them and combine them with your own music in a way that brings glory to God. I am willing to share the original melody of any song if a personal meeting is arranged.

Index: Only Christ Makes Us Free Broken Homes (Can Be Mended By The Carpenter) If You'd Only Open Up to Him Have Faith in Me A Special Gift Most of All, I Want to Thank You For Your Love Whosoever Will I Surrender All To Thee You Are High Above All The Savior's Touch The Offering Song Once You Come To Know Him Hold On In This World Love Conquers All