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How to get ready for your Gorgeous Session with Catie Ronquillo Photography

Transcript of Gorgeous Session Prep Info

  • Hi there! Im so excited to meet you!

    Congratulations on being selected for the Gorgeous Model Call! I am doing a soft launch of my new portrait line called Gorgeous, and you will be one of the first to experience these sessions!

    I love what I do and I love the chance to photograph you right now. Just as you are. To be able to build trust, create connections and capture moments simply as they are is the reason I do what I do. I believe that every woman deserves to be pampered and her very own photo shoot. So that you can remember who you are, at this moment.

    This guide is designed to give you all the information you need about my products and services. If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to getting to know you.

  • MissionTo help every woman feel gorgeous and remember that she is beautiful right now.

    What is Gorgeous?Gorgeous is my new line of portraits exclusively for women.

    I want you to share this portrait experience! Each sitting fee is for a Double Makeover, yes, for two people - you can bring your sister, mother, daughter, or best friend. Make it a fun day out for the two of you.

    I strive to give you the ultimate girls day out experience. You come in, we give you beautiful hair and makeup, we give you a great experience, I take your photographs, you can go out afterwards and paint the town red, and you end up with beautiful photo-graphs of the people you love.

    The best part of this shoot is that there is no obligation to buy anything.

    The idea is that I take beautiful portraits of you, and that you love them, and that you want to buy them.

  • Prepping for your Photo ShootGet ready for the royal treatment! As part of your photo shoot, you will receive professional hair and makeup services.

    1. Please arrive with a clean, moisturized face, and clean hair (wash the night before or morning of your shoot)

    2. Bring up to five outfits. Before your photo shoot begins, I will review your clothing choices and help you choose what to wear.

    3. Be sure to hydrate in the days leading up to your photo shoot. Drink lots of wa-ter! Good hydration creates a lovely, dewy glow on camera.

    4. Get a good nights rest! Be sure not to pull an all-nighter the night before your shoot.

    5. Bring your favor-ite accessories - such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, etc. as well as antyhing that may have sentimental value.

  • What to ExpectMy goal is to give you an experience you wont forget. To show you that you are a beau-tiful woman, right here, right now. That you are enough. You dont need to lose those last ten pounds. You dont need to be so hard on yourself.

    I know that as women, its so easy for us to be critical of ourselves. To point out our flaws and shortcomings. What if for once, we voiced what we loved about ourselves? What if we voiced our talents and strengths?

    Im here to tell you that you are beautiful. You are lovely. You are gorgeous. You deserve some pampering!

    After your hair and makeup is finished, I will help you choose your outfits for your shoot. We will be shooting in my home studio, and the shoot will last about one hour.

    And dont worry, I dont expect you to know what to do. Thats my job to coach you and help you feel extra fabulous. So no worries, Ill tell you how to pose, where to look, and when to smile.

    I hope you will plan an eve-ning out! You will be looking amazing! Be sure to plan for drinks with your girlfriends, an evening with your special someone, dinner with your spouse, or dessert with your kiddos.

  • What to Wear

    What Not to Wear

    1. Choose solid colors over busy patterns.

    2. Choose clothing that makes your feel your best.

    3. Choose items that fit well.

    4. A little black dress, a tank top and jeans, a favorite top for a night on the town, or a cardigan and camisole are all great choices.

    5. Dont worry about shoes, they will not be photographed.

    6. Bring your favorite accessories.

    7. Feel free to bring a more intimate outfit, such as lingerie or a chemise, if you wish.

    1. Overly baggy clothing. Oversized clothing will make you look larger.

    2. Clothing that is too tight or uncomfortable.

    3. Clothing with very busy patterns. If you do opt for a pattern, choose something simple, such as stripes.

  • Ordering Session Information

    Before you leave your session, we will schedule an ordering session appointment time within two weeks of your photo shoot.

    I can meet you at your home, if youd like me to check out your available wall space, or you can return to my home studio, or we can meet at a coffee shop, somewhere in the middle.

    During our time together, you will be able to view your photos from your session and order your favorites.

    And since you are one of the lucky model call recipients, you also have a $100 credit to go towards your portraits. Portraits on the wall begin at $125, making the cost for your first portrait only $25, with sizing up to 30x45. I also offer beautiful folio boxes and session albums.

    As an added bonus, for any product that you purchase, youll also receive the matching digital file.

  • Makeup & Photoshoot for 2 195

    A la carteFolio Box

    Petite 950

    Deluxe 1200

    Signature 1500

    Session Album

    Petite Album 500

    Grande Album 850

    Deluxe Album 1200

    Wall Portraits

    8x10 or smaller 85

    11x14 175

    16x20 300

    20x30 500

    30x45 850

    Wall portraits are mounted & matted (framing add $100)

    Gorgeous Session Digital Files $800

    Digital Files with purchase of $500 or more $500

  • 2012 Collections

    Signature 22005 8x10s3 Wall PortraitsChoice of Folio Box or Session AlbumSession Digital Negatives

    Deluxe 13505 8x10s3 Wall PortraitsChoice of Folio Box or Session Album

    Boutique 7505 8x10s3 Wall Portraits

    Petite 3755 8x10s

  • Folio Boxes

    Session Albums

  • I look forward to meeting you at your shoot!

    Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me catie@catieronquillo.com or give me a ring at (214) 302-7911.

    See you at your Photo Shoot!