Google's Hummingbird and the Entity Search Revolution

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Google retooled its search engine late last year, introducing a new system called "Hummingbird" that moves beyond keyword search and into "entity search." Learn the difference between entity vs. keyword search on both Google and Bing, and how SEOs can _ and should _ take advantage of this change.

Transcript of Google's Hummingbird and the Entity Search Revolution

  • Hummingbird & The Entity Search Revolution Cyrus Shepard @cyrusshepard
  • Matthew J. Brown Structured Data and Semantic Search Authority With tips from this guy @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • Lets go on a journey @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • The Many Colors of Googles Algorithm Animals vs Panda and Penguin target spam and manipulative SEO @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • doesnt specically target web spam The Many Colors of Googles Algorithm Animals @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • Many saw Panda and Penguin like this
  • Where Hummingbird looked like this @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • A dierent type of algorithm requires dierent tactics @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • Misconceptions @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • Hummingbird is not: Entities Synonyms Knowledge Graph Google Now @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • Many elements together for improved query and content matching Synonyms Knowledge Graph Conversa7onal Search En77es
  • Conversational Search Traditional Conversation how old is Bill Clinton
  • who is he married to Conversational Search Traditional Conversation
  • how tall is she Conversational Search Traditional Conversation
  • Better Answer Boxes Answer is bolded, not the keywords Does this aect trac?
  • Does this aect trac? (Not for this specic answer box) @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • But, does this aect trac? painful
  • Query Rewriting @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • Keyword doubles hairstyle with bangs vs bang hairstyles
  • Fewer long tail results
  • Still a long way to go @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • When individual keywords take a backseat to meaning Authority metrics Relevance Trust = Stronger sites win
  • Decreasing Domain Diversity
  • A sidetrack into entities @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • Dierent keywords apply to the same entity President of the United States POTUS Barack Obama Commander in Chief Michelle Obamas Husband First African American President @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • Disambiguation: Plant Same keyword applies to multiple entities
  • Triples
  • Triples Subject Predicate Object Object Property Value Barack Obama Height 6 1
  • AlchemyAPI
  • See what entities can be extracted from your content
  • Gauge how relevant your concepts are
  • Content tools of the future From keyword scoring to concept scoring
  • DBpedia Twitter industry internet
  • ConceptNet
  • ConceptNet
  • Making Connections
  • The Hard Way1. The hard way
  • (hard, but worth it) @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • MJB Says... 585 million URLs have structured data now, up almost 50% from last year. is half of the total.
  • 585 million URLs sounds like a lot! Out of 2.2 Billion Parsed Common Crawl URLs
  • MJB Says Almost 75% of the Top 100 sites in Alexa contain structured data markup Over the Top 1 Million sites in Alexa, that drops to 20% Big Sites: Ahead of the Game @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • Total adoption may be much lower Only 0.3% of the studied domains were found to include integrations.
  • But Schema makes big impact in SERPs This could be because large, successful sites are quicker to adopt
  • Does give sites a ranking boost? @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • Summer 2013 Ranking Factors study says no This study happened a few months before Hummingbird.
  • 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 With Without Searchmetrics study says maybe Higher average ranking
  • Tools and Tips to Assist
  • The Granddaddy of Data
  • MJB Says Roll your own Knowledge Graph
  • Marking it up
  • This stu is hard
  • Data already structured in a database is a prime candidate @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • No free rides @cyrusshepard #smxsydney review stars
  • today @cyrusshepard #smxsydney No organic review stars
  • MJB Says JSON-LD lets you send markup using JSON instead of HTML
  • Schema in Meta Tags *use sparingly @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • Google Webmaster Data Highlighter
  • Wordpress Has Lots of Options
  • Validate with Structured Data Testing Tool
  • New SEO toolbar Top Secret!
  • Relationships without markup
  • Keywords yep, good old fashioned keywords Title Tag Length 512px @cyrusshepard #smxsydney
  • Doesnt have Still creates relationships
  • Explore your topic in depth Does this article provide a